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The Color of Carnage The Color of Carnage
by Edna Nelson
2013-04-24 09:47:44
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We need a new word, because what do you call a terrorist with no political motivation? What do we call someone who doesn't have an alternative to that which they despise, yet still choose to act in a way that makes their discomfort the subject of headlines around the world?

Because why would a person blow up the audience at a marathon, or movie if they didn't want the world to know just how fed up they are with public life? We can't call them terrorists, we can't force a connection to mysterious far away political factions or blame their acts on ”Insanity” we have to stop covering up the problem of mass acts of terror on the public spurred by nothing but the desire to feel significant.

The recent Boston Marathon bombings have exposed the current tendency for the US media to paint criminals colors. Two guys, who have most likely been considered White their whole lives in the US are suddenly these Muslim Foreigners. Chechnya has found it's way into the vocabulary of people who to this day can't find it on the map (including myself), and many mainstream journalists are trying to find connections between these blood-thirsty brothers and a place they were neither born or had any apparent close ties with with, and why? My guess is because they don't have any better explanation.

But what about this: what if we as a global community really started looking at disgruntled male outbursts, for exactly what they might be?

How can we talk about mass murder spawned by boredom, ambivalence, anger, and apathy. Inflated ego's suffering from deficient social status, fantasizing about the ultimate power play. How do we talk about this when the majority of offenders of this type of crimes are white males? Is it too much for the world that people could do something so terrible as the events at the Boston Marathon and Watertown while also fitting into what many would naively consider the norm? Is it to much for us to accept that this definition of a new kind of terror ultimately means that a large portion of people living in North America and Europe are literally surrounded by the enemy?

My gut tells me, a these brothers acted out of blood-lust I hope I'm right because I really want the violence that started with them, to end with them. I wish the US media would start presenting these guys as normal white boys, and get over the so called ” exoticism of their names or religion. Feel good optimism and a sense of empowerment and meaningfulness in daily life might be currently received as silly, or even sometimes dangerous, but I believe it might me the only thing we can use to fight against this Threat of Meaninglessness If people aren't able to joyfully live their lives, they just might horrifically live through death.

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Leah Sellers2013-04-25 05:35:28
Yes Ma'am, to all that you have chosen to give Insight.
Everything that happened that day was a Search for Meaningfulness.
The Runners in the Boston Marathon were each seeking thier Private and Public Meanings. Boston, Massachusetts was longing for Private and Public Meanings (Profits included and all of the Meanings Human Beings attribute to Profits and being Profitable), the On-lookers were searching for and participating in a myriad of Meaningfulnesses. The First Responders were searching for Meaning in all of their Self-Sacrificing Efforts to help the maimed and frightened. The politicians were and still are searching for a myriad of Public serving and self serving meanings. The two brother committed Murder and Mayhem to give themselves Meanings. Violence was given meaning. Over Reactions to old 9/11 woundings and phobias were given meaning. Renewed bigotry and disenfranchisement was given meaning.....etc.
Yes, the Threat of Meaninglessness was given Meaning that Human Beings still continue to Ignore or Bury, because its Root causes and the Hard Work it will take to Heal them is all too painfully Meanigful, and would turn the World as We know it on its Equatorial Ear.
Thank you, Ms. Edna. Well and Meaningfully expressed !

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