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"Have You Stopped beating your Wife?" "Have You Stopped beating your Wife?"
by Eleana Winter-Irving
2013-04-28 08:44:11
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“Answer me ‘yes’ or ‘no’“.

What a travesty our Justice System is!!! I have just been listening to the Law Report on ABC’s Radio National.

South Australia is considering new changes to laws that govern the behaviour of lawyers.

The Legal Practitioners Act is set to encompass the conduct of lawyers in the course of their professional duties as well as behaviour that occurs outside of their work.

While some of the proposals are being welcomed by reformers there are concerns about the regulatory body's impartiality and the effectiveness of dealing with fraudulent conduct by insolvent Law firms.

If the ACCC were to investigate the legal profession for running a cartel, I wonder what they would discover.

Legal Services Commissioners operate under Legal Professional Acts. These acts do not incorporate consumer rights therefore when legal services commissioners investigate consumer complaints against lawyers, consumers are denied their consumer rights. 

The reason this hole has been created in the law is because the legal profession is self regulating and creates laws to suit itself which in my humble opinion exactly how a cartel operates.


I am never surprised when I hear of yet another Stupid Law or Crappy piece of Legislation. There are few things that irk me more than Judges, Lawyers, Barristers or Solicitors getting away with breaking the Law, by circumventing the Law Process because of clever manipulation and phrasing of words to look like it means something else.

It also irks me to know that a person who can pay for the best Barrister can get off a crime as horrific as murder on a technicality, but a person of no means, who cannot pay, can be sentenced to Life Imprisonment in spite of being innocent. It is also unfathomable that a Judge can flaunt the Law as in the case of Marcus Richard Einfeld (born 22 September 1938) is a retired Australian justice of the Federal Court of Australia and the Supreme Courts of New South Wales, Western Australia and the Australian Capital Territory; a former President of the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission; a UNICEF Ambassador for Children; a longtime spokesperson both for and against Israeli and Jewish causes and a convicted perjurer. His public life came to an end in 2009 when he became the first Australian former superior court judge to be imprisoned.[1] He was sentenced to three years in prison for perjury and for attempting to pervert the course of justice.[2]

In 1977, Einfeld was appointed a Queen's Counsel (QC), but his commission was revoked on 26 November 2008.[3] On 23 July 2009 the NSW Court of Appeal found that he was guilty of professional misconduct, was not a fit and proper person to remain on the roll of lawyers and ordered he be removed from it.[4] The NSW Bar Association had applied to have him struck from the roll. Einfeld agreed not to apply for re-admission.[5] His membership of the Order of Australia was also rescinded on 24 April 2009.[6] Outside the field of the law, Einfeld has been a social activist in Australia and the Pacific region. (Wikipedia: Marcus Richard Einfeld)

Some years ago a BDSM prostitute was interviewed live on television. She said that in  the main her clients were Judges. They would get down on their knees and beg to be whipped. Now let us analyse this behaviour: is it possible that the Judges were feeling a tad guilty for sentencing another human being for doing something that they had done and got away with? Or do those Judges have psychological problems? Why would anyone want to be whipped? She also said that one Judge liked her to stand on his back in stiletto high heels and whip the crap out of him. Surely this Judge couldn’t be married or else his wife would see the whip marks when they went to bed, unless of course they didn’t share a bedroom. Someone else may have something further to add as to why anyone would actually like being whipped. And why a Judge no less.

Nearly as bad are corrupt Police. They raid premises, confiscate drugs and money, keep the money and either use the drugs themselves of sell on. In my home town there was a huge seizure of marijuana and it was being held in the lockup. But the next day, it had mysteriously disappeared, all of it. I wonder who took it; someone who had access to the key.

Corrupt police: Terence Murray "Terry" Lewis (born 29 February 1928) is a former Queensland Police commissioner who was convicted and jailed for corruption and forgery as a result of the Fitzgerald Inquiry. He was stripped of his knighthood and other honours and awards in consequence.[1] Judge Healy sentenced Lewis to the maximum jail term possible - 14 years on the 15 corruption charges and 10 years on the forgery charge - to be served concurrently, fixed a non-parole period of 9½ years, and fined Lewis $50,000 on each of the corruption charges. Lewis was paroled in 2002 after serving 10½ years. He has continued to protest his innocence, and sued his former lawyers and pursued further appeals.[9] However his appeals failed in August 2005.[10] 

Lewis has continued to protest his innocence, and sued his former lawyers and pursued appeals.[2] However his appeals failed in August 2005.[3] (Wikipedia Terence Murray “Terry” Lewis)


Corrupt detective jailed over theft, extortion Posted Thu Apr 5, 2012 5:44pm AEST

Former Sydney detective Christopher Laycock has been jailed for seven-and-a-half years for crimes he committed nearly 10 years ago while in the police force. Laycock pleaded guilty to five charges of theft and corruption, including aggravated break and enter, unlawfully accessing a police computer with intent to steal, corruptly receiving a benefit as reward for providing police information and lying to the Police Integrity Commission.

The former detective sergeant also admitted to four other matters including obtaining $11,000 by deception when he went into a man's house to steal but pretended to be on police business. In sentencing Laycock to prison with a non-parole period of four-and-a-half years, Judge Jonathan Williams said the former cop had used his "position and power" to commit serious criminal offences. "He had no entitlement to operate in that way," the judge said in the Downing Centre District Court. He said Laycock had committed a "twofold breach of trust" by breaking his own rules as a police officer as well as betraying community expectations of the force. Laycock joined the service in 1989 and was sacked in 2004 after a PIC hearing revealed he and others had been involved in a series of thefts and extortions.

They included receiving $3,900 when he tipped off a doctor who was being investigated over a child pornography network. He advised the doctor to cleanse or get rid of his computer and dispose of his credit cards and told him how to conduct himself if interviewed by police. The doctor was never charged with any offence.

Judge Williams said Laycock's actions in relation to that incident had frustrated police investigations into what could have been potentially "very serious" offences. But the judge noted Laycock's lack of prior criminal record, his good prospects of rehabilitation and the "public disgrace and humiliation" he had already gone through. He also said that as a former policeman, Laycock would be at more risk in prison than other inmates. Laycock will be in protective custody and will be eligible for parole in 2016.


Corrupt politicians are as bad. We have several cases going on in Australia right now, one such case is that of Edie Obead. Business interests and corruption allegations

Initially working as a taxi driver and then property developer,[10] the source of Obeid's initial wealth and business is not clear.[31] However, it is known that Obeid, together with his two brothers, inherited their father's estate that comprised land and houses in Lebanon.[8] In 1973, Obeid together with business partners, purchased an interest in the recently established Arabic press, El-Telegraph Newspaper, with Obeid later buying out his business partners.[32] Obeid has since sold his stake and is, "no longer the publisher of that paper".[33]

In September 2002, The Sydney Morning Herald alleged that Obeid was one of NSW's richest members of parliament.[13][34] Media reports claimed that Obeid had purchased a property in Clovelly for $AUD875,000 in 1991 and the following day sold the property to the New South Wales Department of Housing for A$AUD1.1 million.[10] The Herald also claimed that two companies associated with Obeid have had debts of $AUD5 million written off by various banks.[13] It was also alleged that the Obeid family trust secured a loan from the Colonial State Bank for $AUD18 million. The Herald also sourced an internal document from Macquarie Bank, claiming:[13]

“(Mr Obeid's) financial position is complex, with investments in his various companies and projects being difficult to analyse due to the cross ownership with third parties. ”

These allegations arose at the same time as The Herald alleged that Obeid had attempted to solicit a A$1 million payment in return for promising NSW Government support for the Canterbury Bulldogs League Club's A$800 million Oasis housing development in south-western Sydney.[11] As a result of these allegations, the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) conducted an inquiry and found that there was no evidence that any donation was made to the Labor Party in relation to the project. The Commission made a finding that Obeid had never solicited a donation and cleared him of any wrongdoing.[12] In the meantime, The Herald reports for a series of articles concerning Canterbury Bulldogs salary cap breaches and the above (false) allegations had won a Gold Walkley.[35] Obeid commenced defamation action against Fairfax Media and in 2006 the Supreme Court found that Obeid had been defamed and that the media article had contributed to Obeid losing his job as a NSW minister. Obeid was awarded A$162,173 in damages, plus costs believed to have been more than A$1 million.[36] Walkley Awards organisers later said the judging panel, "would not have awarded the prize if it had known the allegations against Mr Obeid would be found to be unsubstantiated".[37]

Obeid's family have property interests in Lebanon, Port Macquarie,[34] Terrigal, Bylong Valley,[25] Woolwich and Hunters Hill,[25] and Concord (since sold);[38] and business interests in live sheep exporting to Syria and Iraq.[19]

In November 2012, the New South Wales ICAC began a series of investigative hearings relating to Obeid's alleged property and mining interests. This inquiry concerns, among other issues, the circumstances surrounding a decision made in 2008 by the then Minister for Primary Industries and Minister for Mineral Resources, Ian Macdonald, to open a mining area in the Bylong Valley for coal exploration. These circumstances include whether Macdonald's decision was influenced by Obeid.[39] After the presentation of the ICAC's opening statements, NSW Opposition Leader, John Robertson asked the NSW Labor Party to suspend Obeid's party membership.[40] The witnesses list for the inquiry included former NSW Premiers Morris Iemma and Nathan Rees and Frank Sartor.[41][42] The inquiry is ongoing.(Wikipedia Edie Obeid)

I was nearly raped by two detectives in Melbourne. I called the police when my shop was broken into. Two plain clothed detectives came to my house at night when I was alone. They barged into my house and searched it. They found money hidden under my mattress and stole it. They sat me down at my dining room table and interrogated me. After falsely accusing me of everything from ‘living of the earnings’ to false reporting of a burglary, they had me in tears. One detective asked the other to wait outside, which he did and he tried to rape me. But I fought back and I bit him, he slapped my face and I bit him again, harder. He then told me that he didn’t need to take a woman by force, as he had plenty of women chasing him and he left. So who could I report that to? I don’t know that I’d bite again, as I don’t want to be in contact with anyone’s blood for several reasons. A man who is capable of rape is capable of having HIV or Hepatitis C etc.

If men want me to respect them, first they have to respect me. Secondly they have to earn it, just as I have to. Now there is one contributor on this magazine who disrespects me. He has given me an F for my articles. I give myself an A. No, not an A+, I’m sure I can improve. He unduly criticises me, harps on and on about the same things, such as I am a slanderer. This is untrue and I asked him to prove it and he hasn’t. To do so has to be verbatim. Here we have another kind of injustice. A corruption of dignity, considering he is a professor and should know better. This ordinary man should know that what ever he dishes out I can do better, better because what I say is the truth. If it is just my opinion I say so. Otherwise I am merely pointing out how spiritually ignorant he is and he cannot dispute that as he is a Christian. Christians are all ignorant of true spiritual knowledge.  This very ordinary, boring old man, who incidentally is the same age as myself has trolled my articles looking for anything he can dispute. And when he can’t find anything, he translates my writing and twists it to sound like something I didn’t write. That is a troll. Get back under the bridge you crawled out from. Insulted? So am I!


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Get it off your chest
 (comments policy)

Murray Hunter2013-04-28 09:53:44
When you think about it, men are horrible creatures.

Emanuel Paparella2013-04-28 16:49:53
“Speak that I may know thee” exclaimed Socrates. Eventually people reveal who they really are by what they say or what they write, even by their silence…

Eleana2013-04-28 18:18:33

Murray, I have known some beautiful men, but not many. The beautiful men were all left-wing and mainly vegetarians. None of them held to any religion. They were all consciously spiritual beings in touch with nature and Mother Earth.
I have been forced to put up with a lot from men. Men who assumed they were above me because they had a penis. How wrong they all were.

Paparella, I have no idea what you are getting at. I call things as I see them. There is no harmony between our minds. Your comment didn't say anything about my article. Be warned.

Murray Hunter2013-04-28 20:06:16
No religion and no sexual identity can bring one to a higher level of consciousness. At least that's what I'm learning in my life journey. That's for me, I know everyone is different.

Murray Hunter2013-04-28 20:07:45
"Eventually people reveal who they really are by what they say or what they write" - we sure know you Mr. Alternative Perspective.

Leah Sellers2013-04-29 07:18:09
Thank you for your Courage and Reslience which you revealed about yourself within this Work, and informing everyone of the variuos forms of brutality and attrocity you cited.
Also, it is horrible to be accused of things you have never done, much less even thought about, especially when you were the one who was actually victimized. It happens far more frequently than people like to admit.
Also, Thank you for clearly describing a Troll to all of us, Eleana. I must admit that the most modern definition of a Troll has always confused me somewhat.
Also, I have had the same experience with men, although some of them were still Omnivores, but held true to all of the other attributes you mentioned.

Eleana2013-04-29 12:17:21
One thing is for sure, I'm not a door mat.

I never insult anyone in the first place, but I can give better than I get in the second place. Most people regret denigrating me in the end. Please do not misunderstand me, as I do enjoy constructive criticism. I always take comments to heed if they are feasible or logical. I always welcome others to add to my articles. I don’t know everything and I may just forget to mention a very good point, so fill in as you will.

As for the thing with the police, I did cry for a few minutes after they left, but by the next day it was already in the past. That’s how I have survived all my life, even in childhood.

Emanuel Paparella2013-04-29 14:17:39
College Professor Murray Hunter,

it is news to me that alternative perspectives are something to deplore in a magazine of opinion; in fact I thought it was the opposite. I trust you are not suggesting, as an academic who surely values academic freedom and free speech and alternative views, that we return to the times of the Inquisition and the censoring of bboks and opinions that are found not politically correct.

By the way “another perspective” was a way of avoiding confusion between the author of the real author alternative perspective (Mr. Herman L. Villagran who replied to the same article in Eurasia Review with his alternative perspective and whose name was mentioned in the comment) and myself which had no alternative perspective to offer.

In any case, it is also news to me that the use of anonymous identification is now forbidden in Ovi. I seem to get the uncanny impression that there is an attempt to change the very nature and identity of a magazine that has been around for some eight years now and to which I have contributed for some six years, and has done very well in fomenting and promoting alternative opinions galore and perspectives. But I may be wrong. In fact, I hope I am wrong in the matter or it would mean that I have misunderstood the nature of the magazine.

Murray hunter2013-04-29 17:10:59
College Professor Alternative Perspective Paparella,

I'm perplexed trying to fathom out what you are saying about Eleana's great article.
I just don't see how what you are saying is relevant to the discussion or any comments thereafter.
I'm not even sure what point you are trying to make.
Please don't try and put your words into my mouth buddy.
Sorry Eleana.

Eleana2013-04-29 17:49:10

Exactly what part of your last comment Paparella is relevant to my article?

Thanos, please do not publish comments on my article that have no relevance what so ever to my writing.

Emanuel Paparella2013-04-29 22:39:41
P.S. Given that college professor Murray Hunter has opened this line of ad hominem state,emts regarding the originality of my writings (obviously having precious little to do with the situation in Korea but passing mustard with the editors nonetheless) perhaps we can be allowed to pursue the same a bit further to see if they pass mustard with the general readership and with a modicum of rationality.

It is highly intriguing to me, and perhaps to others, that he has deleted his title professor within Ovi magazine (the more important a person is the less need for titles after his name; in fact the most important persons such as Dante and Michelangelo or Leonardo go by their first name only) but has kept the same title outside Ovi in other sites (at least, as of a week or so ago) and has even added Dr. Congratulations! That means that Dr. Hunter must at some time have submitted a Ph.D. dissertation to some university or other which must have been approved by a committee for originality of research and scholarly innovation and for which a doctorate was awarded. He just kept it secret out of humility which is also a commendable virtue for which he ought to be congratulated.

Now, admittedly Dr. Hunter has not had time to check the 300 plus articles I have contributed to Ovi in the last six years and check their originality within the wider fields of humanities and liberal arts and the problems dealt with therein, before making the egregious blanket statement on my originality, but surely, as a Doctor of Philosophy that he is (that is what Ph.D. means), he must logically grant to me that was granted to him when he wrote a dissertation and obtained his Ph.D.: a minimum of creativity and originality, unless he wants to make the case that all Ph.D.s are uncreative, boring, unoriginal people, and that the title is a charade, which would logically apply to him too.

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