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The Secrecy of Voting at Federal Elections The Secrecy of Voting at Federal Elections
by Eleana Winter-Irving
2013-04-22 09:00:56
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I wonder at why certain people refuse to divulge who they are going to vote for or have voted for at elections be that Council, State or Federal. I have even met people who said that they didn’t want to say.

Here in Australia there is no coercion that I know of to persuade people to vote a certain way by force or under threat. There is such a thing as Pork Barrelling and this may sway a certain kind of voter to vote for a promise made to lure a certain demographic, particularly the ignorant and uneducated.

The self-serving are also swayed, even the well-educated. The new Superannuation Tax brought in to tax over $100,000 in earnings in any given year at the rate of 15% will affect approximately 2% of the population. You will need at least $2 million in Super to earn over $100,000. However I know people who are nowhere near that amount and no guarantee that they will ever reach that amount before retirement are deciding to vote against it. I was somewhat irritated by my own daughter who is staying with me, telling me that she is fuming about it and so are her friends all in their thirties. By the time they retire many governments will have come and gone. We have no idea of what is to come. Plus that amount may increase as time goes on with inflation and interest rates on the rise or lowered. Nothing remains the same. In 30 years time you may well need $5 million to incur any tax. To assume you will be in that top 2% in 30 years’ time is unrealistic at best. Plus to make out $85,000 per annum isn’t enough to live on in retirement in today’s economy is absurd, especially my daughter and her husband have a unit in Maroubra they rent out at some astronomical amount. I live very comfortable on less than $20,000. I have everything I need. The best is peace and quiet on my 245 acres in a remote area with no neighbours to annoy me.

When you go into a polling booth in Australia, it will be in a hall or a school. The booths are made of cardboard and flimsy; though they serve the purpose of privacy. Why do people need privacy? Is it because they know they are voting for self-serving reasons, like my daughter will be? Or is it because they are ignorant of politics and voted a Donkey vote, i.e. 1 2 3 4 5 etc.? I will tell anyone who wants to know who I will be voting for and why. Same as I tell everyone my age. I have no idea why people want to hide such things. I never knew how old my mother or grandmother was until they both died. That’s weird. You are only as old as you look and behave. I have a friend one year older than me, she walks with a stick, she constantly falls over and breaks things. I have never broken anything in my life. She looks really old. When I’m walking with her it is very frustrating as I like to stride out with purpose and a straight back, but she shuffles along like a snail. By comparison I could be 20 years her junior, but what would I gain if I said I was fifty? I only date young men and I have a great time with most of them. There are always exceptions. They all k now I’m nearly 71. I see no reason at all to lie about my age or what political party I support. I am a swinging voter and if the ALP do something I really disapprove of, I will vote Greens, or the Natural Law Party whom I have already voted for in the past.


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