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A Greek dictatorship of the past and their contemporary traitors' heirs A Greek dictatorship of the past and their contemporary traitors' heirs
by Thanos Kalamidas
2013-04-21 12:28:49
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Today, April 21st is a day of national embarrassment in Greece and a reminder that the reptiles of the Nazism are still alive. Like today back 1967 a group of traitors army officers with the help of traitors civilians managed to put democracy in a coma that lasted for seven years. A day that should remind us all that fascism, Nazism and all their by-products, racism, prejudice, discrimination are still alive and strong enough to destroy in a night with tanks everything we built through centuries of strangle. Unfortunately and while back in 1974 we all thought that democracy won and these traitors were in prison, 39 years after the sheppard’s egg broke again and dark monsters, the heirs of these traitors, are back in the Greek parliament impudently celebrating the day of treason as a day of victory. Under the protection of democracy and in the name of free speech these reptiles, the cancer of the Greek democracy, the Golden Dawn celebrates the anniversary of a coup that killed hundreds, send in prison thousands and in exile more thousands. And these criminals do their party inside the temple of democracy, the Greek parliament. 

And today, the anniversary of the embarrassment, we are going to see them parading proud, we are going to hear them partying and we know that they are dreaming their next move. They are planning their next move, they have already oiled the mechanism and they have practice already in targets. Today they are publishing articles excusing a dictatorship as nationalism love for the country that saved Greece from international conspiracies, evil foreigners, the danger of liberals and the mixture of the race with all these immigrants, they are talking about work for everybody. And I feel chills in my back. Because I was here these days and I remember the deaths, the prisons, the exile. I have relatives and friend that were tortured and died because of that, I had friends that I lost and when 20% of your population, any country’s population is in prison or in exile yes you don’t have unemployment but you have a gang of gangsters, murderers and criminals ruling your life and death. 

March- April is the period to collect strawberries and just like in many other cases with farming products, Greek farmers use immigrants. And yes most of the time the ones who are illegal are not the immigrants but the farmers who for the obvious reasons want scared of the authorities, people who will work without any insurance or tax for pennies. And the farmers in Manolada, a place in south Greece, hired a few of them and all of them originate from Pakistan to collect the strawberries. I’m not really familiar with the local situation but from people who originate from there I heard that all farmers employ immigrants not under legal situation and I just hope that the rest of them paid at least the amount of money they had promised these workers. However one of them decided that his profit would increase if he didn’t pay. After all they are just Pakistanis and more importantly illegal immigrants. What would they do? Go the police? According to the Golden Dawn all the police and law enforcement belong to them and we know what the Golden Dawn thinks for the immigrants. 

And after trying to pick their money for a few times the poor men and women from the farmer and after gathering in front of the gates asking for him a couple of times the loyal and legal and Greek this time personnel of the farmer decided to follow procedures after all suggested from “nationalists” in the past and in many way and chances. Shoot them! Only out of luck there were no dead. Yet! Because out of the nearly thirty wounded two or three are seriously and in danger still. Five pure Arians with guns shot at thirty starving defenceless men and women. How brave! How Golden! 

Mr. Pappas already has found the excuses. By the way, you must remember Mr. Christos Pappas. The brightest star of the Golden Dawn. The brain, the arms and after peeing in public obviously the penis of the Greek neo-Nazi organization. The man, the golden boys and girls of the social cretins in Greece admire for his general knowledge and theoretical background. I have actually heard somebody calling him intellectual of the right. Sad how some words losing their meaning and intellectually becomes connected with somebody who says rubbish that nobody can understand. Mr. Christos Papas is part of the cancer that has invaded lately in the body of the Greek democracy.

So according to Mr. Pappas in a post for his blog about the events  and after been for one very short sentence politically correct reminding that shooting anybody is not aloud and punishable; he continues analyzing in a full of the damages immigrants and foreigners of any kind do to Greece. Accusing the government of soft playing the immigrants instead of throwing them out in mass and in the end with irony he predicts that the government in the end will make for the “victims” a statue in the middle of the village where everything happened. 

A week ago a bus driver literally kicked out of the bus two men of African origin and when people complained the driver said that he is member of the “Golden Dawn” and proudly shown them a medallion and a tattoo ending any kind of conversation. The same time Pappas, Kaisdiaris, Mihaloliakos and the rest of their gang are in the Greek parliament threatening, provoking even physically other parliamentarians, carrying guns publicly (even though it is forbidden to people with serious psychological problems to own or carry weapons), and today celebrate the anniversary of the day a group of traitors with tanks put democracy in coma. 

The farmer in Manolada and the bus driver are not sporadic and exceptional incidents; they are the peak of the neo-Nazi iceberg that rises fast in Greece. Today in Greece media and politicians are going to remember what happened then and glorify the day democracy won. But the same time there will be another side that will publish and talk about the nation using fear and excuse the criminals. 

The dictator during that period (1967-1974) in his speeches he used medical metaphors to emphasize his incomprehensible talk; he actually used to say that Greece was sick and needed to be in ...plaster! So here is a suitable one for the Golden Dawn and their companions all around the world. These people are the cancer of democracy and cancer needs action here and now. There is no room anymore for talk with them. They are accomplices and ethically responsible for violent crimes against other human beings and the only place they belong is where criminals of their status belong. Remember these people are the cancer of democracy and cancer needs action. 


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Eleana2013-04-21 12:45:04
Yes, I see your predicament, but what can you do with so many followers?

Our problem in Australia is not so severe, but we have a government getting on with the job and a lunatic contradicting everything and millions are following him. Make you wonder what is happening to our beautiful planet.

What is the ratio male to female of Golden Dawn Followers?

When I think of the Golden Dawn, I think of Israel Regardie.

Thanos2013-04-21 12:54:58
Eleana, surprisingly there is something more than 20% women among the members(the leader's wife is one of the MPs in the Greek parliament!!!) even though the Golden Dawn never hidden their agenda about the women's role. Good and obeyed housewives, breeders for the future of the race!!!

Thanos2013-04-21 13:21:02
Things are much much worst there and far more scary. They recruit school kids, especially high school kids. I'm planning to write soon about it because it has caused serious problems at schools. Students accusing teachers that they teach history wrong, for example holocaust never happened it is just propaganda and far more chilling things. And a lot of them have telephone numbers of MPs for fast call as a constant threat. The problem with them been MPs they have even the right to enter a school to "protect" their kids!!! Eleana things are serious!!!

Eleana2013-04-21 13:30:35
Yes, I can see that things are very serious and I have been aware of things getting worse in Greece. However your article and the other one by Euro Reporter are terrifying. I am putting this link up on Twitter and Facebook also.

I'll get my Greek friends to read it also.

Thanos2013-04-21 14:34:52
This is a video with the traitor and leader of the coup talking to the court about his case. While he was sending to death hundreds democracy gave him the right to talk!!!

I know that you don't understand but the tone of his voice and his body language is enough to understand who is Golden Dawn's hero!!!


Murray Hunter2013-04-21 15:22:30
Run them on Tweeter also

Eleana2013-04-21 16:42:31
I watched it. Katalavaino

Leah Sellers2013-04-21 19:53:20
Sir, isnce y'all are Members of the EU, all of these things cannot be UnNoticed by the other EU Members, who are all also Members of the United Nations.
So, SomeOne (or SomeBodies) SomeWhere are Reaping SomeThing(s) from this Dis-eased Societal Sowing.
I don't do Facebook or Twitter or anything else for that matter, because my work schedule is so hectic. I couldn't keep up with it all.
However, I will put this information out there.
I Sense, and can Empathize with the Fears arising within you, and many others.
The World, on the whole is undergoing some tremendous Societial Tectonic Shifts. In some areas the Earthquakes and Tsunamis are more severe and threatening than others. But that, too, will continue to shift and move around.
The World must get a hold on Violence. How We handle any and all Forms of Violence within OurSelves, Our Cultures, and Our Socio-Political-Economic structures.
As long as We are not in control of OurSelves, it is easy to Fall Prey to the Global Money Worshipping, Manipulating, and Puppeteering Predators.
Thank you for having the Courage to be One of the Clarion Calls, dear Sir.

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