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Mr Money: God of Greed Mr Money: God of Greed
by Asa Butcher
2006-11-04 09:41:05
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"It's about money, greed and absurd things like that. It's a kind of theatre, a rock cabaret…a psychowesternrockandrollexperience. There's dancing, horny girls and different characters, like Snake, Bitch and Mr Money; everything's over the top. Twisted! It is a parody of man's greed. It's a parody of a rock show, nothing's holy. It's a satire of everything!"

Images: Mika Perkiökangas, a.k.a. Pastori Kärmes Mr Money's colourful introduction leaves you dazzled with a variety of imagery and there is no escape once Snake joins in, "Sometimes I have the feeling that Mr Money is alive and he can do anything he wants. The audience are thinking how far are they going to go? What's going to happen? Where is the line? I've often thought about that while on stage."

"I was in Bali for four months and, while suffering from fever, I was writing some lyrics. There was this man in my lyrics called Mr Money and there he came alive. Mr Money, who is this man? I started to create it more and then he became a stage show guy, with absurd humour; he owns everything, he doesn't give a fuck about life or about you or me…he has a feverish kind of madness," laughs Mr Money.

"I actually saw the first Mr Money gig six years ago and I thought it was fantastic, so I became his butler who served champagne to the audience. Then, one day, I became Snake, this evil bastard. Bitch was the next character to join. She doesn't give a fuck about Mr Money or anything; she just polishes her nails and does her make-up!" says Snake. Depending on the type of show, there are about eight different characters in the show, plus live and recorded music, pyrotechnics, video screens and specialised lighting.

Images: Mika Perkiökangas, a.k.a. Pastori Kärmes "About 10% of the audience leave because they hate this type of thing, they don’t understand it at all, but 90% watch the whole intense show. If the audience aren't very ironic they won’t understand it and if the stage is separated from the audience it feels more like a show; we are always trying to break the wall between the audience and us," explains Snake.

"Sometimes, I am a kind of priest, a money priest, who baptises you in the name of money, so the audience comes on their knees before me and I am doing these blessings, after that they are my slaves! I sometimes box there as well, so people come up on stage and start to box with me. Usually people like to have their own space, nobody can come over that line, but we like to push it a little bit more," grins Mr Money.

"We once did a show for teenagers, who were mostly from Russian countries and from foreign countries in Helsinki, but I don't think they understood the irony and the parody, as much as the adults. They thought we were like KISS or Lordi, a rock show, but older people take different things from the show," says Snake. "There are always people who don’t get this idea at all and walk away in the first minute because they think it is total rubbish, disgusting, or something very cacophonic. Or they don’t have that kind of humour."

Images: Mika Perkiökangas, a.k.a. Pastori Kärmes Each Mr Money Show lasts about 30-40 minutes, so it is quite short, but the guys describe it as an intense half-an-hour that leaves people wanting more. The songs are English, sort of, Snake explains further, "The languages, well you never know actually because, for example, there are some Turkish, Russian or Finnish nonsense words inside the songs, but Mr Money speaks Finnish in Finland."

On Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th November at Helsinki's Koko-teatteri, you can discover for yourself exactly what the Mr Money Show is all about when they participate in the Dead Man's Circus evening, along with a number of other diverse performers. "I had this Dead Man's Show idea and one guy in a theatre was planning this kind of evening, so it was a mix of ideas. Now there are so many people on stage and people are very excited," explains Mr Money.

The evening is going to have about twenty performers all connected via the 'dead circus has come to town' theme. Some of the headlining acts include acclaimed acrobat Henna Kaikula, Dead Poet Pekka Rättyä, singers Maritta Kuula and Eeva Koivusalo and Finnish media celebrity Wallu Valpio will perform as the weakest man on earth. Mr Money will be joined on stage by two Finnish porn stars called Veronica and Mariah, plus Ilmo and Ilmonen are the 'Shaman from hell'.

It sounds like a night too bizarre to miss and as Mr Money says, "I think we all have this Mr Money inside of us somewhere; everybody has this greed. Something inside us is always pushing us forward a little more each time…It is a kind of therapy. You have all this weird stuff in your head and through Mr Money it comes out. You can be anything you want and the audience gets that feeling as well."

Dead Man's Circus
Friday 3rd & Saturday 4th November, 1900-2300
Koko-teatteri, Unioninkatu 48, Helsinki

Tickets: €8 on the door



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mika g2006-11-13 22:43:28
they rocked! really different! thanks for promoting them or i would never have heard about them.

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