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Guns !  Knives !  And Bombs ! Guns ! Knives ! And Bombs !
by Leah Sellers
2013-04-16 10:18:05
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Bombs go off at the Boston Marathon at the Finishing line.  But the Reverberations from those devastating, shrapnel filled devices of Wanted  Destructive Societal Chaos have not Finished with the American Public.  In fact, the exploding Bombs, and the dis-memberment of Bodies did just what they were supposed to Do.  The American Public is once again Wounded and Re-Active.

The Un-Even Patterning of the Timing of continued Public Violence is also somewhat dis-concerting.  The Mass movie Murders by a young, angry, white male (considered “crazy”) with a high capacity gun in Aurora, Colorado is then followed a few months afterwards by the Newtown Mass Shootings and Murders of the Young and Innocent Students and their Protective and Devoted Educators by yet another young, angry, white male (considered“crazy“), and becomes the National Energetic Impetus for Change regarding America's lacksidasical Gun Laws.  

Then come the incessant attacks of the NRA squealing out and demanding the Rights upheld within the Second Amendment of the American Constitution.  In their perverse World of Weapons and Profit, We the People, have a Right to bear Arms and Need Our Guns.  And be able to Buy (from the Weapons Making Profiteers) as many Guns with high capacity rounds of bullets as possible, because you never know when the Government will turn against You.  And then you’ll really wish you had a Gun in your hands.

Not-so-Funny, Funny words coming from Not-so-Funny, Funny Men who front and are paid by other Not-so-Funny, Funny Men to make Guns as seductive and as necessary as sex.  “Annie and Danny, get your Guns !”  Not-so-Funny, Sentiments to Build a Bright, Productive and Peaceful Future upon.

Then another young, angry, white male in Houston, Texas decides to prove to the World (because he had envisioned killing people since Elementary School) that you can do a lot of savage damage to other Human Beings with a Box Cutter.  And in just a few minutes of running helter-skelter up and down the hallways of the college he was attending, the young (considered “crazy”) man wends up slashing everyone he could bump into like a pin-ball rolling ball.  Ding !  Ding ! Slash ! Slash !  And some attractive young men and women are no longer quite so attractive, and are left for dead.  What an envisioning to bring into fruition !  

In fact, oddly enough his actions actually helped the NRA and its Gun Supporters Cause in showing that Universal Background Checks would not have stopped the murders of Newtown, Connecticut’s Children and Educators.  And helped to establish (in a very strangely twisted way) that anyone who really wants to can get their hands upon a knife or a gun, Gun Laws or no Gun laws.  Leaving their belligerent attitude to be, “So, back off all of you Gun Law Enthusiasts and Loved Ones of the Victims of Violence.  Back off, stay silent, and leave our Guns alone !

Then, the Bombing today at the Boston Marathon, and once again, the NRA Supporters, and Right-Wing Radio Air Jockeys, are saying, “See, we told you so.  If someone wants to Shoot you or Knife you or Bomb you, they can do it any time and anywhere they want to.  So, We the People Need our Guns to protect OurSelves, Our Families, and Our Way of Life !”

So, what way of Life do these Officionados want to Rejuvenate and  Protect ?  Why, the Wild, Wild West, of course.  Move ’em out and shoot ’em up, Boys and Girls !”

The Whackos and Terrorists are shootin’ our younguns in the Schools !  Get out your Guns !  The Whackos and Terrorists are Knifin’ and slashin’ our younguns in our Schools and Colleges !  Get out your Guns !  The Whackos and Terrorists are Bombing our Marathons (and our past World Trade Center‘s Tower of Capitalistic Dominion), and our Loved Ones !  Get out your Guns !

Just when the Energies had turned toward Reason and Laws being Compromised upon and made by our Congressmen in a Bi-Partisan effort, which would Benefit the Nation as a Whole, another Violent Negative Energetic Log Jam gets thrown into the mix, which can end the fledgling Atmosphere of Compromise and headway being made regarding Gun Laws and possibly poisoning any further positive movement toward Immigration Reform.

Yes, oh yes, How Convenient all of these violent incidences are, one right after the other.  How CoIncidentally Random all of these Violent Events are.  How Random the Causes, Effects and Consequences of Violence (and the Instruments of Violence) have become within the U.S. of A.. and the rest of the World at large.

What shall We the People do with all of these pent up and acted out upon Not-so Funny Sentiments with which We think we can build a Bright, Productive and Peaceful Future upon ?


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Murray Hunter2013-04-16 10:38:49
Thank You Leah. Thank you. No need for me to say any more to what you have said.

Emanuel Paparella2013-04-16 11:14:51
And so once again we shall hear the familiar mantra from the NRA: “knives and guns and bombs are innocent bystanders; it is people who kill people; it is people who knife people, it is people who bomb people.” It sounds almost logical, after all any instrument, like a writing pen can be used for good to uncover the truth or for evil to slander people and insinuations. In the hands of the pure of heart the possession of a gun is a virtuous action: the gun is there to protect the innocent and the vulnerable and save damsels in distress from evil dragons. Enter Immanuel Kant and Aristotle to announce that to make virtue out of necessity is no virtue at all; that real virtue is based on universality, freedom of choice and good will and there is a crucial distinction between ethical categorical imperatives and ethical hypothetical imperatives. But of course those two gentlemen are long dead and have nothing to teach us moderns. We are better off sticking to our guns and knives and bombs to protect us from those who use guns and knives and bombs. Sounds like a vicious circle but never mind it only looks so. Our intentions are pure and we have a right to guns and bazookas and grenades and bombs and whatever else we need to protect our freedom and make virtue out of necessity. Indeed, we have found the enemy and it is us.

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