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Statement Statement
by Eleana Winter-Irving
2013-04-09 11:11:11
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A fascist is a person who has right-wing authoritarian views.

Let me assure you that I am the exact opposite. I have been a lefty all my life. I usually vote Greens or I vote informal when  I dislike all political parties equally.

At my house I have an organic orchard and vegetable garden. I also have 16 solar panels and have had them for 28 years. I also have a very beautiful and spiritual flower garden. I live at one with nature.

I am also an exposer of wrong doing and teacher of Gnostic knowledge. Gnostic knowledge cannot be refuted, as anyone who refutes is obviously not Gnostic and therefore do not know.

I am also a peace activist. I stand up for my rights and I regularly go to Coal Seam Gas rallies. I sign left wing petitions and I am an advocate of Climate Change. I frequently go to left-wing meetings. I am an artist and poet.

I am also a philosopher.

I often write to make people think. Even those who are angered by my writing will analyse why they are angry, hopefully. A professor who writes for this magazine has called me slightly fascist in one of his comments on my article I Am a Catalyst for Change. I ask you, whoever you are reading this, is anything about me slightly fascist? If so, which part? I would appreciate a comment on this please. 


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Murray Hunter2013-04-09 15:13:59
Dear Eleana,
I am so sorry that someone would find it in their heart to stoop down to simple name calling. One would expect that to have finished in the school yard.
Speech that hurts others is not free speech. They are only words full of spite, hate, envy and jealousy. Anybody who uses speech to hurt others is someone who is disturbed and seeks attention. Any true intellectual would never resort to crude immature name calling. We should not feel hate towards those people, but only pity, because we are not truly sure what is really behind their own hurt that they are trying to cover up. As a philosopher the truth comes through our compassion for others.
Please don't leave OVI because of this, as this will only give satisfaction to those who gain pleasure out of confrontation.

Emanuel Paparella2013-04-09 17:39:43
There are several professors that contribute to this magazine but I suspect that Ms. Eleana Winter-Irving has me in my mind in her pompous statement. In the first place, for the record this is the assertion to which I responded pointing out that bias is ok as long as it is for good and against evil is the equivalent of Machiavelli’s “a good end justifies bad means” and is therefore a Machiavellian and indeed slightly fascistic statement whether it belongs to the extreme right or the extreme left. Stalin, who was fascist and a totalitarian on the left starved 10 million farmers to death because, in his Gnostic opinion of he who knows that he knows, he believed it was for the good of the country and the end justifies any means, including slander and defamation. Aristotle had it more on target when he said that extremes on the left and on the rights are to be avoided and harmony sought because virtue is not at the extremes but in the center.

Eleana 2013-04-07 13:59:10
There is nothing wrong with bias as long as it is towards good and against evil.

Emanuel Paparella 2013-04-07 16:18:20

P.S. Some progress is being made however, by saying that there is nothing wrong with bias as long as it is for good Ms. Winter-Irving has indirectly acknowledged that her egregious pronouncements against the Church were biased from the beginning, in the name of the greater good, of course; and so the good end justifies any bad means. Sounds slightly fascistic to me…

Moreover, as regards this tautological circular statement, a real gem of logic: “Gnostic knowledge cannot be refuted, as anyone who refutes is obviously not Gnostic and therefore do not know,” if one takes refuge in that harmour of infallibility then no refutation is ever possible, one becomes infallible and unassailable, but I would suggest that perhaps Socrates was a bit wiser, even if he had the misfortune of not belonging to the fairer sex, when he proclaimed to his sophistic interlocutors (the Gnostics of his day) that “I know that I don’t know and in as much as I know that I don’t know I am a bit wiser than you that go around saying you know when you really don’t know.”

Emanuel Paparella2013-04-10 01:00:09
P.S. Professor Murray Hunter,
You are quite right in one respect professor Hunter: to throw insinuations and lies against the wall hoping that they may stick is not free speech but a reprehensible ad hominem attempt to slander and defame and thus further one’s agenda. That is highly unfortunate, for those who opt to descend to those dubious and support them ultimately reveal that they are not really interested in protesting injustice and corruption or resolving an issue but in egregious bias and slander (justified as the good end, as they see fit to judge, absolves all the bad means… which remains a fascistic act whether it comes from the extreme right or the extreme left) and not in the least in protest of injustice and free speech.

Leah Sellers2013-04-10 06:05:46
I am sorry that someone has offered you such a grave offense.
There is nothing Fascist about you. You are simply/complexly a Strong Woman/Artist/Poet/Gardner/
Solar Paneller/proGNOSTICator/Left-Wing Orcharder/Catalytic Converter/Purple Robed Flower Child of Nature/Climatizer.
I knew there was something about you that I liked !

Emanuel Paparella2013-04-10 09:39:55

P.S. Some logical analysis worth pondering for those who may be following this bizarre thread on free speech: we have arrived at a sad and ugly state of affairs when those among us who consider themselves “enlightened” and even philosophers seem utterly unable to distinguish the critique of an argument from an ad hominem insult. That is obviously the case here when Ms. Winter-Irving alleges that she has been insulted by “a professor who writes for the magazine” for his suggestion that she is “a slight fascist” when in fact what the professor wrote is that the statement “the good end justifies any means, even bad slanderous biased one, is a slightly fascistic” stance, an extreme position, whether on the right or on the left of the political spectrum. It is not the person uttering it but the statement in itself that is being critiqued and found slightly fascistic, and that is why the adjective “fascistic” is employed. This is either sloppy reading, or an attempt to turn the table around, a caricature of free speech and remain reprehensible even when it gathers support from like-minded people such as Professor Hunter who pipes in on the confusion casting himself as the gallant shining knight coming to the defense of the poor insulted damsel in distress being insulted by a boor to be put down. It would be funny or as they say in computerize lol, if it weren’t so bizarre and farcical.

Eleana2013-04-10 12:19:10
Leah, that's so funny and accurate that you mentioned purple robes. Firstly, purple is my favourite colour and secondly I have several purple robes and a purple full-length purple cape with hood. I also have full-length robes in white and one with hood that I wear when performing Agnihotra ceremonies.
Sooryaya svaha, sooryaya idam na mama. Prajapataye svaha, prajapataye idam na mama.
Agnaye svaha, agnaye idam na mama. Prajapataye svaha, prajapataye idan na mama.

Eleana2013-04-10 13:04:00
The same professor called me boorish. (An ill-mannered, clumsy or insensitive person) Now it appears he is calling himself boorish, a term usually applied to men, so that is closer to the mark I'd say. Who else finds me boorish? And if so when and where? I have impeccable manners when addressing well educated, well-mannered persons. Politeness fades when addressing unjust, unethical and dishonest persons.
As for being a damsel: Collins dictionary definition, n, archaic, (got that? Old fashioned which I am not and he is.) A young unmarried woman. I am neither young, nor have I been unmarried. I have been married twice and could have been married 19 times if I had said ‘yes’ to everyone who had asked me. Unless of course the good professor is referring to the vulgar Latin expression domnicella which means unattested. Meaning of cattle certified to be diseased.
In distress? I think not. Distress is not what I feel towards the ‘good’ or not so good professor’s unjust and untruthful comments about me and my articles. Actually, I find him to be so absurd/bizarre as to make me belly laugh at him, not with him. He has constantly twisted, manipulated and denigrated my words. He has not even read parts of my article that he comments on, as he has misrepresented them often. In fact from my article, I Am a Catalyst for Change, I have itemised every response detailing every error, for such a time as when I may need it.
Also he did not make it clear who is to be sued by whom. Is the good professor going to sue me or Murray Hunter for slander? Or is it the Vatican and would that be me or again Murray Hunter? And what were the slanderous comment/words that either of us wrote?
If anyone should be suing, it should be me and I can say exactly what for. I also know where he works. I can easily find out where he lives, but luckily for the good professor, I am not the suing kind. Needless to say, he does not know where I live, neither can he find out.
I do not need defending. I am quite capable of doing that myself professor. However it is reassuring that there are some on this magazine who can see reason. That clearly you do not!

Murray Hunter2013-04-10 13:36:48
Dear Eleana,
This might be very familiar to you:

Eleana2013-04-10 15:19:34
Thanks Murray, I read it.

A man who thinks he is superior to a woman, just because he has a penis and scrotum is not only ignorant, wrong or even feasible. What he is, is deluded, unrefined and egocentric.

Emanuel Paparella2013-04-11 11:23:08
Or as T.H. Lawrence aptly put it: we must speak with our genitals...Freud talked about "penis envy" which reveals that those men had sex on their mind... or perhaps wished to interject some humor. Enter the iron ladies..., not to offer a substitute but to compete with the men...

Murray hunter2013-04-11 11:35:26
Here you are Eleana, male behavior at its best

Murray hunter2013-04-11 17:24:57
Dear College Professor Paparella,
OMG thanks for coming out.

Emanuel Paparella2013-04-12 01:00:21
Dear College Professor Murray Hunter, many thanks for yours and fellow Church basher Ms. Winter-Irving’s coming out of the politically correct closet and giving us a glimpse via an unfortunate and inane diatribe of what may be hiding behind the overt public mask of indignation for the sexual transgressions of some of the clergy in the Catholic Church by publicly justifying bad means and ugly and boorish biases (such as those of egregious ad hominem, biased subjective blanket insinuations and even hatred) to achieve the misguided covert end of affecting the ultimate destruction of the whole Church. Indeed, there is always a silver lining, even in what is outrageous and in bad faith.

Emanuel Paparella2013-04-12 05:10:09
P.S. Today President Obama has awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for the heroic altruism displayed by Fr. Kapaun during the Korean war. His eventual canonization is already in process. The silence from the Church bashers on this event was quite predictable, albeit not very surprising, and it speaks louder than many words on the sincerity and honesty of their indignation.

Eleana2013-04-12 15:21:07
Emanuel Paparella how many times have I denigrated you on your articles? None. I hardly ever comment on them and once I complimented you. However you persist in denigrating me on every article except for the one I wrote on CSG. Always the same old remarks on ad hominem. Don't you ever get sick of it? How about I won't bother to read your articles and therefore won't be commenting and you don't read mine and therefore refrain from commenting on mine, as you never have anything constructive to say and we've all heard your comments time and again. I am sick and tired of them. Some I haven't even bothered to read as they are always the same. Good bye Emanuel, I hope you never darken my doorstep again.

Eleana2013-04-14 15:41:37

Emanuel Paparella 2013-04-12 05:10:09

P.S. Today President Obama has awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for the heroic altruism displayed by Fr. Kapaun during the Korean war. His eventual canonization is already in process. The silence from the Church bashers on this event was quite predictable, albeit not very surprising, and it speaks louder than many words on the sincerity and honesty of their indignation.

Eleana: I have never heard of Fr. Kapaun and why should I? I can hardly comment favourably or otherwise about a person or event I know nothing about. I am not remotely interested in canonizations of anyone and why should I be? I consider such things as bizarre and a complete waste of time and money. Money best spent on the poor and helpless; or on the counselling of victims of sexual predators within the Catholic Church. If this is church bashing, then so be it. Indignation? I think not! Leave it at that.

Emanuel Paparella2013-04-20 09:54:20
Indeed, ignorance is bliss. What is disturbing is that one glories in that ignorance and calls it "knowledge."

Eleana2013-04-21 16:49:36
You have the last word, only because what you say is absurd. No more comments from you please. As I said, if no one came forward to say that they appreciate your comments on my articles or my comments, then I would appreciate you refrain from commenting on my Articles or comments. Nothing about them is true and if any reader has half a brain, they will know that.

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