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Golden dawn pissing democracy Golden dawn pissing democracy
by Thanos Kalamidas
2013-04-07 11:21:11
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pappas01_400This is going to be surreal but let me try describe what happened. A Greek television channel has once a week in its program a Turkish series, the short of drama-historic series that stand in the edge between the myth and the imagination. It happened the Greek independence day, the day Greece was liberated from the Ottoman Empire, to be the same day this year. The channel aware of the sensitive semantics replaced the Turkish series with something else which is understandable. However for days Golden Dawn, the Greek neo-Nazis, either through internet or with flyers kept calling the people and organizing a demonstration in front of the channel’s offices against the viewing of the series despite the channel’s reinsurances that they are to cancel it.

And the day came and with the evening brought around fifty people all dressed in black led by known parliamentarians from the neo-Nazi party in front the doors of the channel screaming and throwing fish-roe salad (traditional Greek salad, geeks eat that day) at the window. You can imagine what short of things they were screaming but I suppose this is part of democracy. But then they had t cross the line, they had to show their real face, they had to provoke and challenge. One of the parliamentarians, one of the leaders and actually the theoretician, the brains of the party decided that it was time for something more radical. So he unzipped his trousers pulled it out and started pissing the window and the entrance of the building screaming proudly of his masculine act.

pappas02_400But before going to the semantics of the act and the situation with the neo-Nazis this moment in Greece let’s start with the brain of the party. Mr. Christos Pappas has absolutely nothing to envy from his likeminded in the original German Nazi party back in thirties. An average trader of electric equipment who despite every effect never really “made it” to the real money and for that he blames the Jews (I bet that all of you have a déjà vu now). He has obviously read a lot to establish his theories and adjust them to the Greek reality adding new enemies and blaming old ones.

An admirer of Julius Streicher, one of the most prominent anti-Semitic Nazis Christos Pappas tries hard to follow his path overproducing articles and essays about the Jews, Greek history and contemporary issues. His idol wrote an anti-Semitic book for children in 1938 Der Giftpilz "The Poison-Mushroom", one of the most widespread pieces of propaganda, which purported to warn about insidious dangers Jews posed by using the metaphor of an attractive yet deadly mushroom, and Pappas organizes special classes for children to re-educate them about history and the society.

Reading his blog I was not surprised with his easy writing using words and phrases people use in their everyday life 


and that he bases his arguments mainly in rumours, historic myths and conspiracy theories. I suppose if Streicher could have a blog back in 1930s it would have been exactly the same. His articles are mainly full of irony and sarcasm while asking the people to react to these corrupted politicians with “the only way they understand” violence. Full of envy for anybody successful he identifies them as Jews doesn’t matter their real identity and using the same exactly language like his German models, everything that orientates to his left (be careful, to his left) is Bolshevik.

The majority of Greeks unlike the Germans of 1930s are strongly orthodox Christians in majority and in many case the Orthodox Church is connected with the modern Greek history so Mr. Pappas is very careful with his writings. Articles going to the inner cycle and were published while the Golden Dawn could hardly reach 0.3% of the Greek people were all about the ancient Greek religion, the glorious days of Zeus and the ancient rituals in a very Teutonic way (another déjà vu) while nowadays with the party reaching 10% and everybody see it rising higher Mr. Pappas found his faith praising the role of the church in Greece.

Born in 1962 he looks like a person who has exercised only his fingers posing with guns or hitting the keyboard. Watching him on television you get straight away the feeling of an arrogant man who loves only himself, constantly posing, in full control of his voice and his body language. He’s quoting and spinning cleverly what said in the streets and always twists whatever the subject to end up in an attack to the immigrants or the international Jews conspiracy. I suppose you keep having a déjà vu, me too!

pappas04_400In his blog talking about the euro-crisis he talks about the “Zion-hostage post-war Germany is used to gain control over the European countries.” And later in the very same post he points, “the Golden Dawn is coming to get rid of the leprosy the parties and their constitution brings.” Ending that “the future in Europe belongs to nationalistic and patriotic parties which are oblige to end the chaos Zionists and internationalists bring.”

Normally most of these things should be material for a court case and remember here I just translated some sentences from his latest post in a blog with hundreds of similar posts of a man who writes in newspapers and magazines and is member of the Greek parliament enjoying even immunity for what he’s saying and doing. All in the name of freedom of speech!

And talking about doing we are coming to the point where a parliamentarian, a law maker of a country in a serious crisis is unzipping his trousers and pisses in public. I’m sorry for my country but this man that evening pissed not a concrete floor and a glass door, not only a country, the country that found democracy; he didn’t just piss all of us but he pissed the whole world. This arrogant parasite of Greek politics is not alone and it is not only the Greek people who are obliged to stop him but all the democratic world is obliged to do something, not let him and the other parasites around him like Mihaloliakos, Kasidiaris, Mparmparousis and the rest of this gang continue their crime, their rape over humanity.

Today it is our door they knock, they try to break; tomorrow it will be yours!


Comments are not necessary for the photos of the neo-Nazi brains! The last Mr. Pappas stands in front the Golden Dawn flag – semantics are not coincidence – holding the flag of the military dictators one of the darkest moments of the Greek history in the 20th century. 

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Murray Hunter2013-04-07 12:38:08
Great...expose them

Emanuel Paparella2013-04-07 13:03:40
Thank you for this warning and eye-opener, Thanos. Indeed the déjà vu you point to is uncanny. Pictures of Mussolini and what he did to Italian democracy in his 20 year tyranny kept leaping in my mind as I perused your profile of Mr. Pappas. But what to my mind is even more shocking is that all of this should be happening in 2013 in a European Union proud of its democratic ways and its record on human rights, in a Europe that thought it had found a solution to its fratricidal tendencies throughout its modern history. One begins to wonder: could this be due to our contempt and ignorance of history which condemns us to repeat it with all its mistakes and the second time around in an even more menacing and misguided way, or as Marx once quipped, as a farce? Indeed, as one hears loud knocks at the door of democracy and liberty one is bound to ask: is it already too late?

Which brings us to the conundrum of religion vis a vis the Nazis in the 1930s and New Dawn in 2013. Undoubtedly the Nazis wished to substitute Christianity with Nazism as a sort of religion based on its Nordic myths and Teutonic rituals: the religion of the super-race. So, pari passu, the emphasis of the Greek pagan past, the era of the glorious days of Zeus and Athena is not surprising and follows the paradigm. What seems to be different however is that, as you report, Mr. Pappas has now abandoned paganism which he emphasized at the beginning of his party and has rediscovered his ancestral faith and religion as exemplified by the Christian Greek Orthodox Church. Hitler on the other hand never returned to the Catholicism he grew up in in Austria. Important also to remember that Nazism was clearly condemned as a nefarious anti-Christian ideology in an encyclical of Pius XI before World War II.
I would submit however that what partly solves the conundrum and gives the game away is Mr. Pappas’ virulent anti-Semitism, a sure sign that he is using religion as an instrument for his misguided political ends, similar in some way to what Mussolini also did when he facilitated the reconciliation of Church and State in 1931.

I strongly suspect that if one were to mention to Mr. Pappas the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as the personal God Christians and Jews and Moslems worship, a providential God who cares for his creation and for all people, he would strongly object to such a designation and reply indignantly: no way is he the God of Israel, he is Greek, or perhaps he is Australian, or perhaps American. Which should alert us right away that the vaunted newly rediscovered "religion" of Mr. Pappas is a pseudo-religion at best or a cult with political aims; its anti-Semitism give it away. Intriguing that calling a Jew anyone who disagrees with Mr. Pappas. That is certainly a déjà vu: one first declares oneself a super-race and then blames all one’s mistakes on the “inferior race” which becomes the scapegoat. In that sense it is not a déjà vu, but a déjà Jew. This assessment, like yours, will probably be branded an exaggeration and too pessimistic, but in reality I am afraid that things have to get worse before they get better, especially if we continue with the Voltarian misguided notion of blaming authentic religion for all the evils afflicting Europe. Indeed, sometimes the way up is the way down. Meanwhile perhaps some imaginary conversations between pagan and Christian philosophers may shed some light on the matter.

Emanuel Paparella2013-04-07 13:23:32
P.S. The Papal Encyclical I refer to in the above comment is titled “Mit brennender Sorge” (German for “With burning concern”). It was published on March 10 1937 (Passion week) and was read from the pulpit of all German Catholic churches on Palm Sunday (March 21, 1937).

Thanos 2013-04-07 15:19:52
Two things,

Going through Mr. Pappas personal blog and articles I was amazed with one point. In all his posts and articles he always finds a twist to spin his anti-Semitism and holocaust denial. Something illegal in most western countries even punishable. In Scandinavia especially because I have lived it – there was even a similar phenomenon with a parliamentarian and his blog – blogs with anti-Semitic propaganda after warnings from Google or wordpress and under the threat of these companies to shut them down they had to delete these posts. In Greece despite calls from readers and warnings these blogs – Mr. Pappas is not the only one – this moment dominate the Greek blogosphere.

Second, the connection of the Greek orthodox church and conscious of the Greek people is really strong even to the point to twist historic facts and create unrealistic myths confusing folks’ tales with reality. Taking the chance of the coming Greek Easter in the next few weeks (may 5th) I might write an article about this connection. I think that Mr. Pappas as a whole they do “believe” (I don’t know how else to put it in their case) in ancient pagan rituals – in their case is not about religion but mystic and pompous rituals – but now they have turned into the orthodox church knowing that they were losing people and votes. They have the support of some nationalists bishops and mainly clerics but even to my surprise the archbishop took a stand against them publicly and this was a great defeat for them and forced them to change their policy. So nowadays they even march organized to the churches on Sunday morning.

Emanuel Paparella2013-04-07 15:46:14
Thank you for the clarifications and the dialogue Thanos. The particular empirical details of the situation helps me not to speak out of ignorance or bias on this particular issue. Here too, the fact that those neo-fascist have to march to church says a lot on the authenticity of their religious beliefs and I trust that the archbishop you mentioned will continue to condemn their actions, as well he should.

Eva2013-04-07 17:44:17

Emanuel Paparella2013-04-07 23:32:00
P.S. Thanos, as I keep ruminating on your sad description of what is going on in Greece, the pissing on democracy by Mr. Pappas and Co., I keep wondering if Mr. Pappas is in any way aware that the founder of Christianity (independent of whether or not he was God as he said) was a Jew, his mother was a Jew, the twelve apostles were Jews; that every Christian is a spiritual Jew since the roots of Christianity are within Judaism in the Old Testament. So Mr. Pappas is pissing not only on democracy but on the very origins of Christianity, that he claims to respect, too.

I look forward to your article on the symbiosis between the Greek state and culture and the Greek Orthodox Church.

Leah Sellers2013-04-08 17:55:13
Ooh-la-la !
Up until now these folks have just been polishing their heavy, steel toed, black boots. Now, they're actually marching around in them. "These Boots are made for 'Marchin'. 'That's just what they'll do. One of these day these Boots are gonna' March 'right over you."
Song lyrics and history do have a way of repeating themselves, when those parts of Human Being Behavior are not Universally challenged, faced up to, dealt with Effectively and Constructively, Transformed into more Positive Forms of Individual Energy usages, and Re-Directed into more Positive Energetic Movements in Society as a Whole.
Being a Texan and a Horse Lover, I can attest to many Positive Attributes and Protections of a Good pair of Boots in general. Boots, in and of themselves, are not inherently Bad Entities. In my Life's Experience I've learned that what a pair of Boots Does is up to the Individual Wearing them, as well as the Groups they Choose to run around with or burn down the Town with.

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