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Why I Call Myself Gnostic Why I Call Myself Gnostic
by Eleana Winter-Irving
2013-04-13 10:40:37
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This is the story of part of my life. I came back to Australia at age 31 (after having lived in several countries over the past 5 and a half years) and opened three business, two retail and one wholesale.  I had an enlightened experience in Thailand and I wanted to expand on that. I had come to several realisations that had never been discussed or read about by me. I knew I knew what I knew.

I joined the Theosophical Society at the same time as I was setting up my first shop, branching out into retail. I also sold retail from my showrooms in Flinders Lane, Melbourne, but they were all one offs from Afghanistan, Tibet, Nepal, India and many other countries that had been handpicked by me. I was busy, busy, busy, hiring staff, arranging stock, decorating windows and going to one or two lectures a week at the Society.

At the time I joined the Theosophical Society a man called Harold was President. At his first lecture I realised that I already knew what he was lecturing on, yet I had never read anything about it. After the lecture there was question and answer time and I asked some intelligent questions that I already knew the answer to, but just needed confirmation on. When the last question had been answered it was time for tea, coffee and biscuits. A young man called Tom came over to me, introduced himself and his first remark was, “It’s lonely at the top, isn’t it?” I had no idea what he was referring to. I had been away from Australia for five and a half years and instantly made a lot of new friends, so I probably just laughed nervously. Then he told me that Harold wanted to talk to me. So we went over to him and I was introduced officially. He had a group of what he called ‘enlightened souls’, who went back to his house for supper after his lectures and I was invited to join.

I actually loved these suppers, everyone got on very well and Harold was always very approachable. Tom and I became good friends and he had some amazing stories to tell about his spiritual experiences. After a few lectures I asked Harold how it was that I already knew most of what he taught at his lectures. He said that I was a Gnostic and that I had learned certain things in the Halls of Learning on the Astral Plane and that I had brought that knowledge through to the present incarnation. As he said that, I immediately had a flash back which made my hair stand on end and I knew what he said was truth. I had never heard the word Gnostic before only Agnostic. I asked him if he was also Gnostic and if his teachings came from within; but he told me he was not and that his teachings came from such great writers and teachers as Madame Helena Blavatsky, Annie Besant and Alice A Bailey et al. I went straight out and bought many books written by them, but I have to admit here that I didn’t read past the first few chapters. I found them very heavy going and I didn’t think I was learning anything useful. I continued going to Harold’s lectures right up until I left Melbourne in 1979. Not that I learned a great deal from his lectures either, but I loved the suppers afterwards and the lively discussions we held there. Since Harold told me I was a Gnostic I have clearly seen 3 past incarnations, two as a female and one male. I actually relived my death as the male and shocked everyone when I let out a blood curdling scream whilst on a massage table during a ‘point holding’ session. Apparently someone was holding a ‘point’ at T3 vertebrae which is where a knife blade went through and pierced my heart. I had been on the massage table for about 5 hours and just acknowledging the pain the point holding was causing and trying to relax through it, then I heard water splashing beside me. I looked down beside the massage table and I saw water, suddenly I was afraid. It was dark. I had my eyes open, but it was pitch black. I was looking for someone, my best friend and partner. I was on a barge and I had awoken and my partner was missing. I had gone up on to the deck of the barge we both owned on the Nile, Egypt. It was a small barge and I called out to him. Apparently I actually did call  out. There was no moon and no lighting on the boat. I knew something was wrong, but I never expected what happened next. My hair stood on end and I crept along the small deck, then stopped. I felt a piercing sharp object go through my back and I screamed out, “Oh nooooooooooooooooo!” and then “How could you.” But in English. Originally I would have spoken Arabic presumably. At this point all the point holders rushed over to me and asked what was going on. At this point I realised that I was on a massage table and the sound of water had gone and I was in a well lit room. The point holding ceased and I eventually got up and I was asked to relate what had just happened.

Some six years prior I had gone to a Psychic Expo in Brisbane. I saw a small sign on a counter saying ROSE READINGS $15. Please write name for appointment. I had no idea what a Rose Reading would be. The stall was empty and I wondered if I had to bring a rose, but that seemed unlikely. At the appointed time I turned up. A youngish woman was waiting for me. She took my hand and led me outside. It did feel a bit strange holding hands with a woman and a stranger, but I went along with it. She explained that she had spent several years in a monastery in Tibet and then more years in a cave in the Himalayas where she learned how to read people’s roses.

We sat down on a park bench that had gravel under the seat. She still held my hand and then she told me that she was the only person in the world who could read a person’s rose. I felt ‘open’ to anything, but I had no idea what she was talking about. Then she let go of my hand and vigorously rubbed her hands together. After a minute or so she started rubbing the soles of her shoes on the gravel. Looking straight ahead and not at me. Then she slowed down and then stopped. She started talking about my life and my ‘rose’. She said , “your rose has a very strong root system. It has a very strong trunk, (main stem). Your rose flower is very beautiful and almost open and in a few years it will be in full bloom.” I tried not to evaluate anything at this point and just listened. “Your rose bush however, has only 3 branches. Two are on the left, the bottom one on the left is strong and healthy, whilst the higher one is small and very thin.” Immediately I equated these to my two daughters. My oldest daughter is very strong, robust and independent, whilst my youngest daughter is spindly and frail. Then she said that the branch on the right was withered and was almost dead. My father had been diagnosed with cancer and was dying. She told me that indeed the left branches represented my two daughters and the right one was my father. My mother had died some ten years previously, so her branch had evidently fallen off. She proceeded to tell me that on account of the two branches on the left and the one on the right about to fall off, my rose, though very beautiful as a flower, ( it was a golden yellow in colour), was lop-sided. She said, “you don’t have a partner. No man in your life.” I said, “no. And I am celibate. It’s hard to find another celibate man to partner with and I live very isolated.” She went on to say that I can live a very fulfilling life, as I have such a strong root system and my main stem is strong, but my children could do with a male influence. I suppose my rose is still lop-sided. My oldest daughter got married in 2010 and now I am a grandmother. She is still strong and healthy. My youngest daughter is still very thin, spindly and frail, she takes after her father’s side, he is 6 feet 5 and thin.

I wouldn’t ever want to marry again. I have been married twice and they were short marriages. Marriage doesn’t suit me. And I wouldn’t ever want to live with anyone. I am so used to being on my own.  Men have asked me if they can look after me, but I like looking after myself. After reading my rose she asked me if I wanted to know about a previous incarnation and then she told me that I had grown up in a village in country Egypt. After leaving school at 15 years I had gone to Cairo with my best friend and worked on the docks. Eventually we saved up for a barge and started a small business on the Nile. She told me that on one moonless night my best friend betrayed me and killed me, throwing my body into the Nile, so he could take over the business as sole owner. There was a familiarness  about the story. I started to get a pain in my back, incidentally at T3. The pain got so bad that I had to make an appointment with a chiropractor the next week. Eventually the pain left until that day at a Point Holding Session. The next time I went to the chiropractor after the incident I asked my chiropractor if a person was stabbed with a sharp knife in the back at or close to T3, could it go through the heart. And he answered that it most definitely could.

So nowadays I know that there are things I ‘know’ and there are things that I believe and there are things I don’t know. I know that the things I believe are not necessarily truth. I believe them only because I feel they are feasible or likely, but that it is based on others beliefs as well. I believe I will wake up tomorrow and I will still be alive, but I don’t know that to be true. I believe governments mismanage the countries they run, but that is really my opinion. Truth may be that all is happening for a reason and is part of the Greater Scheme of Things. What should be done about asylum seekers and the diaspora of Asians and Africans to the west. That is something that I do not know the answer to.

Gnosticism is not a religion or a cult as far as I am concerned. I am not bound by ritual, though I do at certain times perform rituals when the occasion requires it. I have not joined a Gnostic cult or organisation. I am a lone person, Gnostic by knowledge only.


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Leah Sellers2013-04-13 17:31:41
I truly appreciate your ability to be so fearlessly revealing of yourSelf.
Aside from bearing children, because of the uterine and cervical cancer which stole away my ability to have my own children, many of your experiences with Life and Travel, groups of People and unexplainable Co-incidences or Co-incidental meetings or happenings with Others which became profoudly Teachable or Leading moments along the way, bear some similarities.
I,too, even before my debilitating injuries, had Chosen to be celibate for a myriad of reasonings. And you're right, it is very difficult to find anyone else to share one's Life with who also wants to remain celibate.
If I were Catholic, I would have made one heck of a Nun !

Murray hunter2013-04-13 20:26:14
Eleana & Leah
Here Here

Eleana2013-04-14 15:50:32
When I was a child of about 9 years of age, I used to sit in the chook pen and talk to our chickens. I told my parents that chickens had their own language and that I understood some of it. My parents didn't believe me and said that it was nonsense, my teachers said it was nonsense. Now all these years later science has proved that animals have their own language. I knew it, all those years ago when no one else knew it. I know things now that not many other people know. Of course if you don’t know it, you too will think it nonsense.

Leah Sellers2013-04-14 21:30:37
Ha ! You are so right on so many levels Eleana. I. too, have always tried to understand the languages of Animals (Human Beings included - ha !), and emulate what I heard in trying to communicate with them. I started with Horses and Dogs. I,too, have always been considered to be filled with NonSense that is now being proven out Scientifically. Thusly, I have gotten somewhat used to being "not taken seriously". And my being by nature a very playful person who sees humor in almost everything also did not help my cause in being "taken seriously".
I come from a very long line (on both sides of the family trees) of Musical, Literary and Visual Artists and Natural Teachers. Folks who have a tendency to see the Magic/Science and Engineering in things, and of things. But who don't dare to call it Magic because they are also very Conservative Missionary Baptist or Church of Christ.
My Mother's side of the family is filled with folks who just Know things or Know when thigs are about to happen. And those genes run rampant within my sisters and myself. We all handle these Gifts in different ways. Mom ran away from her innate abilities. I do not, for the most part, but have chosen to use them quietly to help others, when I can. But as a result, I do not do well with a Materialistic World. Money has never been a Motivator for me, much to my family's chagrin. Being of Service to Others and those I Love is. After (and in-between) traveling and having a career with Music and Song Writing, and then having a career with Visual Art and Poetry, I Chose to be a Middle Class Teacher. Thusly, I may now be penny bare due to all of my monies having been spent (wasted) within an over inflated and over charging healthcare system, but rich in things of the Spirit and Relationships.
Relationships and Spiritual ties with some wonderful Folks and Animals. All of whose Languages I am constantly trying to Comprehend and Empathize with (Consciously, SubConsciously and Body Launguage wise) on a daily basis. And this probably all sounds like NonSense. NonSense is a very capable label to hide behind at times. Sometimes it is not such a bad thing to leave some folks with the impression that your a Jester of Nonsense, because much of what taking place within the World at large is just that Darkly Humorous (laugh so you don't cry) NonSense.

Eva2013-04-14 23:18:09
A fascinating read, thanks Eleana.

Eleana2013-04-15 04:51:26
Also my parents knew nothing about ESP. there were times as a child when the telephone rang I would say who it was before it was answered. My mother always said that it was a fluke. It didn’t matter that I was never wrong, or that I was right time after time after time, it was always a fluke. Of course I didn’t know about ESP either. This is before television. Our home entertainment was the radio, which we called the wireless. It consisted of a few plays, the news, opera, symphonies and the Goons. I first learned about ESP in Australia after I left school, so I would have been about 19. It was a fairly common occurrence as it turned out and I came to find out that several of my friends had the same experiences. Nowadays, almost everyone knows about it and believes in it. Those that don’t, just haven’t experienced it themselves or had no contact with anything ESP. It features on TV shows quite frequently and people talk about it and no one seems to refute it any more. My parents even talked about it in latter years, though they never apologised for the past.

What I’m saying by mentioning the above comments on ESP and also animal languages is that what you disbelieve now or think that you know so much about everything and are sure that what I am saying is not true, one day down the track you might find it common place and very believable. There is an expression ‘ignorance is bliss’; however I do not agree. To be ignorant of a subject and to argue and argue and refute it out of ignorance is not a blissful state. To call me Machiavellian because what I have said is not believed is not only harsh, not true, but ill-mannered, bolshie and unduly critical.
It has surprised me that readers of my articles who also read the comments section sit on the fence and do not pull up a certain person regarding his comments on my articles. This person always places himself in a superior position, purports to be more intelligent and more knowledgeable than I. His accusations and degrading comments are personal. If I write something he does not agree with, it’s a diatribe. He has hurled insults at me since my very first article. If I have said anything vaguely personal about this man it is as a consequence of something his has written as a comment about me or my article. I have never written anything personal as a comment on his articles. In fact I don’t even read them any more. All the ones I did read were the thoughts of others long dead.
I am a modern woman. I do not live in the past and I have no need to reinvent the wheel as I have also been told I am trying to do. Strangely this man purports to know more about me than I know about myself. That is why he feels he has to translate what I have written in his own ill-chosen language. Every time he has done this he has been wrong and all this basically because I deplore the sex scandals against minors in the Church.

This man is not superior to me and I know that from being a Gnostic. I should enlighten the readers of what his students say about him.

Emanuel Paparella2013-04-15 18:11:08

It is quite predictable that even though it has been publicly declared by some contributors that my articles and comments are “persona non grata” so to speak, in Ovi, and will not be read or discussed any longer by them, which of course is their right in a free speech environment, the innuendos and the insinuations will not cease and desist, if anything they will increase and double down… As Shakespeare put it in MacBeth “…the lady doth protest too much…” referring of course to Lady MacBeth. One thinks of Socrates and the conspiracy of mutual admiration society accusing him of “corruption of youth,” one thinks of Cicero and Cathilina, all dead men who have much to teach the enlightened moderns who have declared history so much bunk. Sadly, ad hominem rhetorical tactics from time immemorial seem to be the preferred weapons of those who do not wish or are unable to stick to and debate issues; those of either gender who wish to reduce everything to the personal or to mere gossip and rather than apologize for distortions of facts and ugly slanderous insinuations they frequently double down on them. For shame!

Eleana2013-04-16 02:38:37

Leah, that is such a shame about your mother denying herself of such a wonderful gift. In my case I was the exact opposite, I always wanted to cultivate it, though I didn’t get into anything formal. I have some amazing stories I could share one day if anyone is interested.

Eleana2013-04-16 03:08:29
I just stumbled on this in Huffington Post:


May be of interest to women.

Eleana2013-04-16 08:55:27
New Pope cracks down on US nuns. May be of interest to some.


Emanuel Paparella2013-04-16 15:30:54
Of course those to whom it would be of interest and to whom the invitation is extended would harbor no bias toward the Church itself, no wish to begin the bashing of the next Pope, only the pure desire to insure women’s rights in the Church and everywhere else (funny that the other places are not mentioned) and make sure that such a Church is not misogynistic. We must assume that much of course, but the intentions behind the invitation would have been a bit more credible and in good faith had it included this historical data and did not consider past history just bunk: namely that the first saint of the Catholic Church in Australia (St. Mary MacKillop) was a nun of the Catholic Church who in the 19th century exposed a sexual predator priest, became known for her work for the poor and was canonized by Benedict XVI in 2010. We did not hear that in the selective data pointed to and will not hear it. All we will hear is the bashing and blanket accusations. I predict that it will continue unabated.

Eleana2013-04-16 16:12:23
Student Rating:
School: Broward College (all campuses) Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Department: Languages Rate this professor Emanuel Paparella
3/29/13 Class PHI2010
Rate: Poor Quality. Easiness 4. Helpfulness 1. Clarity 2. Rater’s Interest 5
Comment: Like philosophy? Like class discussions where you get to talk about philosophy? This is *NOT* the class for you! He just lectures and then makes us watch video lectures. Super strict on tardiness. Tests are easy if you keep your outline, though.
3/6/13 Class PHI 2010
Rate: Poor Quality. Easiness 1. Helpfulness 1. Clarity 1. Rater’s Interest 1
Comment: Stay away!! Uses video lectures to teach. Horrible teacher and don't be a second late or else he will penalize you. Find another professor!
12/20/12 Class Italian 1120
Rate: Good Quality. Easiness 5. Helpfulness 3. Clarity 4. Rater’s Interest 5
Comment: You don't really learn any italian in this class. The class wasn't hard (i speak spanish) but we barely got a chance to practice the language in class. You probably only speak about 1 sentence in each class. Easy A, but don't take if you want to learn a new language.
11/7/12 Class ITA1120
Rate: Poor Quality. Easiness 3. Helpfulness 2. Clarity 2. Rate’s Interest 4
Comment: Worst professor if you actually want to learn the language. Not very helpful and expects you to learn on your own.
7/14/12 Class ITA1120
Rate: Average Quality. Easiness 5. Helpfulness 1. Clarity 4. Rater’s Interest 4
Comment: ITA1120 - If you speak Spanish or Portuguese it's an easy 'A', but if you don't or if you actually WANT TO LEARN Italian: ---DO NOT TAKE--- this class because YOU WON'T LEARN 'ANY ITALIAN' AT ALL. You will definitely learn 'all' about ITALIAN OPERA, CULTURE & FILM (but all in english!!!). =( Very disapointing...!!!
5/12/12 Class ITA1020
Rate:Good Quality. Easiness 5. Helpfulness 4. Clarity 4. Rater’s Interest 5
Comment: Mr. Paparella is a weird case, I like him as a professor but gets repetitive sometimes about people being late or not coming to class to students who are actually in class and on-time, it gets boring, but he's an easy A, at least for me that speak Spanish. Homework is actually fun and is online. He shows amazing Italian movies. Attendance mandatory.
5/30/11 Class ITA1120
Rate: Good Quality. Easiness 5. Helpfulness 4. Clarity 4. Rater’s Interest 4
Comment: If you know Spanish it's an easy class. At the beginning he taught Italian but towards the end he just showed a bunch of boring movies. I didn't learn much, only a few words.
5/6/11 Class ITA1120
Rate: Good Quality. Easiness 5. Helpfulness 3. Clarity 4. Rater’s Interest 4
Comment: Class is easy. Just come to class and do the work. Test are easy too. He reviews what is on the test right before the test and most of the time forgets to take the review off the board.
12/2/10 Class ITA1120
Rate: Good Quality. Easiness 5. Helpfulness 5. Clarity 5. Rater’s Interest 4
Comment: Class is really easy, just do all the homework and lab, take good notes, test are easy. He gives a lot of extra credit..is an easy A. He is strict about attendance.

Eleana2013-04-16 16:13:26
10/18/10 ClassITA1120
Rate: Good Quality. Easiness 5. Helpfulness 5. Clarity 5. Rater’s Interest 5
Comment: Amazibg professor! Loved his class! Very helpful! I spoke italian going into the class and he deff helped even more.
5/4/10 Class ita1120
Rate: Good Quality, Easiness 5. Helpfulness 5. Clarity 5. Rate’s Interest 4
Comment: His class is fun and easy.
4/9/1 Class Ita1120
Rate: Poor Quality. Easiness 2. Helpfulness 2. Clarity 2. Rater’s Interest 5
Comment: HORRIBLE teacher. I've learned 3 other languages & he is by far the worse I've ever had. He goes back & forth between ideas which gets extremely confusing, wastes time talking about BS no1 cares about. He is nearly deaf & can't hear your questions. You basically will teach yourself out of the book & will learn it all by yourself. DON'T TAKE HIM!!!!
12/8/07 Class ITA2010
Rate: Good Quality. Easiness 3. Helpfulness 3. Clarity 4. Rater’s Interest 4
Comment: He's a native speaker, so he knows his stuff. u have 2 go to every class or u'll get lost. Classes are really long and u might get sleepy. Finds stuff funny that I dont understand.. explains really good, but u have to b openminded and its better if u speak a romantic language. if u only speak english, its gonna be really hard. the operas r horrible
12/6/06 Class ITA1120
Rate:Good Quality. Easiness 3. Helpfulness 5. Clarity 5. Rater’s Interes t5
Comment: Awesome professor. Dr. Papparella earned a degree from Harvard. Taking his class is the closest I will ever get to an ivy league school! He is a native speaker of Italian, very helpful and makes class fun.
4/4/05 Class Italian
Rate: Good Quality. Easiness 5. Helpfulness 5. Clarity 5. Rater’s Interest 5
Comment: I disagree with the last post... I think he explains the material and tests us in a way that he can tell if we are doing work in our own to learn the language. He tries to weed out the class and keep the people who are serious about learning the language.
2/15/05 Class ITA1120
Rate: Poor Quality. Easiness 1. Helpfulness 1. Clarity 1. Rater’s Interest 3
Comment: Complete caca. His lectures go off on tangents, and he tests us on things that we never went over in class.
2/3/05 Class Italian
Rate: Good Quality. Easiness 2. Helpfulness 4. Clarity 4. Rater’s Interest 4
Comment: Good guy, gets into the Italian culture and can effectively make you learn the stuff the right way. Dont sit in the front row, he tends to get really close and does not wear deorant! other then that, he is all good and very knowledgeable. He also knows speanish!
12/20/04 Class ITA1120
Rate: Good Quality. Easiness 2. Helpfulness 5. Clarity 4. Rater’s Interest 5
Comment: He's very nice. It's a very fun class. He makes you learn not only italian but also about the italian history and culture.

Emanuel Paparella2013-04-16 16:59:40

My prediction proved correct. And here is one more to add to what is obviously a very partial list of student’s rating (much more complete in the one where all students are polled which adds to thousands, which you will never hear from those out to insinuate lies and distortions; those who like to cherry pick their data.

In the interests of fairness and balance, I forward to the Ovi readership the above link in U-tube which will lead them to a student’s interview at a very recent international conference of honor students in California. The student being interviewed is Jean Araujo who is currently in one of my Italian classes at Broward College. He specifically mentions my name and gives a view of the impact I have had on his academic life.

Obviously there is a desire to shut me up by a clique in the magazine who don't think my views are sufficiently politically correct and modern, and the hemlock may be concocted but alas we now live in a small world and even running to India may not be enough to hide oneself. What did Regan say? You can run but you cannot hide. I know, I know, another dead man from the past, but if we don’t learn anything from the past and simply declare ourselves “enlightened” and "knowledgeable" we shall end up talking about inanities, astrology, palmistry and pure gossip and repeating all the worst mistakes of the past and re-inventing the wheel and think we have made a great discovery.

Eleana2013-04-16 17:18:55
If you read the ratings list I cut and pasted from the Broward College website, you will notice that professor E L Paparella does not always wash when he goes to the college. He smells so bad no one can sit in the front row: See # 17
#8. He leaves stuff on the board, not good. The ones who praise him probably want an A.

Murray Hunter2013-04-16 18:31:04
Eleana, thanks for the lesson in free speech. The classic has got to be "Dont sit in the front row, he tends to get really close and does not wear deorant!" I will certainly make sure that I put on deodorant before I go to class tomorrow. Thanks for the lesson there.

Emanuel Paparella2013-04-16 23:17:56
Indeed, there are smells and then there are smells; defamation and slander and accepting false statements for ad hominem tactics surely smell to high heaven and indicate moral turpitude, to say the least...; and all the fragrances in the world will not cover it up adequately.

By the way, only one third of my teaching is in Italian. The rest is in philosophy at both Barry University and Broward College. That too has been impugned by the slanderers in residence and I have proposed a bet that what is stated in my bio in Ovi is completely true, but so far there have been no takers among those who belong to the mutual admiration society getting the hemlock ready and out to impose political correctness and sell fragrances on the side. I trust that the readers are intelligent enough to arrive at the right conclusion about this juvenile immature diatribe that supposedly “enlightened” people have been carrying on.

Emanuel Paparella2013-04-17 04:57:14

"The ones who praise him probably want an A." (Ms. Winter Irving)

Obviously Ms. Winter-Irving has never gone to college for she was born with knowledge already, or she would know that the student's evaluation are only posted weeks after the course is over and the grades have been handed and they are usually anonymous and the professor also gets all of them from all the students (not just the few who decide to post them publicly)weeks after. Moreover no institution of higher learning will keep a professor who consistently gets more than 10% negative evaluations from his students. It is well known that the students who descend to the ad hominem and the insulting and pure fabrications are usually the worst students who do no work and then blame the professor for their failure to get a good grade.

Obviously Ms. Winter-Irving is once again giving evidence that she has a tendency to speak out of ignorance and then egregiously call it "enlightenment." Indeed the enlightenment remains to enlighten itself and is still to figure out the distinction between knowledge and wisdom.

Emanuel Paparella2013-04-17 12:46:34
P.S.S. Surely Ms. Winter-Irving will be posting soon the students’ evaluation of Professor Hunter which will inform us as to which fragrances he wears to school on different days of the week. Surely, as a professor he too must have students’ public evaluations and they too deserve to be posted for the Ovi readership. I take notice that Professor Hunter having become quite popular and famous has dropped his titles and goes only by his first and last name, at least in Ovi. I trust soon he will go only by his first name like Michelangelo and Dante. I noticed though that he has not dropped the titles in other publications outside of Ovi, in fact he has added Dr. to Professor. May I suggest that congratulations within the mutual admiration society circle are in order? I remain curious though: at which university has he picked up the doctorate? The Ovi bio does not say. Perhaps either Ms. Winter-Irving or the good professor himself can enlighten us on it.

Eleana2013-04-17 14:40:11
I have never called myself enlightened. Not here, not ever. Show me. I know what I have said, but Mr Know It All can't remember, his recall is incorrect, but he barges in repeating the same old things, ad hominem, reinventing the wheel, Socrates, Aristotle, slander and a diatribe bla bla bla on and on and on. Why would any intelligent human being think that they need to repeat the same things 10 times or more. Why do we have to keep being reminded that we don’t need to reinvent the wheel? Everyone who reads Ovi Magazine has a brain and a mine of their own. Tell us once, (something that we don’t already know) and we will get it. Who of you has said: “Emanuel Parapella, please repeat what you wrote in your last comment, we didn’t get it.” ? Well the answer is: no one. We don’t like being treated as fools. No one Emanuel is trying to reinvent the wheel, so no need to ever mention that again

All I have to say is this: if there are those who read my articles and like reading Emanuel’s comments about my articles, then he should continue commenting on them, that is, on my articles. However if no one steps forward to admit they enjoy his work on my articles. I do not need a professor to guide me in what I read. I bet professor Emanuel would give me an F, even if I took his Italian class and got everything right, as it appears he fails people he does not like. He already gave me a F. It is recorded on Ovi Magazine. And I am the slanderer, but what have I said that was not true? I dare anyone to tell me. I am very careful how I phrase my sentences and slander isn’t among them.

Eleana2013-04-17 14:42:01
Emanuel, you are quite correct, I have never been to university or college, only TAFE in Australia. That was 10 years ago to learn IT.

Murray Hunter2013-04-17 15:13:53
Dear College Professor Paparella,
This has been on mind everyday since you declared to the world that I am an atheist.
1. Why did you call me an atheist?
2. What reasons did you have for doing this?
3. What evidence do you have to make this accusation to the world?
4. Who do you think you are to going around making personal accusations against others?

Murray Hunter2013-04-17 20:00:03
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Murray Hunter2013-04-17 20:01:31
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Emanuel Paparella2013-04-17 20:25:29
Dear College professor Hunter:

you must have confused the atheist Aristotle is talking to in the imaginary conversations I have been posting lately with yourself. Remember, they are imaginary and the last person I had in mind was yourself when choosing an interlocutor for Aristotle. Atheist or agnostic is a general term.

Dear Ms. Winter-Irving: if you took an Italian or philosophy class with me you might well surprise yourself at how much Italian and/or philosophy you might actually learn and not the language only which never exists in a vacuum but goes together with a very rich culture which can motivate the learning of the language, you might also be surprised that you might actually pass the course even if I did not like the fragrance you were wearing or even if you disagreed with the professor or the author of the text being used in the course.

As far as repeating things, that's an old professorial habit which perhaps needs to be moderated outside the classroom, I hear you but when one's interlocutors act as if absolutely nothing was proffered for one's consideration and refuse a rational dialogue devoid of insults and ad hominem insinuations, the temptation if to repeat them. I agree that only a mad person would repeat them to somebody who has understood them the first time around and is in agreement with them. How does the slogan go? Insanity is doing the same thing more than once and expecting different results. On the other hand, to give up on the first try with one's interlocutors is to have little faith that things repeated sometimes actually get through even with the most obtuse interlocutors. We can certainly give it a rest, but we should at least admit that what we have been carrying on are not rational conversations but juvenile tempests in a tea cup and that slander and intimidation will not let me desist from exercising my right to free speech and to defend myself from egregious slander. Fortunately we do not live any longer in times when the hemlock was enough to solve the problem and shut one up once and for all. In any case, we are still reading a gadfly like Socrates, another dead man who may have a thing or two to teach us. Good day Ms. Winter-Irving.

Murray Hunter2013-04-17 20:44:05
Dear College Professor Paparella,
Oh, you have got me, I must just be a complete fraud.

Murray Hunter2013-04-18 02:40:21
This is from Professor Paparella's article 13th August
“Dedicated to all my atheist and agnostic friends”
To continue the dialogue with Professor Hunter as well as others who see the need for one, regarding God’s role in the universe, I’d like to take a brief look at a conversation between a pagan and a Christian written some five hundred years ago by Nicholas of Cusa, a Renaissance theologian and mystic who proposed that the only way to know God is by what he calls “via negativa.”

Eleana2013-04-18 02:54:06
Not quite sure why Murray and Emanuel are fighting on my page. This article was supposed to be about why I call myself a Gnostic, but few comments are about that.

Murray Hunter2013-04-18 04:06:43
College Professor Paparella,

Are you some type of demi-God that one must report to so as to be deemed worthy of being on the pages of OVI? or are you the type of guy that wants to play "you show yours and I will show mine?" I had enough of that at school thanks.
"Imagination" indeed.
It seems you are the only one that can swim in the murky waters of "ad hominem" and cry foul after you attack others of insulting you.
I feel sorry for you lonely old man.

Murray Hunter2013-04-18 09:58:25
Sorry Eleana I will refrain from any more comments on this page.

Emanuel Paparella2013-04-18 11:27:19
Ms. Winter-Irving, it appears that you have misunderstood the nature of a magazine of opinion. We do not have proprietor’s rights on what we write. The comment section is there for people to express their opinion as they see fit devoid of ideological constraints imposed by an editor or board of directors. That is the attracting feature of Ovi which keeps people contributing to it despite many inanities and trivialities contributed by those who are in it simply to attract attention to themselves and their “politically correct” views.

College professor Murray Hunter, by-passing the ad hominem “lonely old man” which seems to be true to form with you by now, I find it intriguing and slightly hilarious that you would take a comment such “dedicated to my atheists and agnostic friends” and think of it as an attack or an insult of sorts. If they are my friends, it means that I do not consider atheism or agnosticism as something precluding friendship, or as an insult for that matter. But I suppose, if we are out to bring down somebody and perhaps we are in the process of preparing the hemlock and burial fragrances for the “lonely old man,” who does not buy the conventionally politically correct views, anything goes. And so it goes.

Eleana2013-04-18 13:08:00
Please do not troll my articles and I promise I will not troll yours. Amen.

Eleana2013-04-18 16:47:35
Murray, you are very welcome to comment on my article.

Thanos2013-04-19 07:11:50
I would appreciate if in the future the comments stick to the subject. I’m not going to approve anymore comments that are not connected with the subject .

Eleana2013-04-19 07:23:19
Please note Paparella the comment Thanos has left before this one. Clearly you are wrong yet again.
Abide by it or find yourself ignored.

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