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World Day for Laboratory Animals World Day for Laboratory Animals
by The Ovi Team
2022-04-24 06:25:48
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April 24th marks World Day for Laboratory Animals – a day to remember the millions who have been killed, and to redouble efforts to hasten the end of all animal experiments. This year, Animal Aid is planning to deliver 10,000 leaflets to members of the public in memory of the 10,000 primates who are used in laboratories across Europe each year. This initiative is proving to be massively popular, with a record number of participants signing up.

animal01_400Thousands of primates are poisoned to death every year inside British laboratories and hundreds more are subjected to appalling brain experiments. The Europe-wide campaign to end primate experiments has united animal protection groups as well as compassionate MPs and scientists across the continent. New EU legislation could mean an end to the use of primates – our closest evolutionary relatives – in laboratories. To achieve this, the public must see what really happens to animals inside testing facilities and understand why research using animals is so overwhelmingly unreliable. Delivering the leaflet – which contains no gruesome images – is a powerful way to garner support for this vital campaign.

Around the world, events will take place to mark World Day for Laboratory Animals. In the UK, a day of meditation and reflection has been organised in Oxford on Saturday 28th April. The day will begin with speeches, followed by a period of reflection. A silent walk through the city centre will end at the site for the proposed new animal laboratory.


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Emanuel Paparella2013-04-24 10:30:17
I believe it was Gandhi who said that "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

Leah Sellers2013-04-25 05:50:03
Thank you Ovi Team for constnatly reminding us of Our Humanity, and the Faces and Places that Humanity is most needed by.

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