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The Nightingale, the Rabbitt, hawks, sharks and wolves The Nightingale, the Rabbitt, hawks, sharks and wolves
by Eleana Winter-Irving
2013-03-27 10:45:30
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The Rabbitt he’s a sly one, sly as a fox. The fox, she sits there with a glare on her face. So pretty when she genuinely smiles. She outwardly admires Rabbiitt, sometimes fiercely defending him.

The Nightingale, so poised and cool, always polite and gentile, until  that stupid Rabbitt treads over the sacred line. Along waddles Wambatt, taking his time, jovial and happy go lucky, all the while shitting himself when he knows he’s done a fluffy. He’s not afraid of Foxy Lady, but shudder to think what may occur if he fudges his figures and she finds out he’s Eleventy.   Ahhhh, My Little Pony, not really real, so you needn’t take a bit of notice of him. He is just a toy. Throw him away after you have finished with him. He wouldn’t be in good enough condition to recycle.  Oh My Little Pony jumps when crocodile lunges out of the water, they have a pact though, it’s ok. No harm is done by Crocodile, not to My Little Pony anyway.  Crocodile hates that Nightingale. She sits up there looking pretty as the beautiful Nightingale bird that she is, looking down on him and he can’t stand it. Old croc comes up; he looks up and sees that Bane of Contention, that’s his nick name for her. Old Croc sees her as weak, based on her size and gender. But she is so strong, and the exact opposite of what Old Croc thinks of her. Young Croc joins in now. Young Croc has got it in for a lot of creatures. If they are of good character, he wants to tear them apart and eat them. Young Croc slaps his lips. He lunges up towards Nightingale, but she doesn’t flinch a muscle. She smiles back, then she gives him what he deserves. 

Oh there’s Wise Old Owl, sitting contentedly on a branch. Yes, he is getting old and partially senile. You know that stage when it is not recognised by the being. They don’t realise anything is wrong until they do the biggest blunder that reverberates around the planet. We’ll drop the Wise part of Wise Old Owl and just call him Old Owl. He really did a big boo boo today. Yep, he betrayed his own genus, another bird. He tried to feed her to the crocodiles. 

Rabbitt thinks he has a few tricks. He is so clever, he can do conjuring tricks. He can fool a few million into believing he has a brain. Oh well, of course he has a brain, just not one that is used well. You know that story The Hare and the tortoise? Rabbitt’s like Hare. He goes blustering in where angels fear to tread, but he has the Hawks, Sharks and Wolves on his side. For some unknown reason, a total mystery to the intelligence, these hawks, sharks and wolves never attack him. He is immune to their predatory actions. 

As you well know, hawks hate doves. And what you may not know, doves hate no one. Doves get along with nightingales quite well, although there are a few issues.  Green Dove sometimes gets exasperated with Nightingale. They are not in the same camp. Green Dove tends to take things to extremes. Her name is Wompoo. She is part dove and part pigeon. Not that kind you see in cities eating scraps from the road side. She cares about her environment and she’s scared shitless by Rabbitt. Rabbitt doesn’t care one hoot.  He was arrested once for smuggling budgerigars. However he was let go on account of he didn’t want to show his genitals because of lack of size. There he goes running around like a mad thing. Never looking before he leaps. Bounds into unsafe territory. And like the bully that he is, he manages to always get away with all his antics and lies. How does he do that? Same as all bullies I guess. We should ask someone who knows. Oh we could ask Mrs Rabbitt, but would she tell the truth?

Now where is Bunny? You would think that Bunny and Rabbitt would get along being the same genus and all, but Bunny is a long haired angora, that’s his name Angora. Angoras are superior to ordinary field rabbits which are pests, sometimes referred to as vermin. Angoras are fed and looked after, pampered even. They need their hair brushed and product as well. They look spiffy at all times. He’s around somewhere. Oh there he is right down the back. 

Old Owl sitting on a low branch keeping an eye on Bunny. Should he tell Angora what he is up to? Nah, he’ll be up for it. Knock that nightingale off her high perch. The lower branches are vulnerable though. Can easily get knocked off by  hawks, even killed. Bunny eating blissfully unaware of what Old Owl has under his wing.

Now Old Owl has an idea. He thinks Nightingale is all up in the air. He thinks a grounded rabbit of high esteem is more suitable. He wants to challenge Nightingale for her position. But this is absurd. Bunny couldn’t even reach for a bar just over his head the other day, so how is he going to get up the tree and onto that high branch? He can’t do it and he knows it. Angora is back to plain old Bunny. Ok, Old Bunny then. There’s Nightingale still on her perch, singing away, but ready to work.

And what about the hawks, sharks and wolves? They go running to Rabbitt and ask him what he thinks, but he gone into hiding. Licking his wounds, gone home to Mummy. So the hawks, sharks and wolves run to the crocodiles with whom they have an understanding. A crocodile will never eat a hawk, nor a shark nor a wolf. It is a known fact. Crocodiles should just stick to eating rotten flesh and scavenging, as they cannot be trusted to tell the truth. The hawks, sharks and wolves have learned to speak the same language. I know, this is strange, but truth can be stranger than fiction. Rabbitt has learned this same language and with cunning he learned from Foxy Lady, he twists everything to look good his way, much like an illusionist.

Damn, I missed that beached whale. Now you wouldn’t think a whale would spout off such vitriol when it was beaching would you? But she sure got it all off her chest, Ooops, not allowed to use the word chest, it might be construed as pornographic. She has a big chest of drawers, so there was a lot to get off. It was dripping off her drawers  and nearly made some doves sick. Where is Peaceful Dove? He likes to dance. Wompoo doesn’t dance, she not the dancing type, takes life way too seriously, no fun at all.

Swanny, be careful of sharks.  That’s all I have to say and the wolves are after you as well. You just glide your way through life, doing what has to be done by a swan. Swim with the current, don’t try swimming upstream, it just wastes energy. We all look forward to seeing you again in May

The tall Oak tree is shedding it’s leaves, stands alone ready for winter.  Blue is out and about. He doesn’t need anyone to tell him what to do or how to do it. He has a mind of his own. He likes Nightingale, but he’ll challenge her if he thinks she is wrong. But he will do it politely, not like Rabbitt. Blue can be trusted. He is doing a great job. Loves his country and loves the countryside. He’ll round up anything you want if you ask nicely.


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Eleana2013-03-28 02:14:56
This little animal story may seem a little weird coming from me, but every animal represent a person in the Australian Parliament. If you know about Australian politics, you will guess who each one is.

Leah Sellers2013-03-28 04:24:31
Delightful, Eleana. Frankly and simply Delightful !
Thank you !

Eleana2013-03-28 11:48:37
Leah, did you recognise everyone?

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