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The partnership is dead in Cyprus The partnership is dead in Cyprus
by Thanos Kalamidas
2013-03-22 10:06:08
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So let me see. Britain has a common currency, the pound. but for some reason Oxfordshire is not doing so well with economics so the central bank in London decides to isolate Oxfordshire and doomed the locals. And that’s a solution. Nothing will happen to the rest of the country. Everybody lives happily ever after. you don’t like the example of Oxfordshire? Let’s say Stuttgart, or why not Lion and Sidney. What about Houston?

Do we really understand what common currency means or even better do we understand what union means? Is this the end of the European Union, is Euro becoming European nemesis or we are heading to a new Europe which has nothing to do with the fundamentals that created the dream of a European union?

The conversations from the Euro-group about the Cypriot issue that became public the last hours and the public announcements of officials all around Europe show that the Europe we knew is dead. If during the Greek, Portuguese and Irish crisis the European partners could be harsh and often insulting nowadays and during the Cyprus crisis the so called partners have cross all the possible lines. Cyprus is not the pariah of Europe for her own partners; Cyprus is described like a criminal cancer that must be killed.

The Finnish finance minister talks about a Russian money laundry but isn’t Finland that prays all the time to put a finger into the Russian oligarchy’s money? Nordea bank and Oki Bank get orgasms every time there is a chance a Russian will open a bank account in Helsinki or Kuopio and they are ready to offer them holidays in Rovaniemi and Santa’s sleigh.  And please don’t let me start with Luxembourg. When Luxembourg starts talking about money laundry the Caiman islands should hide. But Cyprus is the problem. Why?

Tax the people’s deposits. Amazing decision. Shocking decision. For twenty years they have persuade all of us that the only way to control money laundry and tax avoidance is to turn everything into the banks. Nowadays you can buy nearly nothing with cash in Europe. You need to have some kind of card to buy anything more than 50 Euros. And if you insist you have to present an identification and they keep the number. So all of us minors some change we only carry a variety of bank cards. Credit cards, debit cards, cards, cards, cards. Ten years ago I would have never thought to use my card to buy something that costs less than 5 Euros. I would have actually felt embarrassed I didn’t have the money.

Nowadays everything goes through the banks. But that means trust to the banks. Trust a private institution to handle your life. And this private institution is well paid to do that job. Interests nowadays even though the use of banks has multiplied thousands of times the last thirty years, are very limited often reaching zero. Still the banks are the only ones who have cash to invest and profit from. And they do. But the best part is that when they fail due to wrong decisions are again the consumers the ones who suppose feed/invest in the banks to help them stand up again. But nowadays the game has turned totally different. The banks rule. They rule governments and decisions and in Europe obviously politics.

Parenthetically I’m writing soon an article about Cyprus under the Ovi concept “who rules” and while thinking and writing this article I often thought if I should wait to make a more detailed article but then again the whole thing about Cyprus is still unveiling hour and by hour and we all wait to see what’s coming next.

Coming back to the banks another thing I actually verified the last two days from a friend of mine. While the situation worsen minute by minute in Cyprus with the banks endangering a bankrupt if the government doesn’t follow the European partners orders to tax deposits and even though the change from taxing all deposits to now taxing only the ones higher than 100,000 Euros my friend who was lucky to have a successful business had a call from a series of German banks based in Germany, Luxembourg and here comes the surprise, Latvia; suggesting to him to move his money to them where there is no danger, no tax and fantastic service! What comment should I do here? How did they know about his account? How did they know about the amount of money or how dare they reach for him?

As I said the whole thing is still on the move in Cyprus and all the media agencies are focusing there this moment but are it about a bankrupt country or a bankrupted country that spoiled other interests? And if in this crisis the question who rules answers by the banks the question who rules the banks where does it lay?

In the meantime I’m afraid the Cypriots are going to follow the way their partners have plan for them with unbelievable unemployment and suffering. Only the weekly number of suicides fro desperation due to the financial situation is enough to answer some questions.

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Murray Hunter2013-03-22 10:31:58
Cyprus is close to my mind as someone is talking to me about going there and doinfg a study on entrepreenurship and community organization. I want to advocate going back to community savings coops as an alternative to the banks. The coops would be of the people, for the people, and run by the people. In addition return to self sustainability, go back to growing your own (not just dope that is), and returning to gold (use the dinar as an example) as the traditional form of exchange. Let the Euro be for international trade. There seem to be so many parallels with Singapore Im studying now. Who rules the world is such an important issue to consider now.

Emanuel Paparella2013-03-22 11:34:53
To follow Aristotle counsel to trace back a phenomenon to its first cause, in tandem with the “Ovi principle” of “who rules” we may thus hazard to answer the question posed above “who rules the banks”: within a system where power is the ultimate value the answer is rather simple: those who have the power. To say it with Machiavelli, power is the ultimate value and one does what one must to keep it; any means are justified by that “noble” end. Closer at home, to say it with Henry Kissinger, power is the ultimate aphrodisiac. In such a system power determines everything and people are just peons in a chess game to be disposed and sacrificed for the more powerful piece. The tragedy is that the EU founding fathers did not envision such a Machiavellian system; to the contrary it was the Machiavellian poison that they wished to eliminate from the body politics of the continent; which is to say, they had other values which are hardly understood and discussed nowadays; they may be found medieval and passé. Those founding fathers had a vision of a Europe beyond the euro to which some lip service may be paid on ceremonial occasion but precious little practice is to be discerned in the dealings of the 27 nations that comprise the EU. One wonders if such a vision was ever understood from the beginning, never mind implemented. As the proverbial dictum goes: things may have to get worse before they get better. This may sound as a counsel of despair, even Machiavellian, but as Dante has well taught us, sometimes the way up is the way down…

Thanos2013-03-22 12:35:56
Murray, that's what has also killed Greece and Spain, agriculture is dead.

Emanuel is sad to say it but I'm afraid what's going on in Cyprus this moment has nothing to do with solidarity between nations with common roots and dreams. It has not even to do with who rules but with who dominates. It's like returning to colonization with Germany building a grotesque creation that serves contemporary agendas ignoring the element people. Sad because Europe was suppose to be all about people!

Murray Hunter2013-03-22 14:38:06
I truly believe that the tax on savings in banks was a test to see how far the "power elite" can go. It looks like two classes of people are being created, the elite and the slaves. Unfortunately too many "dogooder" politicans in Brusseuls are blind to whats really going on in the EU. In the risk of being controversial with this next comment, Hitler tried to eliminate all Jews from the face of Europe, but the EU's legacy has been to destroy all divergent European culture that doesnt conform to their norms of this pan-EUness they have created. "Concentration camps" with lost sovereignity are starting to appear all over the EUscape. People traded in their culture and citizenship to become a bot in this brave new world of complacency. The Euro is designed to create debt by eliminating sovereign countries ability to run their own monetary policy. Sieg hail to the Germans your new colonial masters.

Leah Sellers2013-03-23 05:47:19
This has been a long time "in the Planning". What's happening is not accidental.
My heart grieves for you and your People, as it does for mine.
The Republicans are working overtime to inject these very same toxins more quickly into the individual States (one by one),at various levels, as we speak.
However, knowing your Enemy is half of the battle. The Peoples of the World are Aware and On Alert. We can still turn this corruptible and well planned movement of The Few around, and choose other Paths toward a more Egalitarian and fulfilling Future for the Many. The Few only have the Power we relinquish to them. We have other Choices to Make. All is not Lost, but rather longing to be Found (Discovered), Explored, Experimented with, and Built upon. Peacably Built upon.

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