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Black Smoke Black Smoke
by Eleana Winter-Irving
2013-03-16 11:01:03
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If the god of the Christian Bible was a loving god, why does he allow so much suffering and is he a misogynist?  Does he hate the women he supposedly created? Why has he allowed women, the fairer sex to be supressed since the beginning of time, except for the very few matriarchal cultures? Why does the Christian god allow rape and exploitation, even by religious zealots?  If I had a father like the Christian god, I wouldn’t like him, let alone love him. Why do Christians love such a god? You cannot love what or who you do not know. If you say you love someone you do not know, it must be a superficial love such as when a person says they love ice cream or a painting. That is not love at all. Love is being used loosely here. Do not use ‘love’ loosely.

Why do good people go to jail when they are innocent? Why is there so much injustice in this world that the Christian god supposedly created? Why would a Christian god and particularly a Catholic god allow a priest/bishop/cardinal to rape an innocent child? What sort of a god designs ‘life’ to allow such a thing? How can Christians explain genocide when they think about their god? Does your god hate those that have been exterminated? And what about Jews? Does the Christian god hate Jews too? And what do Jews think about Jesus? Do they believe he existed or that he did a great job while he was alive?

Why does this god allow dictators, torture and destruction of his favourite planet? Why are we given the opportunity to pollute, degrade and ruin this beautiful planet and Mother Earth, Gaia? Do Christian and particularly Catholics ever ask themselves questions regarding their god that they love so, why ‘he’ has chosen to let so much bad stuff occur?  To elect another Pope is saying that the Catholic Church is the highest authority in spirituality, which is a total nonsense. The highest authority in spirituality is beyond reproach, beyond any wrong doing of any kind.

Why did your god choose me to be healthy, happy, strong and independent? I grew up going to a Protestant church until I was 12. I went to a school with evil sisters in England.  I ‘believed’ everything I was told. But at 12 I was molested by an adult. I often wondered why the congregation wasn’t allowed to stand up and ask questions. I hated the way the vicar stood in a pulpit and talked down to his congregation. When I asked my parents question about religion, they would tell me that there are 3 subjects one must never talk about…..religion, politics and death. Yeah, I really learned a lot from them. I talk about all three all the time.

I am astounded by all the hype around the black smoke white smoke saga. I only wish there was as much hype around the child rapes, the buggery of altar boys and the sheer lack of spiritual knowledge in ‘The Church’. So when I heard on the radio this morning that BLACK smoke had emerged from the Vatican chimney, I rejoiced. Black = evil. That is what the Catholic Church is, evil, corrupt and useless. IMHO.

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One of the ignored abused2013-03-16 11:39:57
The Catholic Church Eleana does not dicriminate. Both male and female adolescents are raped by members of the clergy.There are also a lot of psychologically 'wrecked' males around because of their experience with the church. You dont know how dirty we feel for years after these events.

Emanuel Paparella2013-03-16 12:48:50
Ah, the problem of evil! No surprises here. Why did God, who allegedly is all good and powerful, not create a perfect world wherein innocent children have perfect teeth and would not have to suffer? Why did He not create us as perfect robots incapable of doing evil, incapable of suffering, living in a perfect world or in a perfect garden with no snake in it, perhaps playing our harps on a cloud for eternity as today's cartoon suggests?

Could it be, could it just be, that without the freedom to choose good and avoid evil we would never be able to experience what love really is, no matter how glibly or deeply one ends up defining it? Just a thought! However, should the thought be found a bit superficial as rebutting a superficial treatment of the problem of evil, I suggest that the interested and sincere reader pick up a copy of The Brothers Karamozov by Dostoyevsky and there she/he will find an in depth argument on the problem of evil, devoid of ad hominem and biased attacks against the Catholic Church, a must and a knee jerk reaction by now among Western intelligentsia every time there is a Papal conclave. That too is no great surprise.

Emanuel Paparella2013-03-16 16:01:52
P.S. And then there is this strikingly summative statement on evil vis a vis freedom from G.K. Chesterton’s book Orthodoxy: “According to most philosophers, God in making the world enslaved it. According to Christianity, in making it, He set it free. God had written, not so much a poem, but rather a play; a play he had planned as perfect, but which had necessarily been left to human actors and stage-managers, who had since made a great mess of it.”

I suggest that all those prone to blanket slanderous accusations of the Catholic Church condemning the whole for the crimes of a few, who come out of the woods every time there a conclave, ought to first ponder carefully Chesterton's book to inoculate themselves from their vitriolic bias showing through and through.

Leah Sellers2013-03-17 00:29:23
All good and valid points, Ms. Eleana. We Human Beings have a lot of difficult Work ahead of Us. It's important that We keep our Sleeves Rolled Up and our Eyes, Hopes and Efforts upon the Horizon of New Dawnings and Brighter Realities.

Dear One of the Ignored Abused, My Prayers and most Positive Energies are with you and the Many (like you) Who Have Suffered and Born this great Evil against your Body, Heart, Mind and Soul.

Eleana2013-03-17 12:17:11

Emanuel, I don’t know why you read my articles, they annoy you so. I also don’t know why you bother to comment on them. You say the same or similar things every time, harping back to some writer/philosopher from the dim dark past. As I have said before, I am mostly interested in the present and the future. How someone, anyone thought in the past is of no concern to me.

When you eagerly come to the defence of the Catholic Church, it appears to others that you condone all Catholic practices. One of the ignored abused obviously does not feel the same. And I bet if you had been so abused, you would not stand up for this worthless religion.

I am not condemning all priests, I fully realise that there are good men among priests, as far as they would do no harm, (if that can be considered good). What I do say is this: A person can be a good person, (that which is socially accepted as good in the western world) care for the poor and tend to the sick without being a priest, bishop or Cardinal/Pope. Why all the pomp and ceremony? They look like fools to me, fat, unfit and ugly. This IS how I see the Cardinals at the Papal Conclave. It astounds me that a bunch of elderly, fat ugly men donning ridiculous robes to set them in high esteem, as they cannot do it of their own accord. They have to have money, robes, cassocks, mitres and other adornments to entice unweary parishioners. The frankincense, the altar, stained glass windows and huge buildings, all necessary in order to hold their power, keep the flock in toe and revel in their shrewdness. The new Pope can feed the poor, I’m good with that. But do they have to be Catholic? He could work for a NGO, but he prefers to feed the poor with other people’s money. The pope was once a bouncer and he only entered the Catholic Church when his girlfriend rejected his proposal of marriage. Cardinal Pell, whom I hope ends up in hell, said that Francis is a simple man, but a formidable man. The two are incongruent. So the Catholics are being led by a ‘simple’ man. Well this is at least a little refreshing. But does he have the capacity to bring to justice not to just the ‘few’ as Emanuel suggested, but the thousands upon thousands of priests, bishops and cardinals who have violated to such a degree people’s lives that some have seen fit to commit suicide. More than 40 Australians have committed suicide in Australia alone that we know of; could be far more. Some people just can’t cope with the shame it has brought upon their soul and spirit. However, no shame at all should be cast upon a victim. All shame and justice must be cast upon the perpetrators. These men, who think they are superior to women, who lay down the ‘law’ according to THEIR principles. Demand loyalty even in the face of criminal acts and receive loyalty as seen in Emanuel’s comments.

As a Gnostic, I know for a fact that the god of the bible, Jehovah or whoever he is, is NOT the creator of not only this planet, but any other planet, galaxy or universe. It is absurd to believe such nonsense. The very minor god of the Christian bible was clearly a Jew, he is obsessed with Israel and even says that he is the god of Israel. That is what he is god of, and for a time he was stateless. Why would he bother to create a dust mite, when all he can think of is revenge? Yet today, in the modern world, revenge is NOT revered. In fact it can lead to criminal acts. You can’t just go round killing people because you don’t like them, or their beliefs are different from yours. The god of Israel orders his flock to kill other humans. If he had the capacity to create an entire universe, he would have everything the way he wanted, not by ordering people to kill on his behalf. And why the sermon on the mount? Why the Ten Commandments? Why Thou Shalt not Kill? Is it ONLY alright to kill if the god of Israel told you to? Why aren’t Jews Christians? Why does someone from Italy, America, UK or Australia want to worship the god of Israel? What is the connection? Logic please.

If Jesus walked down the street today dressed as he is depicted, to many he would be that filthy pot smoking hippy. It would be comforting to those who have been abused by anyone to feel empathy, rather than loyalty to an institution that is unworthy of its support.

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