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Children of the World Children of the World
by David Sparenberg
2013-03-10 11:31:01
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In Japan
there is a beautiful girl child
more lovely than a dream
who will grow up in the shadow
of the nightmare of Hiroshima.
In Rwanda
is a small boy, fed
on hunger by hands of murder
who smiles with a messiah’s smile.
In Bosnia
where the craters of genocide
still reek of death and
lingering ghosts at night can be heard
accusing the living of atrocities, and cry
runs a kid who runs
with speed of the wind.
In a barrio in Mexico City
where poverty and street crime
are as thick as pollution
is born the son of a humble Maria                       
who shines with brilliance
of a new day sun.
In Germany
lives a Dresden-girl; in Poland
an Auschwitz-boy.  In
Israel is an elder
whose childhood was a soulless horror; whose
memories are
the chimneys of hell.
And I am here
a prophet without prophecy; father
of a wounded, unanswered prayer.
From whence
can answer come? 
Earth waits for Heaven and
waits for us….



David Sparenberg's new book, "THE GREEN TROUBADOUR SOURCE BOOK" Eco-Shamanic Writing for Actor Training & Public Performance is online and you can download for FREE HERE!



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Leah Sellers2013-03-10 23:03:11
Starkly Beautiful, Mr. David.
Life is but a Continuum of paradox. As are Heaven and Earth. They all thrive upon it.

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