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World Book Day World Book Day
by The Ovi Team
2023-04-23 07:14:19
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book01_400April 23rd; World Book Day now that's my idea of the perfect awareness day! I love to read and that love is shared by people all over the planet. The main idea is to encourage children to start enjoying reading at an early age, so that they carry on this enjoyment into adulthood!

What's so great about reading anyway? For a start, reading and writing are at the heart of learning and communication - essential for raising smart kids! There can be a more serious side because we read newspapers to find out about important world affairs.
But we can also escape, find excitement, love, and adventure in fiction. A good book can take us to a different place altogether, and is basically just a lot of fun!

So, National Book Tokens is sponsoring the day and encouraging schools everywhere to take part! A schools' pack will be mailed out from mid January onwards with your £1 book tokens. Bookshops all over the UK will happily accept them!

The pack will also contain ideas about fun events and activites you can arrange for your pupils on the day. You could suggest holding a world book day assembly in advance, so everyone is in the know about this great day!

Make a huge transformation to kids lives with your raised funds by donating them to a sponsor charity. Book Aid International sends 500,000 books to libraries in sub-Saharan African and Palestine to make sure everyone has the same access to good quality books.

World Book Day also supports Readathon, the UK's national sponsored reading event, which gets children actively reading. As well as raising money to help seriously ill children, participating schools get free books from Scholastic Book Clubs.


A very good chance to check the shelves of the Ovi Free EBook-shop, HERE!



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Leah Sellers2013-03-08 06:38:58
Amen, Ovi Team, Amen !

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