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Kafka's blog Kafka's blog
by Thanos Kalamidas
2006-10-29 10:16:56
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How odd, while Greece was waiting to commemorate one of the most glorious moments of her modern history, the state arrests the administrator of a free information and RSS aggregation website. The accusation? One of the blogs that use the free services of the certain site made humorous accusations towards a ‘known’ persona.

ovi_0022_400The accusation itself is laughable and unbelievable, but the truth is that the man was arrested like a criminal, spent a night at the police station and was led to the court handcuffed, while the personal material in his computer became the body of evidence. I suppose after that and all the things we often write about Iran’s puppet president – even in today's Ovi magazine – the Greek police will put charges on Google – our Ovi contributor Sofia cleverly points out – arrest the owner of the company and led him to be stoned in Teheran.

I find it hard not to joke about it, but the truth is that Antonis Tsipropoulos, the administrator of Blogme.gr, is facing the Greek version of Kafka’s reality. The man saw his reputation in pieces in a matter of hours, his personal customers became worried and suspicious, plus, most of all, he had to deal with a family that didn’t understand what’s going on inside the internet business - a foggy terrace for any outsider. Worst of all, the man is trying to prove that he’s not an elephant.

As I said in the beginning, today is a very glorious day for the Greeks, the whole nation said 'NO' (OXI in Greek) to fascism and the almighty axis army from the fascist Italy and Nazi Germany that was ready to invade. What’s a better way to commemorate the event by imprisoning Antonis Tsipropoulos and shutting down a site that is the essence of trafficking information and freedom of speech? How ironic that between October 30th November 2nd Athens hosts the Internet Governance Forum – IGF!

Sofia, in another of today's Ovi articles , gives more details and for the Greek-speakers you can find even more information within the Greek blogosphere, since today all the Greek blogs will have the same subject as their main post. According to the European laws protecting the internet, Article 11, the sites that provide information and traffic information have no legal responsibility for this information; Greece is neither a new EU member nor a candidate, so it should know the rules.

The person who sued Antonis Tsipropoulos is just stupid, but it’s the obligation of the official state to protect innocent from people like him/her. In this case, the state's failure proved to be equally stupid, if not dangerous, for a democracy. The only thing they managed to achieve is to become a laughing stock internationally.

Regarding Mr. Tsipropoulos, he obviously has all the international support he needs let’s just hope the damage in his personal life and family will be limited.

Thanos Kalamidas


The picture is made by magicasland

Antonis Tsipropoulos post in his blog you can find it here , in Greek


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