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Why support EU, Silvio? Why support EU, Silvio?
by Thanos Kalamidas
2013-03-01 11:12:18
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And now what? It seems that we are going to see in Italy the same play we saw a few months ago in Greece. A re-election or a huge compromise in the name of European unity. And in the middle of all that we also got an amateur clown and a professional clown playing serious politics. On top of that and shockingly I found myself defending Berlusconi, the amateur clown!

The results were unexpected only to the EU leadership and not to anybody else who was watching Italian politics unveiling fast the last two months. Actually a latest survey in Greece and Italy projects the best way how the people feel. They do still support the idea of a united Europe, they just don’t know why. And this is really serious.

But let’s start from the beginning. Berlusconi won in Italy. A person who failed as a prime minister and succeeded only as a clown in the Italian and European political theatre, a man who damages democracy with his behaviour and abuse of the prime ministry’s position, the man who escapes imprisonment only based on technicalities that he legitimized while PM is back in the front line of Italian politics and that’s a huge personal victory and taking the second place is not just a victory but a triumph.

And all that while another clown, a clown by trade this time appeared into the Italian scene, Beppe Grillo a professional comedian, stand-up comedian and actor without program just taking the piss off everything, stormed into Italian politics and he got the third place in the race. Just after Berlusconi. 29.1% for Berlusconi and 25.5% for Beppe Grillo easily make a government in Italy and they control all the institutions that constitute the Italian democracy.

The same time the reaction from the European institutions and the leadership it was at least embarrassing. Just like they did a few months ago they tried to manipulate the Italian people using threats and intimidation in favour of Mario Monti and it doesn’t matter how good Monti might be what they managed to do was to burry him in a poor 10.5% and the fourth place without any power. And wasn’t it Merkel, Barroso and Rehn who were laughing and joking with Berlusconi a few months ago? What changed? Berlusconi’s sceptism over the solutions EU had practice in Greece and in general with the Euro-crisis. Actually now we all know that EU with a lot of help from the IMF has failed in Greece badly and as a result Greece has dived into a deepen recession that might last a decade crippling any hope for soon recovery.

Berlusconi is a clown, he has no program and every single thing he does one way or another profits him personally but Berlusconi during his campaign asked something everybody asks this minute in Europe. Why continue an economic policy that has already failed one Eurozone member with catastrophic results? This minute Greece is facing a humanitarian catastrophe with unemployment far over 30% - 63% among youth – uncontrollable number of homeless lacking basics to survive and no medication and all that in the name of the European Unity and the Eurozone sponsored from the EU presidency and IMF. And the European people, especially the neighbour Italian people know all about it.

And Berlusconi went one step further. He didn’t blame for the failure an invisible and untouchable institution but he actually put a name. Angela Merkel. And he did so questioning her agenda. Why the German chancellor and her court follow a policy that sentences nations – ally nations – to a catastrophe? What and who does she serves?

You see that’s what the Italian people voted. The why we still support the idea of a united Europe while partners has shown agendas that don’t serve unity and behaviours far from solidarity. Angela Merkel and her court dominates this minute the decision taking in Europe and therefore the – near at least - future of the Union leaving past dream for solidarity, equality and partnership deep in the closet and here don’t forget the American interest. With Barack Obama just like with Bill Clinton before the American interest in Europe are behaving civilized but the IMF is definitely the Trojan horses with a suspires Pandora’s box inside.

So at them moment we all watch the Italians waiting where the reaction will hit next and when the explosions will start not knowing why or better demanding the Europe they dreamed and not the Europe they are dictate to accept.

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Emanuel Paparella2013-03-01 19:06:53
Definitely a Fellinesque scenario. Indeed it is a movie we have seen before. Fellini must be directing it from the other side. I can just see him yelling in the megaphone: BRING IN THE CLOWNS, as indeed he would do for most of his movies. And the clowns, as aptly described above by Thanos are now entering the two ring circus that is Rome at the moment, the other ring being the “politically correct” and quite predictable attacks on a resigning Pope and the predictions of the imminent demise of the Catholic Church. That too is a scene we have seen before. If it is not laughable I don’t know what is. Let’s laugh it off! That’s what circuses are for….

David Sparenberg2013-03-02 03:00:42
People and nations do not easily get over the legacies of their own history. To do so requires effort and process beyond progress and economic recovery. Sometimes displacement and a certain collective slight of hand sets in. The United States replaces its founding history of genocide and slavery with continuing wars against people of color and the technological disadvantage. Likely in the same way Western Europe has not gotten over the wars of nationalism and the war both for and against Fascism. And in the Eastern nations the heritage of race hatred and Soviet oppression plays out on the stage of politics. In the midst of leadership that may be operating from ideologies of the past, the people of EU must seek a deeper liberation and strive toward more truly democratized empowerment and governance. For those who believe in the Eu but do not know why they believe, like any else who hold to dogmas of disenfranchisement, I suggest they apply the lessons of Socrates and work toward becoming in themselves the cause for believing.

David Sparenberg2013-03-02 03:18:55
I know of course that my former remarks are only words and realities are most often more compelling than words. Still, the world we share being what it is, we are all, in all places, challenged to be both creative and courageous. And the memory comes to mind of the student rebellion on Paris when Danny the Red was asked by the media if he was a Marxist. He answered, Yes. Of the Groucho variety. I many have misspelled the name. But the intention is people can have their own humor to counter the clowns of politics and spontaneous (as well as organized) celebrations of denouncement and demand erode the power of political institutions and armies.

Leah Sellers2013-03-02 05:57:52
Amateur Clowns can at times be far less dangerous than Professional Clowns, because they are Clowns-in-Training. Thusly, even Thief-Clowns can ask poignant Questions, especially of the Obvious. Remember, Clowns are Tridksters.

Merkel is primarily interested in protecting Germany, and will use whatever EU Nations are handy to keep Germany safely above water, while watching the less fortunate Nations barely tread the Drowning, Stormiy Seas of the Economies.

All the while, with America Singing the Sequester Blues, and whatever other Future macabre Tunes the Republican/Tea Party-Party can conjure up while trying to throw mud into the face of a Democratic President they are determined to destroy (and the Nation right along with him). Thusly, the EU may be counting upon a weakened American interest. And that, for Better or for Worse, could Change the Global Economic Shake-'n-Bake Mixture considerably.

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