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Lift Spirits 304 Lift Spirits 304
by Thanos Kalamidas
2013-02-16 11:27:40
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Emanuel Paparella2013-02-16 13:58:29
Sounds more like a global nightmare!

Leah Sellers2013-02-16 23:42:37
In America we're falsely taught by Our Great financial institutions that Debt is the Opportunity.
When I was very young and seeking to "beef-up" my so called "credit value" as a Consumer in order to pruchase a car; I was immediately asked if I had a credit card or any debt to show my Value as a Purchasing Human Being.
When I said, "No Sir, I pay cash for everything." He shook his head in disbelief, and told me that I must rectify economic malady. That only when I was indebted to some one or some thing could I be considered a good candidate for a loan for a car.
When I told him, and politely so, that what he was saying made no common sense at all, and in my view was faulty and illogical thinking; he proceeded to haughtily explain to me that I was mistaken and that that was the way that things were done.
So much for Logic in today's Economies.
P.S. I did not get the loan from that Bank Officer, but I followed his nonsensical advice and got myself a credit card. After charging some things on it, I then went to another bank and was able to get my first loan for a car.
Go figure !

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