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Life after death Life after death
by Asa Butcher
2006-10-27 09:51:54
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"Why the hell does the world need a dedicated day for people to donate their pipe organs, electronic organs or any other keyboard instruments? Is there a global shortage of the piano's frumpy cousin that I don't know about? How can I get involved?" Yes, these idiotic thoughts circulated around my head upon my discovery it is World Organ Donation Day.

http://www.incucai.gov.ar/diamundial/english/home/Once common sense had established itself, I began to seriously consider the topic of organ donation, or, more precisely, the donation of my own internal organs. Why didn't I have a Donor Card in my wallet? What was stopping me from performing a simple act of charity that I wouldn't be around to see? I guess that was my issue: I wouldn't be around to see it.

Now don't think that this is some ego-trip in which I donate to charity to feel good about myself giving the old conscience a sugar cube, it was a case of facing my own mortality and acknowledging that someday I will die. Wow, even writing that makes me shudder, yet this outcome awaits us all…maybe tomorrow for you.

Organ donation opens a door that forces us to contemplate our own death, perhaps in the same way as writing a will or planning your own funeral, but that is something that many of us leave for later life when we actually have possessions worth bequeathing or can afford to have the coffin lined with crushed velvet.

The first time I saw a Donor Card was back in England and it freaked me out to see a number of tick boxes on the back that allowed me choose which parts doctors could salvage. I can't remember seeing a 'free-for-all' box allowing surgeons to ransack my corpse like a buffet for bloodthirsty cannibals, although it was probably worded a little more delicately than that.

The idea of donating my organs to a fellow human being is making me feel quite noble about myself and my ego is a bit disappointed that it won't around to make the rest of me feel quite smug. However, as an agnostic individual, it does provide me with resounding solution to the after-life. Aside from immortality, what could be better than the chance to live another life through somebody else or even many others if your organs are dealt out like a pack of cards?

It may feel strange for family members and friends, but I hope this would be replaced by pride in the understanding I chose to help a sick person with my healthy organs. I don't like to boast, but I think my organs are currently in a decent condition - I only passive smoke Thanos' cigarettes, I enjoy a couple of beers once a week, the eyes are a bit blurry, but you certainly know that my heart is working well.

When one of my friends was a child, his older brother convinced him that the only reason he was born was to be used as spare parts for him, which is a gruesome thought yet not far from the truth. If a friend or family member ever needed an organ, bone marrow or any other help, I would sit down and think long and hard about who I know that could help them. I'm joking; if they do need a liver then I guess it is no problem living with one…

Oh yeah, I signed by new Donor Card yesterday and it is in my wallet.

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Sand2006-10-26 10:39:14
I have a bit of time as I am but I eventually will be looking for a young healthy body to which I could donate my brain.

Asa2006-10-26 11:35:04
Does anybody know if it is possible to donate a previosuly donated organ? For example, if somebody received a liver from a donor, could they then donate that liver when they die?

eva2006-10-28 03:04:25
Wouldn't the new "owner" of a donated organ automatically become the next potential donor of that organ? Who else could the organ "belong" to?
I have no idea, but that's just my rational thinking in the matter..? Perhaps there is a law that organs can only be donated once?
But.. imagine having a liver that was in 2 people before you?
Asa what would you think about that?

Asa2006-10-28 11:06:00
I guess if I was desperate for a liver then I wouldn't really care if it had been found behind the dustbins behind the hospital.

How long until you can bid on organs via eBay?

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