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Who Could Not Love You? Who Could Not Love You?
by Leah Sellers
2013-01-22 09:15:42
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Dear President Barak Hussein Obama,
Who Could Not Love You ?
The Idea of You…..
The Healing Power of what You Can, Do and Will Represent ?
The Hopes and Dreams You Can, Do and Will Aspire Toward -
The Faith filled Words We the People
Can, Do and Will continue to Aspire and Act Toward -
Freedom, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
Justice for All
Tolerance and Dignity for All
Opportunities for All

And the Responsibilities and Mutabilities inherent
Within Each and Every Word
Each and Every Universal Idea ?
For a Nation’s Growth
Much like an Individual’s Growth
Is a Constant and Ever Changing
Struggle and Process
Who Could Not Love You ?
The Idea of You…..
The Healing Power of what You Embody ?
A Man of Flesh and Bone
And Will of Stone
Born from Atomic Mother Earth
And but One of a Multitude of Questing Molecules
Mapping its Time and Space within
The swirling Cosmic Galactic Skies
Another Living Branch
Springing forth from the Singing Tree of Life
A Man
An Obsidian Man
An Alabaster Man
A Man with Roots in an enigmatic and tumultuous Dark Continent
A Man with Roots in an restless and far reaching European Continent
Those Roots Intertwined and Burgeoning Forth
From an Oceanic and Volcanic Hawaiian-American Island
And an Overshadowing, Multi-faceted North American Continent
Roots Nurtured and Sustained within
The Fertile Soil of Evolutionary Ideas -
Of Freedom for All
Of Liberty for All
Of the Pursuit of Happiness for All
Of Tolerance and Dignity for All
Of Justice for All
Of Opportunities for All
A Man
A Man of the Times
Of this very Particular and Evolutionary Space in Time
A Man whose Life’s Poetry, Prose, Law and Voice
Strive to Reverberate what is Best
What is Brightest and most Noble
Within the Heart, Mind and Soul of America
Of Americans
Of the World
Of One Man
Of One Woman
Of One Nation
Of One World
Moving and Thriving
Under the Great GreenLeaf Canopy
Of Humanity’s Highest Individual and Collective Ideals,
Aspirations and Actions
Acknowledging and Forgiving
The Human Frailties, Flaws and Weariness of Spirit
That can diminish and EnSlave All of Us
From One Moment in Time to Another
Who Could not Love You ?
Who Could not Love the Idea and Inspirational Ideal of You ?
Who Could not Love the Healing Power
Of what You
Of what We the People
Can, Do and Will Represent, Live Forward and Embody ?

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Emanuel Paparella2013-01-22 13:49:56
Great Tribute to a great president Leah. He will certainly go down in history as a visionary president who brought us (the people) back to our true identity, regardles of the collective perceptual cognitive map by which some misguidedly perceive him presently... more often than not a biased one. The beauty of history is that it is interpretative in the future in the light of events which are yet to happen. At the same time it is the task of gread statesmen such as Barack Obama to shape history in some way.

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