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by Jan Sand
2006-11-07 09:53:00
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Ambiguity can be puzzling, dangerous or funny. The actor Keenan Wynn's father was Ed Wynn, a comic with his own radio show. He came out of burlesque, which was where he had a routine in which he came out on stage dragging a length of rope. He'd stare at it for a moment and with a puzzled look would announce to the audience that either he had found a piece of rope or lost a horse.

Watch this YouTube video and you'll see a robotic chair destroy and reassemble itself. Is it a chair? Do people sit on it? What is a chair? Is anything you can sit on a chair? I have heard people questioned about whether they made a decision remark that they were sitting on it.

The visual spectrum is a small length of the total electromagnetic spectrum. Red is a very small section. Blue is a bit higher in frequency. Ultra violet is higher than people can see, but quite apparent by any honeybee. Gamma rays are higher still and no animal can see them but they wreak hell on our DNA. Infra red is a bit lower on the frequency scale and invisible to our eyes but hold your hands before a fire and you can feel them. Radar is also invisible but it boils water nicely in your microwave. Your local AM radio station has a steady frequency. What colour is it?

Gases are elusive. Unless confined they flow and diffuse freely. Liquids are more restricted and although they flow and spread in a gravity field they are more confined than gases. Solids just sit there and cohere. Grain or granulated sugar or other finely divided material flows much in the way of water. Is it a liquid or a solid?

A human being is sentient and motile and dynamic. Some are not too bright but undeniably brighter, on average, than a housefly. But if a horde of houseflies were given control of the planet would they do much worse than humanity in preserving the life resources of the planet?

Some people consider human life (or any life, for that matter) to be recognized as alive at birth. Some people consider a foetus alive only if it can sustain itself outside the womb and this point has moved earlier in pregnancy as medical science has advanced. Some people consider life to have started once a sperm has joined with an egg. They feel that destruction of that single cell to be a form of murder. The Catholic Church seems to feel that copulation in a way to frustrate the join of an egg and a sperm is a form of murder. If a wife complains of a headache to deny her husband sexual acrobatics is that a form of murder? If a guy decides not to pursue a girl and thereby not become a father, is that a form of murder? Are potent homosexuals serial murderers? If you plug an electrical fixture into the water faucet rather than an electrical outlet is it still an electrical fixture?

There is a creature called a slime mold that lives as an individual amoeba type cell that can be as large as two square meters but averages as much smaller. The move about as individually until food gets scarce. They have no nervous system but can negotiate a maze by seeking out the shortest path. At some point, when food is scarce, they signal to each other and form fruiting bodies with a stalk and reproduce as a communal procedure. These things are not fungus, nor plants nor animals. What are they?

A nation is a social organization of humans with a set of regulations defining the roles of the citizens and their leaders assumedly for the benefit of both and the survival of the nation and the preservation and development its resources. There are several varieties of nation and each nation has traditions and formal documents which lay out the structures of the governmental dynamics, its extents and limits.

When a government comes into a being that attacks and destroys a good deal of the traditional working agreements within a government, when it attacks the financial base of the economy, when it destroys most of the good relationships of the nation to the rest of the world, when it methodically opens the way for commerce to ravage the natural resources of the country, when it neglects both the health and educational capabilities of the country, when it denies the confirmed findings of the scientific communities in favor of mythical nonsense, when it divides the nation into those that agree with its destructive policies and those who are determined enemies of the country, when it demonstrates its incapability to properly respond to internal and external emergencies when its every decision destroys what is socially valuable to the nation, is that really a government or is it some sort of social malignancy that must be quickly excised before the country completely collapses?

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Asa2006-11-06 12:53:02
How do you go from a piece of rope to governement via slime mold?

It boggles the mind...

Sand2006-11-06 18:17:21
Although the rope is a stretch, the distance between the current US government and slime is an easy match

Thanos2006-11-06 22:05:41
Good comment Jan

Asa2006-11-06 22:17:20
I didn't see that one coming! I guess the best ones are always under your nose.

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