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Each must Earth Walk Each must Earth Walk
by David Sparenberg
2013-01-01 10:24:33
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This is what I have to say: practice quiet.  Stop chasing your tail and substituting dizziness for natural ecstasy.  Also: discipline yourself to move slower and sometimes to be still.  Look, listen, feel—then think about what you are gathering.

Practice silence, but as part of being alert.  Be subtle and be sensitive.  Then when you know it is time to give your soul expression, be as definite as rolling thunder.  Do not fear the storm of compassion denouncement.  Such is in quest of justice.  Do not be ashamed of compassionate affirmation.  From your acts of beauty and your embrace of what is good the spontaneities of peace grow abundant.  Therein is your beatitude.

Be in pursuit of freedom, but do not be possessed by things.

Live in the dynamics of truth-force and the connectivity of dialogue.

It is late, but not too late.  If in integrity you respect life and honor creation, it yet may be that life and creation will respect and honor you.

Become a mirror and when you search within, there in the depths of buried treasure, behold the angel your heart longs for and your soul is nurturing and shaping into light.

Time is rough and time is heavy.  Now, as the angel of death continues devouring the world, turn outward and set free the angel of liberation, fierce love and salvation.  Together these angels of personhood are myriad and they are filled with power.

Each must earth walk in this gentle way—and soon—healing, and to stop the epidemic of nothingness.

David Sparenberg

28 December 2012


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Emanuel Paparella2013-01-01 15:46:25
Thank you my good friend for these reflections that feel like a poem and a prayer, like the quietness of a serene lake among the mountains, although many nowadays, moved by compassion and zeal for justice, opt to begin with the more romantic agitation of the sea ending up as mindless activists.

Those activists too are our friends but they’d be wiser by far to heed Pascal when he points out that the problem with most of us is the inability to sit still with just ourselves for more than ten minutes; to heed Francis of Assisi who walked the earth in peace and humility praizing it; to heed Aristotle when he points out that practical action without theory or reflection is mindless and that theory comes first to be then harmonized to the courage of practical action; to heed Jefferson that economic well-being without freedom is spurious; to heed Teilhard de Chardin when he counsels us not to save the earth but to build the earth remembering that we are not its creator and neither have we created ourselves and most importantly we cannot save ourselves, never mind the whale or the tiger...or the whole earth...; to heed Socrates and Kant when they advise to look at the starry night above but more importantly look at the moral law within.

Indeed we are in good company with those “better angels of our nature” and only a poet and an artist can portray them in splendor and glory; but the artist and the poet needs to be mindful with Spinoza that he is not a god, that angels too are creatures and to delude oneself of being a god is to become a devil and less than a man.

Thank you my friend for your deep concern expressed in the pages of this magazine in poetical sublimity and reverential reflections on nature, reminding us all, as we begin a fresh new year, of first things beyond noisy political agitations and distractions and pointing to our ultimate destiny and what transcends nature.


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