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Hillary's return to the White House Hillary's return to the White House
by Thanos Kalamidas
2006-11-04 09:41:10
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The November 7th re-elections in USA look like a magic hat full of surprises, you just don’t know what is going to come out and there is one magic trick you just don’t know how big it will be one it appears from the hat. The surprise element is none other than Hillary Clinton.

The Democrats had a late start watching the Republicans attacking the public with scary adverts where bin Laden has been hired to play the role of the boogie man. Actually, the Republicans try to make more and more people see the face of the notorious terrorist and remember who was there as President to save them.

Democrats want to win 20 seats and that will give them a safe majority to take back the lower house of Congress; according to more conservative Democrats, 15 seats is more likely, but that number still gives them a good majority, not to say safe since things will change after two years.

In the Senate things are a bit tougher. The Republicans don’t want to lose their majority in any way and their ‘terror’ campaign mainly targets New York and the memories of the New Yorkers. The Democrat candidate has a higher vision: to become the first woman president of the USA. It sounds like a joke, but it seems that it is the destiny of the Bush family to find a Clinton following them into office.

Hillary Clinton definitely has the vote of the Democrats who, after eight years with George Bush, have sorely missed Bill, with the raising of financial problems and the lack of a policy for the poor and the unemployed, furthermore, the increasing number of homeless. There is another part of the American society that seems to embrace Hillary Clinton’s candidacy and dream for a female president in the USA in increasing numbers, the working single mothers who somehow found themselves identifying with Hillary’s personal drama that unfolded over the last few years with Bill’s behavior.

However odd it sounds, the number of working single mothers is strong. Nearly 35 million this year in the USA and the majority of them feel that no politician could understand them, so they belonged to the majority who couldn’t be bothered to vote and it seems that Hillary now mobilizes this dormant army! In the country that just reached 300m this is a strong percent, over 10 percent.

Another group Hillary is trying to reach with some success seems to be the traditionally Republican crowd that has had many complains about the current administration: the Christians. After the latest scandal with Congressman Mark Foley, it seems that Hillary is doing pretty well by avoiding the Iraq rift, since she voted for it herself and is now centralizing her campaign and advertisements on children and the future. It seems that, unlike Bill who followed a totally different approach in his beginning, Hillary goes for God and family values, something traditionally Republican, but it seems that it works with the Democrats lately.

So, as I said in the beginning, the magic hat of these Midterm elections might bring surprises for everybody. The Republicans don’t want to lose face, Congress and their stronghold the Senate - George W. Bush will be personally blamed for the loss if it means losing the majority in both houses and the Democrats desperately need a victory, a real victory after so many disastrous loses. But, most of all, it is important to see how big it will be in the re-election of Hillary Clinton.

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winsum2006-11-03 16:33:16
she's got better creddentials than any man in the field in addition to professional advisor with experience no one else can access. BILL.

Alan2006-11-04 00:35:58
Stop George, that's what I want and Hillary is perfect for the job!

Ergotelina2006-11-05 23:23:53
What about Obama?..

Sand2006-11-06 08:39:25
Bush has buried his country in such a variety of messes that it is doubtful the Democrats can do much to relieve the damage. Since the Democrats are severely divided as to what to do I don't expect too much to change. Hillary is a prime example of befuddlement and Obama has a very doubtful record of moving in the right direction.

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