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Merry guns Merry guns
by Thanos Kalamidas
2012-12-25 08:30:54
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I know it is strange to see me writing in a religious day but do please go beyond the religious part and keep the message. The message is simple and it is love. It is compassion, understanding, carrying. But then again this Sunday on my radio show and despite all the Christmas spirit and talking about kids, presents and of course Santa Claus we ended up talking most of the time about what happened in Connecticut, USA last week. And do you know what our biggest worry was? Who’s next!

This was not something inside the boarders of USA and is definitely not an American problem we can turn our backs. This is an international problem and we saw it in schools three times the last four years in Finland, we saw it in Germany, UK and perhaps in many other places around the world. But why we stop to those incidents? Everyday kids and people, innocent people die shot to death. Other people carrying guns killed them. A few months ago a five years old kid was “accidentally” killed in Finland while playing with daddy’s rifle while the same period another one, eleven years-old this time got “accidentally” killed carrying daddy’s gun and going with his for hunting. And how many others got “accidentally” killed every single day somewhere in this planet.

In the meantime the good old argument has started again in USA – we see similar ones in Europe don’t worry – with the question, who killed? The gun or the person who carried the gun? The amazing thing is that activists and celebrities have joined the conversation asking for more control over gun sales. I thought about it trying to find out where was I wrong. And I checked all the arguments again trying to find where I was wrong. And do you know what I decided? It’s either me who is totally stupid or all these people are the essence of stupidity. It doesn’t matter how much they are going to toughen the laws; the five years old didn’t buy the gun, the eleven years old didn’t have licence to carry a gun and the man in Connecticut didn’t own the damn things. Daddy bought the gun in Finland and mammy bought the guns in USA, LEGALLY. And doesn’t matter how tougher the laws will become there were always be mammies and daddies with the right money, right legal status to buy the damn things and store them next to their winter boots and the wine inside the house.

Do you want to stop that? Really stop it? Forbid guns in the houses. All kinds of guns. And yes in the name of all these kids that have died the last few years and all those that will die the years to come except condemning the society and let a tear drop do something to really save them. Forbid guns from the houses. Do you want to play with guns? Go to the shooting club and play as much you want, shoot, clean it, love it whatever you want but then store it there and come home WITHOUT a gun. The hunters? Exactly the same. In restricted areas in restricted time schedule and the guns in clubs or the police stations. You go there, you sign the damn paper, you get your gun have whatever kind of orgasm you have with the gun but then RETURN it to the place and NOT take it home.

It will cost too much? Well smoking costs why shouldn’t have a gun coast? Actually people carry having guns should pay a lot of tax not only because it is a luxury but also because they have to pay for all the information campaign the state should do saying not that guns damage your health but that guns kill innocent and create murderers.

You know it really hurts what happened in Connecticut, doesn’t matter if there is a whole ocean that separates us, but I cannot avoid when I see the pictures of those children to see my daughter’s face and think that it has also happen here and it might happen again with victims eight and nine years old again. And the same time I’m getting really angry because with this incident we all rebel and talk about guns’ control but when the five years old died “accidentally” with daddy’s gun it was …nothing. Accidentally!

And don’t worry I haven’t finished yet. 30,000 kids die every single day. More than half of them victims of violence which includes guns. And we are talking about toughening the laws? Are you joking or something?

Well now, merry Christmas.

And I don’t feel sorry I wrote that and might spoiled today’s message but years now I’m using every single chance to make people aware for the 30,000 kids that die every single day and yes if you want love, compassion, understanding, prosperity, future then act and the best way to act is to protect our future is to protect our kids. All our kids, they live in USA or in Zimbabwe.

So Merry Christmas everybody! And ACT NOW!

P.S. and by the way when your kid open his or hers Christmas presents and find out that Santa Claus brought them a gun, a riffle or a pistol, remember all those kids in Connecticut!!!

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Emanuel Paparella2012-12-25 13:33:22
Well put Thanos. The problem is indeed global in a world with violence on its mind. No, it isn’t you or me who are totally stupid or totally insane for advocating gun control. It is the people who make the specious “logical” arguments you just enumerated. They are the ones now going around saying that it is only a problem of mental health, no reason to look at the proliferation of guns. They are the ones who should go see a psychiatrist. They are the same people now gathering signatures by the thousands as we speak to have Piers Morgan from CNN deported to England for calling one of those brilliant geniuses from the ARA stupid on his talk show.

The usual stupid mantra has been resurrected again: “it is not guns that kill people, it is people who kill people.” In other words the victims are not the innocent kids who got shut with guns, they are the poor innocent guns which were born innocent without original sin and are just a neutral instrument like a pen or a computer that can be used for good or for evil. The fact is that guns have been given symbolical status in our gun toting societies and have therefore become our idols symbolizing not our freedom but our stupidity and our fears and our slavish addiction to them; 5% of the population that owns 50% of all the guns in the world. That is what is called overkill as we saw at Sandy Hook Elementary, and it is insane. Never mind that the only purpose of an instrument called an assault weapon is to kill and create mayhem, never mind that statistics clearly show that guns in the house do not make kids safer but to the contrary they make them less safe.

What you reminded us of is also worth underlying: as long as the victims are children in the streets of Chicago’s ghettos or other pockets of poverty all around the world (one every two weeks in Chicago alone) to the tune of 15,000 children a year total, nobody cares. It is only when a lily white, prosperous community resembling the garden of Eden gets hit that people come out with their crocodile tears advocating more guns (as the ARA just did a few days ago) to protect our children. Another stupid idea: if there is a fire fight it with more fire, if there is a problem with guns it can be solved with more guns. The fact is that there is a snake in every garden and its name is “gun” and it is not born innocent or neutral and it is a delusion within an illusion to suppose that guns will protect the garden. They are not the solution, they are integral part of the problem in a violent prone world.

This indeed needs to be said on the very day which proclaims and celebrates the birth of the prince of peace and his message of peace and love, beyond the tinsels and the carols and the toys and the candies, and the jolly Santa Claus on a flying sled. There isn’t a better day to say it.


Thanos2012-12-26 01:19:34
Emanuel, in Finland we had three similar incidents the last few years. When the second incident happened the parliament with the police created a joined committee, a parliamentary committee, aiming to find solution and suggest necessary changes. Apparently the members if this committee were paid for every hour they were …committed, keep that you will understand soon. One year and a few months later and two months after the third incident the committee decided that the solution was to increase the age limit to get a permit. They were still thinking about the second incident (remember what I said about per hour?)

Quote from Wikipedia: “The EU gun control directive is likely to outlaw firearm ownership for under 18-year olds. Currently (as of November 2007), a 15- to 18-year old whose guardian consents can acquire a firearm license for sports or hunting purposes. As hunting is a popular hobby with 15- to 18-year olds, Finland had earlier pleaded against new EU restrictions in this regard. However, in November 2007 the Finnish government declared that it is prepared to raise the age limit for acquiring firearms to 18 years. As this change coincided with the Jokela school shooting, where the perpetrator was above age 18, gun control opponents have questioned the timing.”

Sadly this says everything. Do you want to know the worst? The excuse for people so young in age to have the right to get a permit for a gun – we are talking about 15 to 18!!! – is because HUNTING IN FINLAND IS CULTURAL!!!! Why? Because Finns are hunters by history and tradition. The rest of the world weren’t. I can just see my ancestors in ancient Athens getting their meat form the local Parthenon Wal-Mart in offers!!! But hey let’s make a committee!!!

Sorry if I sound angry but I still find it hard to believe that the dearth of a five year-old five months ago while …playing with his dad’s riffle was declared …accident!!! So the problem is far far more serious. But again the same government gives unbelievable money to campaigns against …smoking!!! No committees involved there!

And ...yes Merry Christmas :)

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