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Berserk Alert! Berserk Alert!
by Tony Zuvela
2012-12-24 08:43:52
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berserk_alert_icon_2Tony Zuvela is the latest and very ...illustrated addition to Ovi magazine and as he says for himself “born way back in the crazy, far out, groovy sixties. He currently lives with the four people inside his head, somewhere in Australia.”

Ovi welcomes Tony in a new series called “Berserk alert!” and today you going to see his first four creations but no worries; he’s going to be around often!!!

Soon more from  Berserk Alert!

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Emanuel Paparella2012-12-24 14:14:27
A comment on the cover’s cartoon, if I may. For all we know the big bang could indeed be the result of a big fart. The cartoon brought me back to Jung who arrived at one of his important insights on Man's nature vis a vis religion when he imagined God shitting on a Cathedral. At first he was alarmed at such a visualized defilement of wha is sacred, but then he used it as a scaffold to arrive at an insight on the ontological existence of God and the religious nature of humankind. He would never have arrived at that insight by rational logic or by playng chess. Check it out.

Emanuel Paparella2012-12-24 14:29:08
P.S. Below find an excerpt from a psychologist, Brian Feldman, describing the visualization imagined by Jung of God defecating on the cathedral of Basel.

"At the age of 12 Jung recalls constructing the fantasy of God defecating on Basel cathedral. In this fantasy Jung gives symbolic expression to the destruction of the father's world. Jung experienced his father, a minister filled with self-doubt about his spiritual calling, as unable to provide him with an adequate model for spiritual identification. He felt that his father did not have experiential knowledge of the living presence of God, and therefore he felt that his father's religious faith was based on empty beliefs. Jung needed to experience and know, and not merely to believe. The imaginal experience of God defecating on the cathedral was Jung's way of giving shape to his profound doubts and disappointments about his father's world. This imaginal experience formed a kind of skin within which Jung's identity development could proceed. It gave him a framework in which he could begin to understand himself, and it gave him a belief and faith in the healing aspects of imaginal/archetypal experience that was to aid him after the painful rupture with Freud. Jung's descent into the archetypal realm, his nekyia, a journey into the realm of the unconscious, offered Jung an experience of the containment possible through a profound knowledge of the imaginal realm leading to an experience of the self. The images of the circular mandalas Jung painted during this period can be viewed as containers providing him with a psychic skin that helped to transform the deep anxieties triggered by the rupture with Freud into creative and meaningful experience that provided the prima materia for his later theoretical constructions."

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