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Mystery of the Missing Santa - Part IV Mystery of the Missing Santa - Part IV
by Thanos K & Asa B
2012-12-24 08:43:28
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4. A big mistake

"Santa's been kidnapped!" "Santa's been kidnapped!" The watching elves and dwarves, still dressed in their red-and-green pyjamas, began whispering and soon panic had begun to spread among them. It was at that moment that Mr. Posi, the chief elf, arrived carrying a lantern and a huge ring of different sized keys.

Mr. Posi just stood looking at the mess laid out before him. Where there were piles of toys before, now there was a chaotic mix of broken bits. Where there were bicycles were now bicycles, cars, dolls and teddies. "What happened here?" he finally asked and then caught sight of Matti looking sheepishly at the floor. "Ahh, I see. Matti, would you care to explain what is going on?"

After Matti had told the whole story to Mr. Posi, stopping occasionally to check with Mika that he hadn't missed anything out, a messenger elf was sent out to check on Santa and confirm that he had not been kidnapped. While they were waiting, a few elves checked that Pelippo was okay and a small splinter was taken out of Mika's ear. Everybody was quite quiet and a few elves had begun tidying up the mess.

Eventually, a familiar figure all dressed in red, with a very red face, probably not from joy this time, and a long white beard appeared before the assembled crowd. "Despite rumours to the contrary, I have not been kidnapped!" began Santa. "Now, will somebody please tell me what is going on?" Mr. Posi began to tell the whole story, stopping only when Santa started laughing.

"Matti, I have a number of questions, mainly just how you planned to tie up Pelippo, but I guess I should say thank you for showing such concern for me." Matti blushed, so Santa continued, "Let me reassure you that I am fine. In fact, that is absolutely true because I was away having my Pre-Christmas Eve Flight Health Check and it is usually kept secret."

Matti was shocked, "But, but, you are Santa! You never get unwell. You are invincible! You, you…" Santa laughed his long jolly laugh, "Sadly no, Matti, I have to stay fit and healthy, especially when it comes to the huge job on Christmas Eve. I have to be very fit to get up and down all of those chimneys, carry all those presents and travel so far and so fast!"

Santa smiled at Mika and Matti. "I am sure I don't have to tell you how too many chocolate biscuits can leave you feeling a little stuck sometimes." It was Mika's turn to blush. "Santa, Matti and I, well, we feel so embarrassed and, well, we can't apologise enough for all the trouble we have caused tonight. I feel terrible about crushing Mr. Pelippo with a door and, oh, everything."

Pelippo stepped forward, "I guess there is no real harm done. I must admit it was an incredible sight to see a moose come crashing through a door – that is something I never expected to see in my life. It is true that working at Santa's Toy Factory will give you some amazing experiences. By the way, it is nice to meet you."

After Mika had shaken Pelippo's hand, Santa turned to Matti, who had been extremely quiet. "So, Mr. Matti Magpie, what do you have to say for yourself?"

Matti puffed up his feathers, gave them a shake and sighed, "I’m sorry Santa but nobody tells us anything because we are guests in that cottage for guests, and guests are left out of the secrets and, and if Mika hadn’t got so fat then everything would have been smooth and easy! We would have paid the ransom, we would. I'm so sorry, Santa."

Nobody could make much sense from what the magpie was trying to say but a small smile seem to come to Santa’s lips. "So all this happened because you live in the guest cottage, Matti?" "No, no, Santa. We wanted to save you from the trolls or the witches of the forest and not pay the ransom!" answered Matti.

"Matti, as far as I can see, the ransom that needs paying is helping to fix and replace all the toys broken." Santa said, looking inside the store room. "After you have done that, you will both need to pack up all of your belongings from the guest cottage and move into my house. Finally, Matti, you will help Mika to get some exercise because he really needs to go on a diet and stay out trouble."

Merry Christmas!


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