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Mystery of the Missing Santa - Part III Mystery of the Missing Santa - Part III
by Thanos K & Asa B
2012-12-23 11:53:18
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3. The plan in action

Mika had decided not to ask Matti just how they were supposed to tie a knot using just wings and hooves, or how they were supposed to overpower a heavily-armed dwarf. The whole plan had become crazy, yet Matti's enthusiasm pulled Mika along in its wake and he couldn't stop himself from going along with it all.

The crazy plan was simple, so long as you didn't look at the details too closely. The first part had been easy. They reached the back of the toy store and had found the broken window, but Matti couldn’t open the door from the inside. Matti suggested that Mika should try to climb in through the window and it would have been easy if Mika had been, well, not a moose.

He tried jumping, climbing and bouncing, but he was getting no closer to the opening. "Come on, try harder, Mika. I told you to do some exercise occasionally." Matti thought that he was whispering words of encouragement from the window ledge above but he was only annoying poor Mika.

"Wait, wait. I can see something… I have an idea," exclaimed Matti and he flew into the dark. A few moments later he returned dragging a wooden box across the snow. "Hey, maybe you could give me a hand, a hoof, an antler or whatever a moose can do?" They pushed the box against the wall and Mika was finally able to get his legs and even his antlers through the window.

However, that was all he could fit through. The window was a bit too small for his rather large moose belly and it had left him stuck. "See, I told you that you should get more exercise. Now look where all those cakes and biscuits have got you… stuck!" Mika didn’t say anything, he was too embarrassed and it was also a little difficult to breathe.

"I have a Plan B, Mika. Can you wriggle backwards?" Mika slowly moved backwards and finally freed himself enough to drop back on to the snow. Mika took a few deep breaths, feeling very relieved to be back on the ground. "Okay, listen to me carefully," whispered Matti, "We are going to use all this weight you have gained lately to break down the door!"

"What are you talking about? You want me to break the door of the store room with my head? That’s your plan?" Matti just stared at Mika, and then shouted, "Why? Do you have a better one?" A voice from the building next door yelled "Who’s there? We are trying to sleep here!" Matti shouted back, "Go back to sleep; there is nothing here, just the wind and the snow."

Mika rolled his eyes, "Now nobody will know that we were here!" Matti pointed to the store room door, "Less talking, more smashing!" Cold, tired and fed up with the whole plan, Mika just wanted it all to be over, so he dropped his head and ran towards the door as fast as he could go.

The door exploded as Mika crashed through, making enough noise to wake everybody in the buildings around the toy store. Lights were being turned on and voices were shouting, and they were getting closer to the toy store as they came to investigate the chaos. "So much for a quiet plan," Mika thought as the faces of frightened elves came closer to the store and even a few of the reindeer came to see what was going on.

Mika thought he could hear a muffled voice, but he couldn't see from where it was coming. He then looked down and was startled to see an arm holding an axe beneath the broken doorframe he was laying upon. Mika stood up and the doorframe was thrown to one side, revealing a rather squashed and angry looking dwarf.

Pelippo looked at the damage to the door, looked at the smashed crates of toys and then his eyes fell upon Mika, who was still standing frozen in surprise, and Matti, who was peeking out from a box of trains.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" roared the furious dwarf, shaking his axe wildly above his head, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" The voice was like thunder and managed to wake the last few sleeping elves and dwarves.

Matti's knees were shaking with fear, but he managed to take a couple of steps towards Pelippo and squeaked, "We are here to rescue Santa. We think he has been kidnapped."


Part I - Part II - Part III - Part IV and last to follow


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