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Mystery of the Missing Santa - Part II Mystery of the Missing Santa - Part II
by Thanos K & Asa B
2012-12-22 10:13:35
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2.  Matti's plan

Mika looked out of the window. Heavy snow was falling and he could see shadows moving in the dark. He didn't know whether it was the elves or the dark playing tricks on his eyes. Matti had gone to refill his mug and probably grab a few more biscuits, leaving the moose to return to his earlier thought of just where is Santa.

He thought back to the other day in Santa's Workshop while in the Teddy Bear Department. He had asked the two elves on duty if they had seen Santa but neither said anything, they just kept talking in Elfish between them. He also recalled talking to Comet the reindeer in the stables the other day and getting no response from him, too.

"Why don’t they tell us anything?" he asked Matti, as he watched him return to the sitting room carefully carrying his second mug filled to the brim and also performing his traditional chocolate biscuit balancing act. "My poor friend, don’t you understand?" We are outsiders. Look at us, you are not an elf and I’m not exactly a dwarf. They think that we don’t belong here!"

Mika wasn't so sure and tried to argue with his friend's speculation, "No, we have been with Santa since…" Matti just interrupted with "Blah-blah-blah! All old stories. In their eyes we are not! Just look where we live!" Mika had no complaints about their house and looking around he thought it was perfectly comfortable, with a nice cosy fireplace, deep rugs and plenty of food in the cupboards that were always magically full.

Matti read his thoughts on his face, "This is one of the cottages for the guests, next to other cottages for guests. We are guests." The bird was right, Mika thought. This was a guesthouse. Not like the ones where the elves lived or the ones the dwarves lived, and definitely not near the reindeer. Matti was right, for once.

"What we have to do is find out what’s going on," began Matti. "We know that Santa has been kidnapped and we can assume that it is either the trolls or the forest witches. The elves and maybe some of the reindeer are covering this up by telling us nothing, so we have to find out who has him, where he is being held and if there is a ransom!"

"Whoa! Whoa!" Mika said loudly, "The chocolate is definitely making you crazier than normal! We don’t know if he was kidnapped and we definitely don’t know if it was the trolls that kidnapped him. Not to mention anything about a ransom."

"You're right, Mika. You think that it could be the trolls. Well, I agree. You know who we will face on this adventure! Maybe, maybe the trolls are working together with the forest witches. The trolls do the physical work because Santa is too heavy for the witches to carry and it is also too cold for them, and then there is the ransom… the Christmas presents. Yes!"

Matti started to pace back and forth, spilling hot chocolate from mug all over the floor. "Matti, you're crazy!" shouted Mika. The bird looked at the mug and realised he was wasting good hot chocolate. "You're right, Mika, how could I be so careless." He set the mug back down upon the table, ignored the last biscuit and flew on to Mika's head. He whispered into the moose's ear, "We must do something. Now!"

Mika realised it was pointless to argue with his friend once his imagination had decided on what was happening. Whether it was a kidnapping or just something less sinister, Mika wanted to know what had happened to Santa, so he foolishly agreed to help Matti in his plan.

"Who is Pelippo!" asked Mika looking a bit confused. The magpie threw open his wings in exclamation, "Who is Pelippo! You must know, Pelippo!" The big dwarf with the axe, the new night guard of the toy store... Pelippo! He has just started at Santa's Toy Factory and he is quite a suspicious character. I bet he has taken Santa."

Matti's plan made no sense to Mika, but he reasoned that they may as well start somewhere. If this Pelippo knew something then at least this crazy plan would be over as soon as possible. Matti reappeared in the living room carrying a large paper rolled up under his arm. "Here are the plans of the toy store. This red line leads to where Pelippo stands guard; I bet he has even hidden Santa in the toy store somewhere."

A dozen questions filled Mika's head, but he was too stunned to actually ask anything. Matti just kept talking instead. "I fly in through this back window, which is actually broken, and then open the door for you. We follow this route, which actually avoids all the alarms and then we grab Pelippo."

Mika was finally able to talk, "Excuse me? We do what to this Pelippo? Grab him? Are you serious, Matti? That’s crazy, Matti!" The bird looked insulted and then smiled, "No, no, we will just bring him back here for a chat and a nice mug of hot chocolate. He can leave as soon as we untie him!"


Part I - Part II - Part III to follow

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