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The Sarah Palins' jinx The Sarah Palins' jinx
by Thanos Kalamidas
2012-12-14 08:59:09
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My day starts with browsing the news and I do the same thing a few times during the day. And you must admit the news is not the best way to lift your spirits and start optimist a new day. So I go through the news, I check all the catastrophes, the new wars hoping that the last ones finished, all in vain. But here I’m going to confess a little secret. There is somebody out there and every time I see her name – yes it is a her – I cannot resist. I have to read whatever written and said doesn’t matter how tabloid the agency is. Her life is the total tabloid and of course I’m talking about Sarah Palin.

sarah01_400Sarah remains still a mystery to me and especially the reasons she pulled out from the first-line politics so suddenly. Trying to avoid conspiracy theories I have failed to come to any conclusion and of course because we are talking about Sarah Palin it has to be a drama somewhere behind her mysterious resignation and the strange tea party comebacks. And there is her life, a combination of a reality show, with all the contemporary elements, and a soap opera that makes others pale.

Latest drama in the family is the divorce of the son, after eighteen months of successful married life. The woman is a real jinx. Everything she stands for has to come in ruins inside her own family. I know, I know; is not nice to laugh with others’ misfortunes but with Sarah… I have to make an exception. After all every rule has an exception and Sarah is the absolute exception. Or is not?

A few days ago I was in my daughter’s school where they had organized a Christmas bazaar. It was suppose all things kids had made with their own hands, Christmas decoration, cards, cookies and toys, all of them for sale in ridiculous prices to help them with their extra activities. You would think that it was all about the kids, after all these days are all about the kids. You thought! The truth is that it was about who wears the best dress, coat or shoes and this was not about the kids but about the mothers. Waiting to get some Christmas cards – my daughter had paint one of them and she made sure that I will buy it – a mother next to me was advertising her Channel dress and her something shoes. The name was too difficult for me to remember but it was obviously known because the other women around went green with envy. Another one was talking about her new convertible and I was trying hard to understand why buy a convertible in a country where eight months a year temperatures are well under zero and snow over a meter high. And all of them were promoting their perfect families patronizing the others with their perfect ethics and parenthood methods. I felt that I was surrounded by tens of Sarah Palins. The same attitude, the same style even the same dresses and I bet the same known shoes.

And when something goes wrong, then the Sarahs of this world blame the others. Teenage pregnancy? It is all these liberal teachers – they must be communists sleepers all of them – and Obama to blame. In our case we blame the Russians for everything. After all they were for so many decades the real communists. Drugs? Blame the South Americans. Around here we stick with the Russians. Divorce? Blame the liberals. Here we still blame the Russians. Crime? Blame the immigrants. Here the Russians are the immigrants even though lately we have some other additions. And all that while life should be so simple. For the Sarah Palins of this word. Hockey-mammies, six-pack-belly daddies, kids that grow up thanks to the DVD player and learn the world through simulators, convertibles and new shoes. But we have to think a way to teach our kids with an extra lesson every Saturday about pre-marriage sex. In the meantime HIV takes more young lives and while we all thought that we have managed to control it here it is again with the numbers climbing up. I suppose for that all the Sarah Palins of this world blame the Russians. After all the original one can see them from her kitchen’s window.

I think one of the reasons I follow Sarah Palin is because through the magazines, television and the sites there is something unreal about her and her life; like watching a soap opera and a reality show knowing that these things don't really happen, a denial for all the Sarah Palins that live all around us.

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Murray Hunter2012-12-14 11:39:03
Wise people seek solutions
The ignorant only cast blame
(Tao Te Ching 79)
Sarah Palin reflects the level of our society's consciousness.
Dont disspear life would be boring without her.

Emanuel Paparella2012-12-14 11:40:29
And here another mystery to contemplate Thanos: the same man who unfairly attacked the character and reputation of an intelligent and competent black woman, ambassador to the UN, (Susan Rice)is the one who chose Sarah Palin and put her on the map and continues to defend her. Go figure. Which of course says much about John McCain's own character.

In any case, you are quite right, the world we live in and have our being more often than not appears as a circus within a soap opera and the likes of Palin and Berlusconi star in it, trivializing everything they touch and keeping us laughing. Fellini would create a wonderful movie with star clowns like that were he alive today...

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