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Injustice and its Ramifications Injustice and its Ramifications
by Eleana Winter-Irving
2012-12-11 12:20:02
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The legal system in all countries of the world and including Australia is corrupt. Any legal system worth anything should and must be perfect. This means that an innocent person can never be convicted and neither can the guilty go free to perpetrate/offend again.

The glaring dichotomy of the Justice System is the fact that a person of wealth who has committed a crime, can get off by paying for a good Lawyer/Barrister/Solicitor; and an innocent person can and has been convicted with ‘Life’ sentences because they did not have the funds to employ a good legal person to defend them. The courtroom is a battle of wits, similar to Parliament. The difference being a persons’ life depends on the outcome.

A person’s guilt or innocence should not be judged by another person. The judge, in today’s society is a fellow human being. Who knows what that person is up to behind closed doors? We have had multiple cases of judges misbehaving, lying and breaking the very laws they are supposed to be upholding. It is absurd for a person to be ‘judged’ (as happens in today’s legal system) by someone beneath them in character. I heard a dominatrix prostitute saying she often whipped judges whilst standing on their backs in stiletto high heels. Now why is that going on? Is that usual and expected behaviour for a judge? Always a male judge, she never mentioned females.

My solution hasn’t been invented yet; but if enough funds were thrown at it, it can and will be invented.  It will be cost effective in the long term. In fact it will clearly be cost effective right in the beginning of use. It should be a piece of equipment, possibly similar to an MRI scan that scans for certain things the body radiates off when guilty that cannot be overcome by the guilty party. Perhaps a scan of a person’s aura when asked certain questions would do it. There is a way, I just don’t know how yet. It’s not a lie detector as we now use.

I am not an advocate of jails. The recidivism rate is way too high. I am also not an advocate of Aboriginals in custody in our jails or court system. They should be dealt with under their own law. I have an alternative to jails, but that may be a whole other article in itself. It’s bizarre that incarcerated criminals are running gangs on the outside and using drugs.

Let us take the initial case of the Azaria Chamberlain “so called” murder and the media’s role in Lindy Chamberlain’s trial and subsequent incarceration. Right from day one I knew she was innocent. I was dumbfounded that such disgraceful and appalling things were being said about her and her husband. It’s one thing for a person to have an opinion and talk amongst family and friends. Spiritually unaware people will always have an opinion and rarely will it be based on fact or truth. The judgements they make are based on suppositions and bigotry. But to allow the media to have a Field Day with this kind of attitude and no one to defend the grieving family who have just gone through trauma and loss is a travesty of justice. The Main Stream Media (MSM) has a lot to be accountable for. Everyone involved in her demise should be very ashamed of themselves. Hang your heads in shame. No one to my knowledge has had any punitive action taken against them from the MSM. As for the NT Judicial System at that time, the APF and others that were involved, they should suffer in the same manner they put the Chamberlain’s through. And that includes the Jury.  Now all these years later after countless dingo attacks and deaths, they (The Chamberlains) have been exonerated.  No compensation is adequate enough. I don’t think they got any. Did they? The trial was a farce and its execution was a debacle. This must never happen again. Was everyone involved drinking ‘I can be really stupid’ water at that time? Or much more likely legal alcohol.

In the Family Law Court, the child’s wishes should and must be taken into consideration. A three year old knows who he/she would sooner live with. The child should be asked questions when alone and then with each parent and compare the differences. Let women run the Family Courts!

Alcohol vs. Marijuana  debate

Now I will do a separate blog about this later on. But for now let me point out the dichotomy of facts about the above.

This is a list of some of the things that the drinking of alcohol causes:-

Vomiting, staggering, loss of consciousness, recklessness, lack of correct judgement, violence, glassing, murder, hit and run, domestic violence, incest, urinating in public, even defecating in a public place, verbal abuse, perforated bowel causing death, sorosis of the liver causing death, delirium tremens,  causing of accidents, taking risks and endangering others’ lives.

This is a list the smoking of organic bush marijuana causes:-

A relaxed feeling comes over you, the stresses of the day are minimised to the point where you can view them rationally and logically. Music takes on an intensity that is amazing to behold. Sounds can be heard that are not easily defined when not under the influence of bush marijuana. Looking at art one can see detail that isn’t easily determined. As with everything, moderation should be adhered to. Negatives causing death, nil.

It is perfectly fine to drink alcohol in moderation and perfectly fine to smoke marijuana in moderation. But one is illegal. Is it the good one or the bad one? I do not advocate the use of hyro. Once you add chemicals to the growing process, it becomes a drug. Bush marijuana is merely a dried herb. Argue all you like about this, and then I ask you if you are a drinker or a marijuana user. I rarely smoke myself; I can’t afford to buy it. And it is not so necessary to my life to have a need to grow it. I have enough on my plate with my orchard and vegies.

So now if you will go back and read the list of negative causes from drinking too much alcohol; the list is not only a long one, but a very grave and distressing one. One filled with criminality, death and destruction. Yet thousands of people are committing these crimes all over the world and here in Australia whilst drunk every day and not being charged.

Now look at the list of causes of smoking marijuana. All good. The only negative I can think of that a person may become over cautious. The paranoia and other negative things you hear of, marijuana didn’t cause these things. The person has a mental problem and people with mental problems should steer clear of alcohol and marijuana. Both may exacerbate the mental problem.

I come across an injustice almost every day; injustice to animals as well. It is a ‘sin’ to use a Christian term to inflict an injustice upon a person or animal. Killing a mosquito is not an injustice, nor a sin. That is, no karmic repercussions for doing so. A mosquito does not have a ‘right’ to suck your blood without your permission, so you have every right to kill it if it does. You do not have a right to torture it for no reason though.

Now I want you to think about any injustice you personally know about. It may be something that happened to you, to a family member, friend or something you read about. Thinking, thinking, thinking. Take your time. There may be many injustices that you can think of, Now I want you to tell yourself if they were perpetrated by men or women. Also look at the ratio of men in jails to women. The ratio of men raping men and women is approximately 99% to women raping women or men. The ratio of male conmen men to conwomen is approximately the same. In fact when I wrote conman, no red line appeared under it, but when I wrote conwomen, the red line appeared, so that means there isn’t even a word for conwoman.

I now want you to make your own list of all the things I have not mentioned. A list of injustices perpetrated by men that very few women do the same. I also want you to try and make a list where women are higher in a particular incidence and then please leave it in the comment section below. Thank you to every male who read this far, as not all males are offenders. You most likely are not one.

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Emanuel Paparella2012-12-11 14:25:38
Glad to hear that most likely I, a male, am not an offender of sort for the mere fact of being male.The implication of the above however is rather obvious: even though, nobles oblige, some men are found perfectly normal and allies, the fact remains that if one is unlucky enough to be born a male it naturally follows that he is left brained and therefore with a natural born propensity to become a criminal; toward crime while the natural born right brained female is more normal naturally since she is right brained. The corollary implication is that the 99% of males vs. the 1% of females that are incarcerated are there unfairly since it is not their fault that they were born left brained and males and that the justice system is to be eliminated since these men and the 1% of women probably left brained and abnormal simply cannot help themselves, Since nothing on earth is ever perfect let us abolish the justice system.

On the other hand, the justice system is also working properly somehow since many more men than women are incarcerated than women, as it should be according to their natural status and propensity, and if injustice there is it is mainly due to class privilege which allows people to get away with crime.

Of course this logic would immediately come crashing down if it could be proven that the left brained men and the right brained women is a myth of sort. In fact it has already been proven as such. It has been ascertained that the two sides of the brain in both males and females are both necessary and work in tandem within cognition. No need to call this fact sarcasm, or satire, or irony, on an insult. That a Tolstoy, a man, could write an Anna Karenina revealing the very soul of a woman’s sensibility ought to be proof enough that it is more a question of culture and imagination than rationality and the neurons in one's brain.

That having been said, it goes without saying, and most wise men would agree, that many more women should be elected to positions of responsibility and power; not simply to substitute men but because they seem to understand much better deep ecology as explained by a David Sparenberg, which is a system of care not just for one’s co-specific but the earth as a whole; they seem to arrive at decisions by consensus with care for life in general as a criteria, not principles used by men as a pretext to go to war; they seem to understand (unless they have imitated men in the quest for power) that power is not an end in itself and that might does not make right, and that knowledge is not power (Bacon) but virtue (Socrates). So, all the more power to women and all those men who think like them.

Emanuel Paparella2012-12-11 17:15:18
For more information on the myth of Left-Brain/Right-Brain open the following link to Psychology Today where a psychologist, Christian Jarrett, Ph.D. debunks the myth (June 27, 2012) with scientific evidence and explains why the myth will never die.


Leah Sellers2012-12-12 03:43:29
Dear Eleana,
Once again, you had me Chuckling (for the most part) in Agreement with much of what you discussed. I'll have to Con-sider a List. Thank you !
Brother Emanuel,
Sir, I am sending you a Spirtual Mama Bear Hug. We Need more Men like you on the Planet. Thank you !

Emanuel Paparella2012-12-12 11:20:31
Dear Leah, coming from you, I'll welcome even harsh critique and satire as a spiritual bear hug.

Eleana Winter-Irving2012-12-13 02:47:08
It is erroneous to say that all men think with their left hemisphere of their brain and I am sure that I have never said that. Neither have I said that women are all right brained. I have used the word ‘predominately’ in context. Someone always misses my point, doesn’t read what I have written the way I wrote it. It would be useless re-explaining in other words as the mindset is already set.
It is best to use one’s brains in balance. When needing a mathematical, scientific or calculated analytical answer to a problem, of course women will use the left hemisphere. However certain men use the left most frequently and I am not referring to criminals here. I’m referring to scholars, mathematicians and scientists. For the most they are not committing crimes, however they are experiencing the world through the use of the left brain. I realise that these persons are counter balanced by men who are artistic who predominantly use the right side. I will not be reading any articles on this, I have done plenty of study and taken many tests. Every test I took purposely had an odd number of questions, so enabling the enquirer to see which way they lean. In every test I took, although the questions were different I had 10 to the left and 11 to the right.

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