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December 21st 2012 Possibilities December 21st 2012 Possibilities
by Eleana Winter-Irving
2012-12-08 10:08:16
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I start by telling my readers that I am a Gnostic teacher; however not all my posts will contain Gnostic knowledge. This is one that does not.

Let me start by saying that I have no particular insight into this date. I have known about the date since 1997, but no particular inner knowledge has ever been divulged to me. All I can do is offer some advice and put forward some possibilities, none taking precedence over the other.

Now, in Australia, if we have a change of government, this country will go downhill until it reaches junk status. Some countries are already there. Whilst the incumbent government is calling the shots on the economy, we are safe. This is my concerted opinion. People will need to prepare for hard times. And I mean very hard times if another government with the leader it now has, gets to lead this country. The same in woild apply in America; beware of the unknown.

Australia and America are on a parallel as far as governments go. We have our first female Prime Minister and America has its first African American black President. One glaring difference is, our Government took over in surplus and the US took over in deficit.  Both previous leaders were hated by the general public. Both were liked when first elected, but time proved them to misuse their power. George W Bush left his country in a terrible mess and the beginning of the GFC. The subprime mortgage started in America and spread to and affected the rest of the world. Both President and Prime Minister have had to make difficult decisions concerning the economy in the face of the GFC. It has been a struggle in Australia because we have a ‘hung’ Parliament. The Opposition, led by Tony Abbott MP has tried to block EVERYTHING that the Government has tried to pass. But over 400 bills have been passed in spite of this moronic behaviour.


Now I can tell you what I have been doing. I am getting a survival kit together. It has a first aid kit. 2 torches that don’t need batteries. A flint for starting a fire. Several changes of clothing. A survival silver blanket, very light and very small. A plastic rain coat and my eye drops. Toilet paper and Swipes. All in a back pack, goes everywhere with me. Be prepared for the worst case scenario. Whatever that may be.

Here I will put forward some possibilities:

Possibility 1. A complete global meltdown. This would be because some countries have gone past the point of no return. I had credit card debt, but over 5 years I have paid it all off. There are certain countries that cannot do this. The World Central Bank and the IMF will be throwing good or dubious money after bad. In my opinion, it will not amount to anything. That is it will not rectify the situation. First world countries will become third world countries and vice versa. All this has come about for two reasons, Mismanagement and Greed.

When an ADHD child disrupts the class, all suffer, the bright students and the slow students alike. The class clowns will muck up with the ADHD child. The latter are unlikely to succeed in life, as far as being able to support themselves and living a life they are comfortable with. The PIGS plus several other countries are in fact delinquent. Their behaviour is disrupting every country in the world. Do not elect a delinquent to run your country. If a man is so driven to be a leader, that he stoops to rock bottom in his tactics to achieve his goal, you may depend he is as delinquent as those leaders who allowed their nations to sink into the mire.

Possibility 2. There could be a massive volcanic eruption that would spew volcanic ash for weeks on end and to such an extent that the entire planet could be covered in ash. It could block out the sun, halt transport of any kind. In fact it could be dangerous to even venture outside. It has happened once before and is said to be the reason dinosaurs died out suddenly. The ash would kill all crops and live stock and could bring on an ice age. I have approximately 6 months of food stored. Everything I buy that is non-perishable is marked with a number. It will never go to waste as I am using it all the time. I have plenty of doonas and hot water bottles and I have ten 9 Kg bottles of gas and three 45 Kg bottles, enough to last over one year..

Possibility 3.  The problem in Japan with Fukushima nuclear plant could worsen. There is a grave problem there as I write. The government has told the media that the problem has been rectified. That may be for the time being, but I doubt that it  permanent. The wall has a bulge in it and numerous other problems such as over-heating etc.. Worst case scenario, radiation could affect the entire planet in many different ways.

Possibility 4. There could be a problem with Rus sia (sic).  Several countries have nuclear power capability, nuclear war-heads and the nuclear bomb. They were not made to look at in a museum. They were invented and made to be used if deemed necessary. Any number of countries could deem it necessary at any time now. Who knows that it may happen on that date? (Rhetorical). There would be entities that do know the fate of this planet, but we are here to evolve, learn and experience. I don’t believe any one human being knows what will happen if anything.

I should mention here that this date December 21st 2012 is in no way similar to YK2. That was a man made Gregorian date and has no spiritual significance in the world. This date could well have significance and I will tell you why I think that. I have noted many things happening in the world and in my home that have not happened in written history. For instance, there was a black snake in my sittingroom in mid-winter and snakes are never seen for the 3 winter months. I saw snakes everywhere this last mid-winter months. No black snake has entered my house since I put security screens on all the sliding doors and back laundry door. The snake probably entered as I pegged clothes on the line. I nearly stepped on it 2 days before at night when I was checking my solar power. There was a python in my bananas also, had been there for days. The local parrots  nested in June. They usually start in August.

Now has there ever been an Arab Spring before? Have you thought about the outcome? What will be the future for Syria? Can America afford to throw its weight around nuclear capable countries with their drones and ass.assinations? (sic) And entering countries without authority and carrying out raids, kil.ling (sic) civilians and women and children all in the name of? I’ll let you work that out for yourself.

Have we ever emitted carbon to such an extent that it is harming the health of the planet? Have we ever been on the brink of finite resources before? Has there ever been a threat to polluting the aquifers of the world? This is hardly a peaceful planet. Have you calculated the damage Shock and Awe did not only to the land of Iraq, but to the entire planet? Was the rest of the planet consulted when Iraq was attacked? Had Iraq ever attacked America? Has America ever atoned for that sin? How is it that the world allowed France to detonate nuclear devices in the Pacific? If men have managed the planet so well to date, why is it in such a mess? Has there ever been the vast numbers of refugees there are at this time? There is an island of garbage the size of a small country, growing daily, floating in the Pacific. The earth has been mismanaged, countries have been mismanaged. People have been misled. And in my opinion, all of it has reached the point of no return; because one country is going to drag the next down and so on: the domino effect. The reason, GLOBALISATION. I advocated against it years and years ago saying it will bite us in the bum in the end. It was always men who thought GLOBALISATION was the best for the planet. But a wise person can see that it is senseless. People who think it is great have not thought about the effects long term, have not thought deeply, nor logically. All these poor decisions have been made by men. Women would never have made these mistakes, if only wise women were in those positions of leadership. Of course there are women who think like men and rose to power by being man-like. One such person is Margaret Thatcher, and may I also add Golda Meir, once Prime Minister of Israel and to a certain extent Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. None of them were wise women, they were clever, manipulative and persuasive. They all revelled in the position of power.

Australia has a female leader and she is treated appallingly by the working class, the ignorant and the uneducated. Certainly wise women are not treating her like this. I think she is doing a fine job. If only the rabblerousers would let her get on with governing. That’s what she wants to do and that’s what she must do. She is working under great hardship and the mob do not give her any credit for what she has achieved so far. She is not out visiting factories; she is at Parliament House working. On the other hand; the male counterpart is out most of the time visiting factories and doing menial jobs, looking ludicrous at times with a shower cap on, or he’s performing in marathons in his lycra, or on a beach in budgie smugglers. And we all know what that means. The counterpart is hardly ever in his office and when he is, he is thinking up clever tactics to fool the mob into countering the incumbent government at all costs. And I mean AT ALL COSTS. Just wait and see what happens if the counterpart gets elected. This country is doomed and it could so easily be saved by re-electing the incumbent government. The mob vs. Wise Women: The mob = quantity. Wise women = quality and  Logic. But democracy is set by numbers, so the wise hardly ever win. If you do not see this as truth, then you have mob mentality. That is Lowly spirituality evolved or spiritually impoverished, or Christian Fundamentalist. I should mention that there are wise men. Those of you who are wise will know who they are. They will also be Gnostics, that’s where their wisdom has come from.

Possibility 5. A massive solar flare or solar burst/storm. This could bring humanity to its knees. Every country depends on electricity to some extent and some more than others. Can you imagine life without any electricity? Banks could not operate. How would they access your account? So no money, no fuel, no food in the shops. I would survive for 2 reasons. 1. I have enough food to last me 6 months and I grow food. 2. I have done the 31 Day Program to be a Breatharian, so I can live without food and water for that matter. But I have my own water.

Whatever happens on that date, be it catastrophic or just another day; 2013 will be like no other.  The world is changing regardless of that date. Facebook is loaded with Christian prayers and drawings of Jesus calling him God. Some people are obsessing with religion out of fear or the coming foreboding doom. I’m preparing for the worst, but I’m not worrying about it. You need to keep a calm logical head. That means that you logically work out the best approach to handle any scenario. I am now 70 years old and I have no fear of death. It doesn’t bother me if I live or die, death is just an extension of life anyway.

Possibility 6. Earth's alignment with the 'dark rift'. Please read http://www.december212012.com/articles/news/Coming_Polar_Shift-The_Horizon_Project.htm

Whilst I see this as a possibility, it is in no way more likely than any of the others.

Possibility 7. An unknown phenomena,  unthought-of  and never happened before; or just the end of the world as we now know it. I may change this last one as something comes to mind.

One thing does come to mind and that is: men have ruled this planet throughout the ages. They have ruled by force, by intimidation and fear. Women must at some stage have their ‘right’ to rule. The way women will rule will be opposite to that of men. Women will make decisions based on intuition, not on greed and selfish self-concern. Women will concentrate on peace, rather than fear. Women will govern with mental strength, rather than physical strength. Women will be practical and pragmatic, rather than hasty and confused. Women will want love to predominate, rather than hate. Women will reduce laws and regulations because all children will learn to appreciate and recognise what is socially acceptable.

We, the people of this beautiful planet Earth (Gaia) could make December 21st a very special day; one to go down in history books, by banding together for world peace. Everybody lay down your arms and hug your neighbour.


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Emanuel Paparella2012-12-08 13:01:18
It appears that all the possibilities for December 21st 2012 have been pretty much covered. Or have they? There are actually plenty more available in a book called The Apocalypse, the last book of the New Testament, which some have called “the book of horrors” and has given plenty to do to painters, but it is merely a book of warnings and measures the distance between the “is,” the “ought” and the “shall be.” The Apocalypse, not unlike the above piece is an end of time scenario and people have been preparing their survival kits (with which to cheat the other unwise by a few weeks or months) ever since. Even Paul was waiting for the end of the world after Christ's resurrection.

Indeed the Greek etymology of the word Apocalypse is “hidden meaning,” hidden that is from human knowledge, hence the above, as Ms. Winter-Irving herself makes clear at the beginning it cannot be Gnostic which does not admit ambiguity and symbolism in the pure light of human knowledge, but it can be a Cassandra-like prophecy of sort. Prophecy, after all, is not so much predicting the future but a warning: you stop what you are doing, you nasty men, and relinquish your power to all wise women, or else… Funny thing though, most of the prophets in the Bible are men, and what can one expect from men?

In any case, the eschatological predictions of these men are not so much the revelation of a meaningful future (albeit it is that too) but dreams and nightmares. The prophecy of Daniel is particularly instructive: it comes about via a dream, so does John’s Apocalypse. See also Thomas Berry’s Dream of the Earth, and Teilhard de Chardin’s Saving the Earth, or David Sparenberg’s Life in the Age of Extinctions, currently in the Ovi bookshop (see p. 90 of such a book for example).

Sorry that they happen to be all men, but I dare say they are still worth reading and pondering so that we do not end up re-inventing the wheel.
And why pray do all these nasty men wish to spook us out of our wits with their apocalyptic scenarios worthy of a Halloween horror night proclaiming that “the worst is still to come”?

Well, here is a modest revelation by yours truly: although it appears that these nasty kill-joy men are telling us a story of the end-times, it is more a story of the beginnings. It is after all the same John who four days after December 21 will once again remind us that “in the beginning was the Word…and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us…” Indeed the first book of the Bible is Genesis or the book of beginnings, and unless we start from beginning we will not comprehend the end and not even the middle of the story, since in the beginning there is the end and vice versa.

To postulate a meaningful future one has to begin at the beginning or origins.
So, if we follow the story from the beginning and ponder de Chardin and Berry and Sparenberg, we will soon discover that humankind has been at the brink of survival several times before, that it has survived by the skin of its teeth and, wonder of wonders, it is still around at the tune of seven billions now. If indeed the Word became flesh and dwelt among us we can perhaps dare to be a bit more optimistic and have no need of survival kits or searching for a new planet on which to live as a disincarnated dehumanized spirit. What we may truly need is a salvation kit. Sure, the end can come about suddenly and catastrophically, and that end can be caused by man/women choices (sorry we are all in the same boat called humankind with the same destiny) and that is what the existential dread of which Kierkegaard (sorry, another man) speaks about: the dread of choosing life or death. It is up to us, men and women alike to choose life so that we may live. Stay tuned. The best is still to come!

Emanuel Paparella2012-12-09 03:19:39
An afterthought: in talking to a friend a few hours ago on the subject of extinctions and the survival of life on earth he made an interesting comment worthy of some serious pondering which I’d like to share. The comment is this: the fact that mankind has providentially survived this long and has spanned millions of years ought to be much more astonishing than the fact that it will come to an end in less than two weeks.

Leah Sellers2012-12-09 03:37:16
Dear Ms. Eleana
Yes, these are just some of the End Of Days theories being tossed about and pondered upon these days.

However, as any Knowledgeable Gnostic knows (sorry about the redundancy of meanings) before an Individual can have one's Cosmic, revelatory and experiential Awakening, One must undergo Troubled Dreams.
Perhaps, the End of Days, and the Mayan's supposed version of Earth's fiery end is a Universal and Collective Troubled Dream, which We will all Awaken from as Wholly Enlightened Beings. Perhaps not. Only Time, certain Planetary alignments, possible solar flares and doomsday Prophets will tell us why it did not occur as they assumed and predicted it would December 22nd, 2012.
I must admit that I am rather looking forward to all of their explanations, and would be even more greatly pleased if Christ and Sophia would Grace all of Earth with their Cosmic and Divinely Revelatory and Experiential Atomic Ways and Means of Being.

Now, that would be a Day of Awakening worth Awakening to. That, within itself, would be an Event which would Fire the Mind/Soul and Transform Humanity and the Planet.

Also, I agree with you about the numerous natural signs of climate change. We've had a few in Texas as well.

However, Snakes are symbols of Transmutation and Hidden Universal Knowledge. By ingesting or taking on the Venom of a snake through its Bite we become transmutated and immune to its poisons, and take within and upon ourselves the hidden Wisdom of the Serpent (the very Origins of LIfe) and the Experience of Transmutation itself.

Also, in some cultures, Black is seen as the symbolic color of Fertility, Creativity and Growth. Perhaps, your Scaly Friend, whom you constantly found underfoot (Foot being symbolic of our very Foundations) was trying to Awaken some things (thoughts and deep psychic stirrings) within you. Just a wriggling little thought that crawled my way while reading your revelation of events.

Also, I spent seven years teaching and re-training the behavioral patterns of students who have ADHD. There is hope for a better Future for them as well. They, too, are capable of Life Renewing and Transformational Awakenings.

Thank you for your Dooms Day observations and theories.

Emanuel Paparella2012-12-09 22:41:54
In any case, those still fretting over a possible end of the world may put their mind at rest: given that the Mayan calendar did not have leap years, December 21st as per their calculations has already come and gone.

Now we can focus on the eight possiblity that John might have have had it on track with his "In the beginning..." and that the date we ought to ponder is December 25 when the Word incarnated itself... Just a thought.

Eleana Winter-Irving2012-12-10 02:58:39
None of the above doomsday theories are my own. I am not waiting for End Times, I merely put them forward as possibilities. The survival kit has nothing to do with the December solstice. People who are caught by natural disasters are rarely prepared. Those hit by Sandy found shops emptied quickly. In my case, I wouldn't need a shop. I don't need food or water, only warm clothes if it is cold and light if it is dark. My motto is: I’d sooner be prepared for nothing, than unprepared for something. I am not afraid of anything to do with the above date and my personal theory is that it will only be the end of civilization as we now know it. Its heading that way anyway. Just a quickening.

Eleana Winter-Irving2012-12-10 13:37:09

All was predicted by the mathematical cycles of the Mayan calendars. — It will change –everything will change. Mayan Day-keepers view the Dec. 21, 2012 date as a rebirth, the start of the World of the Fifth Sun. It will be the start of a new era resulting from and signified by the solar meridian crossing the galactic equator and the Earth aligning itself with the centre of the galaxy.” At sunrise on December 21, 2012 for the first time in 26,000 years the Sun rises to conjunct the intersection of the Milky Way and the plane of the ecliptic. This cosmic cross is considered to be an embodiment of the Sacred Tree, The Tree of Life, a tree remembered in all the world’s spiritual traditions. Carlos Barrios:

Emanuel Paparella2012-12-10 16:06:53
Eleana, how astonishing an event is being announced to us, when everything will change because of certain conjunctions in the stars. A Renaissance literally meaning a rebirth?

But wait a minute, there have been renaissances galore throughout history. Are we re-inventing the wheel once again? Besides, at another event which will be celebrated on December 25 there were also astronomical conjunctions of some kind, the three wise men were astrologers and there was a star and there were angels singing “good will to men” which of course included women too,even those left-brained, and is the wrong singing, for what they were really singing was “peace on earth to men of good will” which is quite different. It implies as Kant intuited that the starry night above is quite useless without the contemplation of the moral law within.

That event on December 25 would have gone unnoticed despite all the astonishing astronomical conjunctions had not a human life by a man (sorry but he was a man not an angel) had unfolded in all its splendor to give us hope.

Unfortunately, although millions will celebrate the event in two weeks, there are millions for whom John’s words apply: he was the light of the world but the darkness did not understand it. One can of course become a Gnostic and think that one now understands it but as the angels sang is not a matter of understanding and intellect, it is more a matter of will. As James put it, it is the will to believe.

Eleana Winter-Irving2012-12-11 04:07:52

Emanuel Paparella2012-12-11 15:54:10
This last response might have gotten something off one's chest and might make one feel better but it surely sounds as if it were coming from a male conducting an inquisitorial trial...and not from a an all-wise female respectful of free speech and open to dialogue. But I may be wrong.

Leah Sellers2012-12-11 16:21:34
With Open Soul, Heart and Mind, I say, more Power to the Cosmic Cross, the Sacred Tree of Life and Knowledge. That is Stardust and an Apple I would gladly pluck for another Shift of Higher Consciousness and Enlightenment of Humankind.

To Think that the Rippling Wave of Time and Space may bend toward a Blessed Future which hinges on a Henge of Stones. Ancient Mother Earth's Bones of Ritual and Cosmology. In Congruence with distant Ancient Mayan (and other Mystic and Scientific cultural) Assertions of the very same. It Gives one pause to Wonder and Wander.

James Woodbury2012-12-12 08:55:55
I enjoyed Ms. Winter-Irvinng's piece, which is enlivened by its high spirits, notwithstanding the grimness of some of her prognostications. One should always remember that the best book about the imminent or already accomplished (?) end of the Mayan Calendar and its effects remains that written by Jose Arguelles more than 20
years ago, whose exact title I have now forgotten though I once owned a copy! Ther have been other editions of it since that date. Other books on the subject are markedly inferior to Arguelles's work.
I would certainly class him as a Gnostic, by the way. Also, Emanuel, there is no proof, nor dogma, nor established tradition, that Christ was actually Born on December 25th. I was simply a convenient date that was eventually accepted by all concerned. I hope you are aware that large sections of the Eastern Orthodox Christian world celebrate Christmas on January 7th, though some of the Orthodox including the Greeks in America celebrate it on December 25 like Western Christians. Have you also noticed that Ms. Winter-Irving uses a fair amount of British idioms and slang?
This confirms the old adage that while Canadian English is really a branch of North American English in general, Australian, aka "strine", is a derivative of, though by no mens exactly the same as, British English. Hasta la vista,
James W.
James W.

Emanuel Paparella2012-12-12 11:27:36
James, I was indeed aware of what you refer to, and was using the date December 25 as symbolical for the birth of Christ not as an historically accurate date. Thank you for your insightful comments and observations.

Eleana Winter-Irving2012-12-15 07:22:58
James, I was educated in England. My father was Englis and my mother Australian. I have never heard of 'strine' What is it. We don't use that term here in Australia to my knowledge. Not sure what the British lang is that I used. Do tell.

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