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Gnostic vs. Religion Gnostic vs. Religion
by Eleana Winter-Irving
2012-12-04 09:53:34
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This is what it is like being a Gnostic talking to a person of ‘faith’ or a person who follows a religion; including Buddhism, which is really more a way of life, rather than worshiping a single god.  So let me use this analogy: A university professor visits a family with a 4 year old child. On arrival, the precocious child asks the professor what he does. He says he knows a lot of things and teaches people what he knows. The child tells him that she/he knows more than he, as she/he can count to one hundred. The university professor gives a little chuckle and says to the child “Well I can count a lot further than that and I know a lot about a lot of things.” Then the professor says, “Do you like playing many outdoor games?” The child is clever for her/his age, but lacks logic, reasoning and substance.

If you can imaging trying to explain something logical to a drunk. What seems crystal clear to you, will appear unfathomable to the drunk and no matter how much logic you apply, she/he will not comprehend. So if you are a Gnostic and hold a conversation with a Bible basher, or a Muslim, or a Jew or any follower of any religion, it’s the same ratio of spiritual knowledge. The religious person is either the equivalent of the drunk or the 4 year old. Whilst the person may be intelligent and even knowledgeable, they lack spiritual awareness and genuine logic. Their belief systems makes them believe that what they are saying/thinking is logic, but it’s pseudo logic.  It is logic by a false appearance. When a person has been indoctrinated, logic appears in forms that are not truth. To the lesser spiritually evolved this logic is truth, or ‘their’ truth, to be precise. But they are submersed in ignorance and spiritually impoverished.

Please take a look at the Christian Bishops. All that pomp and ceremony; the placing of themselves on a pedestal that they believe they cannot fall from. The greed for wealth and power, this alone is a broken Commandment. Let’s talk about the 10 Commandments of the Christian Bible. Christians of ‘faith’ are breaking them all the time. If you are going to bother with a religion and say that you have ‘faith’, firstly you must know what you have faith in and secondly you must adhere to something like the 10 Commandments, religiously (tongue in cheek). What is the point of going to church, saying prayers or reading the Bible if you are going to break all the laws. It is a kin to a policeman selling drugs he has confiscated from a citizen he has busted. Yet Christians think this is acceptable. It is NOT. If you are going to bother following any religion at least follow it to the letter. That means there can be NO Christians in the military, Thou Shalt Not Kill, no Christians Bishops or Popes, that is greed, and narcissism. No paedophile priests: that is none, zero. There can be NO confessional. You must not do the wrong doing in the first place and a priest does NOT have any power vested in him to absolve you of your sins. You WILL pay for them at some point, maybe in the next life or the one after. If you contradict me in your mind on reincarnation, you are spiritually ignorant and a 4 year old in spiritual awareness: a young soul who knows next to nothing and cannot use logic to the extent of truth.

Anyone who follows Sharia Law is spiritually impoverished. Not only do they disobey the Quran, but they are imposing the most dreadful karma upon themselves by the way they treat other human beings. Not only the treatment of women, but the treatment of what they call  ‘the Infidels’.  What person in  (what is sometimes referred to as their ‘right’ mind), meaning logical/rational mind would think that Allah their god would approve of their behaviour? If you were a logical and rational person, you would know that it is socially unacceptable to kill a person for any reason other than self-defence. This is permitted and is a known Gnostic fact.

There have been several high profile killings by Christians and Muslims alike that have been against their religious teachings, but they blatantly went ahead anyway, and the people of ‘faith’ went along with it. This is truly bizarre.

If every country was run by a Gnostic female, jails replaced with re-programming (at a cellular level) boarding schools, there would be worldwide peace. Not saying there wouldn’t be the odd skirmish here and there, but nothing like on the scale we are experiencing now. There is conflict all over the planet and 99% is instigated by men.

Religions that worship a single god do not worship or even know about the Great Creator God of all that is. The god of the Christian Faith is not the same God as the Great Creator God. A 4 year old mentality cannot comprehend this. If you look at the Hindu religion, you will find that they worship hundreds of gods, for different reason. There is the god/goddess of this and that and the other. They understand that there is a higher source that overrides all lesser gods; but THAT God is unknowable and all the gods they have named such as Vishnu, Shiva and Tara are gods that can be communicated with and their worship hopefully appreciated. As a Gnostic, when I say God I do not mean god or Jehovah, Allah, Buddha or Yahweh.  An atheist is closer to truth than anyone of religious faith. An Atheist does not worship any god, and neither is there any spiritual need to. However I am NOT Atheist I am Gnostic, understanding as does an Atheist that worship of a god and even God is unnecessary and useless. Prayer is not useless depending on how you pray, what you pray about/for and how you direct your prayer out into the ethers.

Men have ruled for far too long. Men have made a complete mess of themselves and the planet. They haven’t a clue how to govern and all they know is how to make money, invent, and declare war on nations they don’t like. Rape, pillage and steal whole countries and commit genocide in them. They invent bombs and WMD and then drop them on whoever they choose, without a thought of human suffering or spiritual consequence. They rape the ground and its inhabitants. I say men have done this; I am not referring to all men.

What media reported on the destruction of land and environment, climate change and pollution that Shock and Awe had on the planet? What right did America have to invade Iraq and then call the people who fought back, insurgents? Dictionary definition: noun, rebellion, uprising or riot. The so called insurgents were surely rising up against the invader. And what precisely would America do if it was invaded along the same lines? I need not give you an answer as you already know it.  You see the US can have nuclear weapons, and WMD. Yes, of course, we are American, we can have them. We are superior. We are a Super Power. But that is not logic, nor is it rational if you are not American. If it is wrong to have nuclear weapons, then it is wrong period. You can’t say, “I can have it, but you can’t.” 3 year olds squabbling over a toy may get away with that kind of behaviour. To be a Leader of a Nation and behave like that is a grossly immature style of governance.

Because the majority of people on the planet are only at a very average level of spiritual evolution, they are afflicted with the same level of immaturity and accept what governments decide to do and without a plebiscite.  A fault of a Democracy is that voting should not be compulsory and also one person, one vote. However this is only a quarter step forward/closer to good governance. It does at least ensure that those who are passionate about the candidate they like and honour will get their vote.  This leaves the politically ignorant free to go to the footy on voting day and not get fined or feel guilty. It is quite demoralising to know that in your electorate your vote did not count. 

There is no logical reason why we here in Australia, must follow the Westminster System of Law and Governance. The system is very flawed. In my Gnostic opinion it is an atrocity. When someone commits a heinous crime, we say that it is an atrocity. The Australian judicial system is the same, on same level. A system that can put an innocent person in jail for the rest of their life or 25 years, is an atrocity. Their life is now fucked. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Ok well it wasn’t lucked was it? Very bad luck. There is a karmic component here, however the system is creating more bad karma and it is a never ending story until CHANGE occurs.

And BTW, anyone who is shocked at my language, you would be better off being shocked at the way you think and your belief system. Not the arrangement of 4 letters. There is nothing in the word itself, only the way you use it. I never use it abusively. And God isn’t looking ‘down’ on me frowning.

The World had better wake up to the fact that we are on the brink of no return. Once the entire planet has been fracced, we are fucked. Definitely not lucked. Opposite of lucked is fucked. I have it on firsthand information from someone in the CSG industry, that the water table in parts of Australia is already polluted beyond repair. Not common knowledge. More destruction by men. This is the big one folks. Once we lose our water table we lose big time. Fraccing is occurring all over the world. It will mean life not as we knew it is a distinct possibility. With the prediction of no agriculture in the next decade, many people will die of starvation. The people who will survive will probably be all the Gnostics, because we have done a certain 31 Day Program and can live without food or water, living on air/prana alone. I have done this program. I am a Breatharian.

In conclusion, There are other planets and stars that have human like life, some less evolved than this one and some more spiritually evolved. My aim would be to reincarnate to another planet that has only highly evolved souls. No crime. No drugs and no drinking to excess and females in positions of leadership. Bliss.


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Emanuel Paparella2012-12-04 11:59:45
Intriguing stuff! The doctrine of salvation by knowledge, or gnosticism, is undoubtedly as old as Socrates' famous dictum “knowledge is virtue,” and probably even older going all the way back to the Babylonian mysteries. But then there is another contradictory dictum that has been making its rounds for some 2000 years or so within a Church which is just as old, that of Paul who says that “I know the good but I find myself doing evil.” Obviously there is a philosophical conundrum here having partly to do with what value we assign to mind and soul and body and whether or not our destiny is to become angels or pure spirit, and how they relate to each other, which is to say that at the very least there is another side to this coin, the side of orthodoxy and religion per se which also needs to be explored at the risk of throwing the baby out with the dirty water. It was none other than Jung who proclaimed that man is religious by nature and when he throws religion and faith out the window it will return promptly as a cult or a fanatical ideology.

In my opinion the best author to deal with this thorny issue of the dichotomy body and soul is G.K. Chesterton in his books Orthodoxy (especially in chapter 6 “The Paradox of Christianity, and chapter 8 “The Romance of Orthodoxy”) and The Everlasting Man. Those books are an intellectual quest by a spiritually curious person looking for an explanation to the mysteries of human existence based on the synthesis, or the paradox if you will, of both intuitive knowledge and on universal reason. I submit that the curious reader ought to familiarize her/himself with this other side of the issue and explore it thoroughly and then decide which is the most reasonable explanation and makes more sense.

In any case, not to reinvent the wheel here, let me refer the curious reader back to two of the most recent contributions on this issue I submitted to Ovi in August and September. One is titled “Substituting Spirituality and Sacred for Religion and Theism,” and the other is titled “The New Age Movement and the Sacred: A Universal Religion, or a mere Reinvention of the Wheel?”

Leah Sellers2012-12-05 04:38:34
Ms. Eleana,
Thank you for the Chuckle !
And you are right about the destructive Ripple Effect (Tectonic Plate Shifting, and ground and water poisonings) that will be brought about by fracking. Senseless ! We are destroying the Heaven that is the beautiful blue-green gemstone - Earth.
As for God/god/Goddess/goddess, when you (We All) look into the Mirror of Our Souls, Minds and Hearts, they are All there staring right back us, Chuckling.

Murray Hunter2012-12-05 06:46:07
Thanks, love the way you put things bluntly. Im a male and now thinking whether Im lucked or fucked. Gordon Gekko of Wall Street would certainly agree with you on that point. The question is does the planet you want to reincarnate to exist? As Fox Mulder would say "I want to believe", we all want to believe.

Eleana Winter-Irving2012-12-07 04:33:24
Ha ha ha ha ha, I love blogging.

Such a planet does exist, in fact there are numerous planets suitable for human life, especially those that don't need food or water.

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