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Rob Jenkinson's Letters from America #8 Rob Jenkinson's Letters from America #8
by Rob Jenkinson
2006-10-31 09:59:10
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Hello there readers, so life has been very busy. I found out that I was staying in a particularly rough part of Brooklyn called "Bed-sty", it wasn't too bad, but past 22:00 it turned into a playground for the mentally ill and non-scarily challenged.

I went to work on the Tuesday, jetlagged and confused and was told that I was going to spend that week in New York and then be shipped to Nashville, TN., on the Saturday, then back to New York to drive out to Long Island on the Sunday and that's where I'm writing to you from now.

I can't remember if I've told you what my occupation is (which isn't very good of me. How can I expect you to remember what I've written about if I can't?), but I work in Television, so I'm on the road filming for six weeks solid. Three in Long Island, and then back to Nashville for another three. It's pretty crazy, but not as crazy as I was going when I didn't have a job.

It's a shame that I didn't get more time in NYC though, I was just getting a feel for the place. In fact, it felt no different to me than London, as I said to a work colleague, "It's just like I'm still in London, but it's gone a bit weird and tall."

Anyway, I've been put up in a residence hotel, which means that it's a hotel room, but with a kitchen and place to do your laundry. So the result is that you feel like you're back at university and in dorms. There are loads of people around all the time doing work, but it's as if they're on a different course to you, so you ignore them. The only time you engage in any kind of small talk is when you're in the laundry room. In other words, it's awkward.

It's also like a half existence. Not so much for my colleagues, because they have permanent residences back in New York. Me, I'm waiting until I finish filming to find a nice place in New York in an area that doesn't threaten to hurt me.

It's nothing if not an adventure though, eh?

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Sand2006-10-31 09:54:49
When I lived in NYC back in 1998-2001 I found the rents relatively cheap in the northern end of Manhattan at the end of the A line in Washington Heights but the Spanish culture could be very noisy at night. Odd South American vegetables in the supermarkets made for interesting experiments. I found a place by going from one apartment house to another up and down each street for a week until I located a place. Rents are higher now but ten I paid $650 per month for two rooms and a kitchen and bath. Also one month advance plus one month under the table key money. A lot out in front but it was rent fixed.

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