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Very Disappointed with the 21st Century Very Disappointed with the 21st Century
by Eleana Winter-Irving
2012-11-29 07:31:28
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During the latter part of the 20th century, I saw a disturbing downward trend. There was a fear of another World War looming and many unethical practices going un-punished.

However, I saw the 21st century as a renewal, a correction of wrong doings and the increase of women in high places. I am glad to acknowledge the latter has been substantially achieved, though often under duress. It certainly has not reached the point of zenith.

We finally have a government that is willing to do the hard yards, but unfortunately the MSM (Mainstream media) either ridicule or sabotage most of the good things they try to do. What government has ever considered a Royal Commission into paedophiles and child abusers in the Church and other non-profit organisations? What other government ever said “sorry” to the Stolen Generation? What other government initiated the NBN? And what other government has sort advice and views of non-politicians? What other government ever tried to rehabilitate the Murray Darling Basin? Which government put our troops into Iraq and Afghanistan, which was an illegal war and which government is now bringing them back?

This ALP Government in Australia has been unfairly criticised many, many times over. It is true that some mistakes have been made and there have been decisions I have not agreed with. One regarding the treatment of Julian Assange and David Hicks for that matter. But tell me one government in the world that has never made one mistake during their term. Look at George W. Bush . The amount of mistakes he made were uncountable, yet he got re-elected. We have an Opposition Leader who is hell bent on becoming our next Prime Minister at ALL costs. He doesn’t care what he does or says to achieve it, yet there will still be people who will vote for him. He is sexist, rude and aggressive. Most women with a brain don’t like him and yes, he is misogynistic towards women in power, unless they cow tow to Him.

The disparity between rich and poor has only widened this century. No one has spoken about World War III, but there is so much conflict all over the planet, it may as well be. The Arab Spring is now the Arab Winter and what the activists had hoped for has not been achieved. The situation in Egypt is no better now than it was before the uprising. In fact, as I write, it could be a whole lot worse. Egypt was demonstrably a secular society, though many were Muslim and Christian. Now everyone will be forced to follow Islam and there will be nothing anyone can do about it, as activism will be outlawed. Egypt now has a Supreme Leader: Dictator in other words. His word is law. Women’s rights will be set back one hundred years. Muslims are still killing Muslims and Christians are still breaking their god’s 10 Commandments. Billions of people still blindly follow religions without any reasonable benefits.

People with genuine wisdom are generally poor; whilst those in the wealthy top 1% are generally prone to excessive greed and the power that goes with it.  People are still dyeing from contact sports and children and women are still being exploited. The slave trade that everybody thought had been stamped out is well and truly in existence and in my own country very disturbingly.

Corruption is rife in almost every country throughout the world. There are a few countries that I don’t know about such as Bhutan, where the Gross National Product is Happiness. What I do see is opposition in every respect. Opposition to government, opposition to extreme wealth, opposition to injustice, opposition towards females in high positions etc. etc. The problem lies within the self. Everyone with the exception of a very few, think they are right, and cannot stand to be challenged. They cannot agree to disagree. There are times when I am the same; times when I ‘know’ through being a Gnostic that what I ‘know’ IS right; and that those who disagree are plain ignorant of fact.

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Murray Hunter2012-11-29 10:37:49
Thanks Eleana for your little bit of optimism

Emanuel Paparella2012-11-29 10:53:30
In 1912, the year my father was born, the 19th century was still ongoing, deluding itself that ultimate progress had been achieved and things could only get better and better. Then came 1914 and World War I and the real beginning of the 20st century. In 1942, the year I was born there was a second full blown World War going on but still there were some at the end of such a century that called it the century of progress, inevitable progress and called themselves “Newropeans” and kept on deluding themselves that Utopia had broken out. Some, of a more pessimistic bent, say that this century began on its very first year with an act of terror which put an initial stamp on it: September 11, 2001. I prefer to be more optimistic. Perhaps the reverse of the 20th century will occur and in 2014 the real 21st century will begin and peace and charity and decency will break out. Of course that remains a hope and a fervent prayer, perhaps even an envisioning of another utopia, and those are surely not inevitable but still preferable to the reverse which may come about: a 21st century branded as the century of terror which may make the 20th look like a picnic of sort in comparison. Indeed, it is a bit too early and premature to pronounce a final judgment on the whole century but hope is born anew. Our attitudes may help shape our future. Time will tell. It always does.

Eleana Winter-Irving.2012-11-29 16:51:09
Murray, I haven't written about CSG and fraccing yet, It's in my next article. The planet is being destroyed at a terrifying rate and only a handful care.

Leah Sellers2012-12-01 01:14:16
Sister Eleana,
Ma'am, I deeply Understand your Intellectual Heart of Hearts (and Soul, if I may be so bold).
However, the Peoples of the World are genuinely having and participating in some very long due conversations about all of the things you mentioned and more. And many of the young people I speak to, who have not become too dispeptic, are becoming Activists of and for Change.
They are the upcoming generational Torch Bearers, and They need Sage-Mentors such as yourself, Brother Murray and Brother Emanuel.

Eleana Winter-Irving2012-12-02 07:18:13
Thank you Emanuel for your comments. I have been a Peace Activist for the past 40 years. Unfortunately, that time has passed for various reasons. Governments cannot be held accountable anymore and being an activist is not only dangerous, but hopeless. I am now pitching for women to come forward and take up their rightful positions in the World.

Emanuel Paparella2012-12-05 16:13:31
Indeed the omens are not good and nobody seems willing to listen to Cassandra types warning of a coming catastrophy. Let's hope the feminist deep ecological movement saves us but I kind of doubt it... As Heidegger put it: only a god can save us now. Food for thought.

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