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Anti-heroes 4ever Anti-heroes 4ever
by Juliana Elo
Issue 4
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In the beginning, there was the hero, the bad guy and the woman. The bandit was bad to the bone, dirty, with teeth missing. The hero was the nice guy, waxed hair, always ready to give his life to save a cat from the top of the tree, the one who came to save the woman. The woman, well nobody really cared about that poor creature’s feelings; she had to fall in love with the nice guy, marry him and live happily ever after. One day they realized that life wasn’t so black and white and, to the joy of the womankind, they created the anti-hero.

A good anti-hero is not there to save anybody they are “to die for”, but, still, they save the whole movie. The Pirates of Caribbean would easily have been forgotten if there hadn’t been Johnny Depp as Capitan Jack Sparrow. I can tell from all the writing on the wall in the women’s bathroom in the movies that anti-heroes are the most written about.

It doesn’t matter the age, gender or religion, everybody loves anti-heroes. Ask your grandma whom was she cheering to be with Scarlett O’Hara, in Gone with the Wind: Rhett Butler or…who was the other guy? Never mind, she will say Rhett anyway.

Tell me if your dad doesn’t think Clint Eastwood is “the guy”. He immortalised movies, such as The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, A Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More, while anti-hero characters immortalised him. Whom do you think your niece prefers: Prince Charming or Shrek?

Anti-heroes don’t want to put down roots anywhere, but we refuse to let them go. It’s been 43 years since Bond, James Bond, has kept coming back and is always warmly received by the public. The very first one, Dr. No, immediately gave Sean Connery’s career acclaim, and who among us isn’t waiting for the fourth Indiana Jones movie? We all want to believe when Lucasfilm say they are working on the next movie. We’ve been listening to that for 15 years now, but we still have hope.

What about Mr. Anti-hero himself, Mel Gibson? Three-times Mad Max, four times a Lethal Weapon, with a bonus like What Women Want and Maverick, he pleases both men and women, young and old, Palestinians and Israelis, Greeks and Trojans.

We don’t need another hero, but anti-heroes are always welcome.

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The autor2008-05-29 23:27:36
Well, forget about the Israelis...

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