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World Pasta Day World Pasta Day
by The Ovi Team
2021-10-25 05:50:33
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October 25th. World Pasta Day is the day which is celebrated on 25th October every year. The chief purpose of World Pasta Day is to encourage the nutritional and culinary advantages of the pasta. Eating the Italian food is pleasure of travelling in the Italy. Regions of Italy and some of the towns that have the extraordinary pasta sole to that region as Ligurian croxeti shown on right.

pasta01_400Pasta is the wide part of Mediterranean and the Italian diet. The people of Italy eat more of the pasta than anyone in the entire world. Italy also makes near about 1/3rd of the pasta which is consumed globally. It is also supposed that pasta- manufactured utensils are found in the earlier Roman archaeological sites and the Etruscan tombs making that the pasta is eaten by the people of Italy for long time.

This special World Pasta Day was started in the year 1995 in Rome. The worldwide panel is paying its attention for promoting all the nutritional advantages of the pasta in the entire world. After two years, this day was legitimately declared as the World Pasta Day.

In spite, what the famous fashion diets has claimed in the current years, the foods which is enriched with the carbohydrates as the pasta and also the other foods that are enriched with carbohydrates are nutritious and well- organized mode to fuel body with the energy which is long- lasting. They are enriched with vitamin- B which is very much necessary for the cell formation, mental alertness, and energy conversion and is also very helpful in boosting immune system.

Pasta is the worldwide food which is found on all the five continents. It is the essential part of pyramid of the Mediterranean diet. When pasta is combined with the vegetables, legumes, cheese, olive oil, and fish and is dressed in the varied sauces. Pasta has the further health- promoting advantages. The studies of the scientists have confirmed that this diet is gold standard of the patterns of the healthy eating pasta is the ideal meal for every one. Following are some of the principles which are based on the ideas:

On October 25th every year, World Pasta Day is celebrated in shape of the promotional initiatives in the diverse countries of entire world.

The main objective of World Pasta Day is to draw the consumer and the media attention towards the pasta. The fact is that pasta is international food, which is consumed in all the 5 continents. Pasta has the unquestionable qualities. Pasta is also appropriate for the healthy and dynamic life style and also is very much capable for meeting the high- level food and the requirements of the primary food.

Each country celebrates the World Pasta Day in supreme autonomy, whereas respecting the worldwide strategy and also making the full use of administrative logo of event.

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Emanuel Paparella2012-10-25 12:02:26
Long live pasta, but let us remember that not by pasta alone does man live, and that pasta has a double meaning in Italian: it can also mean pastry, and too much of that is not good for those of us with diabetes. So, be careful as to which "pasta" you eat!

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