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Jane of Thought: Thinker in the twilight zone 2 Jane of Thought: Thinker in the twilight zone 2
by Jane Eagle
2006-10-27 09:51:59
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A person's mind is continuously tortured by the eventual pause of his mental hypostasis. At this point, the faith in after death life puts on its fabulous low-cut gown. The person is relieved the moment he comes around that his existence will never be ceased, that he will always possess his self-conscience.

How gullible.

I don't find a real point in believing passionately in a ghost perception. Nothing proves the continuation of life after we die and that is a fact that all of us take for granted. Hmmm…No not each and everyone, I just remembered my neighbour who claims he has spiritual communication with Napoleon. So here, I come to this point:

Death is absolute therefore tackled with dogma. Consequences: Let's lay by the consumption of precious time and mental energy - the attachment of an individual to a spectral idea makes him more receptive in all kind of convictions, hence also more gullible.

That is to say: If you believe in the eternal spirit why not give prestige in testimonies of people that claim they saw or heard zombies jumping out of the grave or in photographs that portray foggy spirits, etc.

Wanna fight me back? "Who told you that all these people do in fact lie, that these photographs have been Photoshopped? Haven't you been asking for proof?" Oh! I guess then that here also applies same thing with the fairies. You will see fairies butterflying only if you believe in them.

Why should each one of us have an opinion for the after death situation of the human being? I become more conscious, cooler toward hard reality?

Sure, of course, theories like after death life or these of the metempsychosis redeem the persons, who live in difficulties, who are miserable, feeble-souled – they do need some ground to step on and feel safe. For example, some of them suffer from incurable illnesses, so they draw courage from a metaphysical fidelity.

Thus, I include the faith in the after death life in the same category with the faith in religions: Theoretically, we do not need to believe, but a certain human group cannot make differently.

Our life as a film simply: Beginning and end.

In the film after two hours of action come the titles of end that however do not concern in the least the plot of the movie, the characters, the happiness or their infelicity, the result of the story. Therefore, why should they concern us for an entire 80 years?

Do not misunderstand me, I don't reject ghost tales, Halloween, no! I don't want Tim Burton to quit shooting atmospheric films, but yeah ok enough… Now this article's kinda moody, doesn't sound Jane-glish, hmm, whatever!

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Sand2006-10-26 10:36:15
The problem with the life after death nonsense is that it detracts from the real problems of dealing with the problems of life now.

Jane E.2006-10-26 19:44:43
Yeah, exactly.

Chris2006-10-28 01:16:52
From the Twilight Zone Perspective, how can we assume that we live and must die, when there is no way to be sure whether we are the dead, being told we will again live?

Jane E.2006-10-28 20:54:04
Oh is that like when we wonder: what if dreaming is actually living, while sometimes we're dreaming of the reality.

It's all about naming. If we'd call the "life", "death", we could really assume that we are most certainly dead. Hehehehe...

Chris2006-10-29 03:05:04
Are you speaking from the Twilight Zone, Jane, or from the norm?

Jane E.2006-10-29 03:38:55
Jane---> Just a thinker in the twilight zone :)

Chris2006-10-31 00:27:13
Think on through to the other side. . . .

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