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Folks, Please. Let's Get Real! Folks, Please. Let's Get Real!
by Leah Sellers
2012-10-15 08:13:13
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What’s all of this Stuffy Guff ‘n Malarkey around Vice President Biden’s Grinning, Feisty Style during the Debate with Mr. (Congressman - shhhhh, don‘t tell anyone) Ryan ?!
Mr. Romney’s Style was very Cool, Slick and Glossy during his Debate with President Obama (who was serious and technocratic).  So Cool, Slick and Glossy that those in the Listening audience, who have not had the Opportunities to follow the True Policies of the two Individuals involved in the Debate were Fooled - were Hoodwinked by each and every one of  Mr. ( governor and Vulture Capitalist Bain CEO) Romney’s outright Lies and Prevarications of his True Intentions toward the American People.

How Mr. Romney and the Republican party Intend to ‘Stick It To”: Women, the Middle Class, the Working Poor, the Jobless Poor, the Veterans, the Students and Education, the Elderly and Retirees, Medicare and Medicaid, those with Pre-existing Maladies and/or Injuries, the disabled, the disenfranchised, the disadvantaged…).  Everyone they have Stated on Record to be the 47% (Americans who do not want to take responsibility for ThemSelves or their Lives) (and 30% Takers) these two ‘gentle(?)men’ consider to be sniveling Parasites and Termites.
There’s nothing wrong with Feisty Passion.  Especially when taking a Stand for what You Believe in or Know to Be the Truth, and Calling Out - Ferreting Out a Lie or Prevarication of another’s True Intentions and  Action-in-Waiting.
Otherwise, the Cool, Slick and Glossy will slide right through the dark and hidden cracks of Everyone’s Reality.
Please, Folks, let’s get Real and Keep It Real.
By the way, as a reminder of the True Intentions of Mr. (governor and Vulture Capitalist Bain CEO) Romney, Mr. (secret Congressman ?) Ryan, and the Republican Party and 1%ers they have Chosen to fully support and represent (because many of the 1%er’s have Chosen to fully support and represent Romney, Ryan and the Republicans) while sacrificing the 30% to 47% they have written off as Losers, Takers, and Sheeple not wanting to Take Responsibility for their puny, insignificant and uselessly Un-Profitable (?) Lives to their gluttonous Wants, Desires and Corporate Regimes (Baaa !!); here’s an example of Today’s Modern Bain Corporation’s Profit (Only) Seeking Mentality and Machinations.
In Freeport, Illinois, Bain Capital has decided to close a Plant and lay off  the Plant’s American Workers in order to move the Plant and Work over to China.
Then cruelly and inhumanely, they brought the Chinese Workers who will be taking over the “Let Go” (pink-slipped) American Workers to Freeport, Illinois in order for the “Let Go” (pink-slipped) American Workers to Train them in the very Jobs they are Taking Away from them.  Blink !  Blink !
Also, while the Chinese were being taught how to Take Over the American Workers jobs (because they live in a country that does not offer “a Fair Day’s Wage for a Fair Day’s Work”) the American Flag, which brandished the Illinois Plant was taken down and replaced by the Chinese Flag.
Perhaps, it would have been better to have the Chinese flag hung beside the American flag in order to Create a more Symbolically (and possibly Psychologically) Cooperative, and less Oppressive Environment ?
Instead, every American within that Freeport, Illinois, Bain manipulated Plant was Dis-Gracefully Dis-Respected and Diminished Twice.
This is Out-Sourcing at its Best (Worst) !
Mr. (governor and Vulture Capitalist Bain CEO) Romney, and the 1%er’s he is a part of and is Wed to don’t Care about the Sovereignty of Nations.  They are Seeking to Create Corporate Owned and divied-out Territories.  Corporate Territories ruled by the Plutocratic, Autocratic, Tyrannical King and Queen Cons of the Planet’s 1%er’s.

The 1%er’s (Mega-Corporations, Mega-Banks and their Political, Judicial, Economic, and Military Mega-Cronies and Cohorts) only Care about the Sovereign Profitability and Value of their Holdings, Investments and Investors.  EveryThing and EveryOne else is an Afterthought.  A Glitch on their Ledger Sheets to be Used-Up and Erased.
Their Global Fiscal Games and Economic Shake-ups are rumblingly and grumblingly on the Quaking Move.  It’s an Ancient (and ever so tiresome) Re-Occurring Tectonic Trend.
Globally, Corporate Welfare is far more popular and supported than Subsidies for the 99%er’s seeking a Level Playing Field and Upward (and Outward) Mobility and Sustainability for themselves and their Children.
Like it or not Re-Distribution of Global Wealth is and has already Taken (quite literally) place.  Re-Distribution to the 1%ers and their Cronies and Cohorts.  And they have no Intention of Allowing Re-Distributional Balance to Shift away from them.
The Bail-Outs did not dip far enough into the very Deep Waters of Our Global Economic woes brought about by the 1%ers not totally Thinking through the Ethical, Moral and very Real Life-Quaking Ripple Effects their Tricky-Picky-Quicky Economic offerings, great deals and algorithms they were Playing, and tempting the 99%ers with would eventually have (or have not)).
The 1%ers Profited Mightily and very Comfortably from the Bail-Outs.  The 99%ers barely felt any change at all, and many (if not most) were Economically very Un-Comfortable or Devastated.
Then the 1%ers went into Fear Mode or Let’s Be Even More Greedy and Make Even More Profit Mode and refused to loosen up their Fistfuls and Bagsful of Money to loan (once again placing the 99%ers into even more goofy indebtedness in order to Get Ahead or Start a New Business) or lowering mortgages for the 99%ers in order for them to be able to hang onto their Homes and the Lives within their Communities that they had Created for themselves.
No, no, no !  Instead, the 1%ers preferred Foreclosures !  Empty, Abandoned Homes being torn up by Marauding Strangers or merely Falling Apart from disuse or being sold off to Housing Hawks at ridiculously low prices to be sold off at much higher prices to some other Lucky Ducky or Un-Lucky Sucker.
No, no, no !  Instead the 1%ers preferred Outsourcing and Small Businesses going Belly Up.
And so on, and so on………
The Singularly Cooperative Voices of the People, and the Singularly Cooperative Egalitarian, Just and Liberty Creating Governments they are Seeking to Form (and in some cases Re-Form) Maintain, Rule and Guide themselves with are the Cornerstone Keys to the return of Free Markets which Benefit EveryOne.
Yep, better pay Attention to Whom and What Policy-Makers and Law-Makers you’ve been Voting for, Folks.  Your Vote is Your simultaneously Singular and Collective Energetic Voice.
Cogs within Cogs and Wheels within Wheels.  It’s Time to Get Real and Keep It Real.

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Emanuel Paparella2012-10-15 09:06:04
Indeed Leah, if I may add another observation to what you have stated above, this was a debate between two Catholics politicians who claim to be good Catholics, to have the full support of their Church (the body of Christ, not a political institution) and to devoutly follow its doctrine. But if that be the case, then we have a schizophrenic Catholicism which teaches both Ayn Rand’s philosophy of selfishness, social Darwinism declared a virtue, and distributive justice with the preferential treatment of the poor and the downtrodden. Which is it? For as Aristotle taught us in his logical principle of non-contradiction, a thing cannot be and not be at the same time. To attempt an answer to the question, which may at first appear a trick question, one could ask the nuns on the bus who have been trying to talk to Paul Ryan for a while now, but alas, they have long ago been thrown under the bus by the Rand-reading social-Darwinist “Catholics,” or one could read at least one of the social encyclicals of the Popes in the last one hundred years or so; better still, one could read both Rand’s “Virtue of Selfishness” and at least one of the social encyclicals of the last one hundred years. Having done that it then becomes relatively easy to determine who, of the two politicians, is the genuine Catholic and Christian and who is the hypocritical pseudo-Christian.

Leah Sellers2012-10-16 00:34:58
Dear Brother Emanuel,
Sir, I know (and respect the fact) that you Love the Religion of Catholicism. But, Dear Brother, you are a Man of Emotive Reasoning casting your Precious Pearls before the Greedy, Lustful Primal Instincts of the Beasts of Falsely Reasoned's Un-Reasonings. Therein lies the Contradiction which pains you so. Confusingly and erratically, they can and do co-exist simultaneously
There is a Reason that Gluttony (especially for Power0 rates among the Seven Deadliest Sins. The Greed of Power Gluttons has killed Individuals and Civilizations throughout the Ages.
That's why it is so important to Call it out. To Blow the Horns of Jericho shattering the Seductive Protective Walls the Power Gluttons hide behind.
Questions like yours, and discussions like those exchanged in Ovi and elsewhere are Vital for the Global Change in Course Seekers of Liberty, Justice and Opportunity for All Yearn for, and want to Live by, to Stand a Chance of continued Existence.
Thank you for your Intelligent and Passionate Explorations of Con-Science.

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