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Beware of Angela bearing gifts Beware of Angela bearing gifts
by Thanos Kalamidas
2012-10-09 08:37:00
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The last thirty years I have met and occasionally worked with a big number of politicians in every level of the political life – from local to national to international level - and in many different countries. All of them despite ideological differences wanted the best for the people and all of them had one thing in common, they thought they knew what the people need. Every single one of them had long lost any connection with the people.

Politics is a full time job for the ones who practices it and it covers every single minute of their life including even the times they are not there. And politics is a place where things happening for them people often without the people, all for their own good. I’m not going to go to the extreme cynic side of politics where politicians have their own agendas that occasionally serve interests and not necessarily have anything to do with the good of the people but their own good. Let’s stop to the point where politicians and especially the ones who ‘champion’ the sport have lost their touch with the people inside a world of bureaucracy and power games with political agendas and their information is nearly always second-hand. Most of the democratic elected prime ministers and presidents belong to this category and the old tale where the king was wearing plain clothes mingling with the common folk to find out what people really think belongs to the sphere of mythology. And in Europe this minute Angela Merkel is one of those champions.

Angela Merkel is locked in a small world with numbers, surveys, agendas and strategies where people represent plain numbers and loses are negative digits. Not her fault, unfortunately that’s how this thing works and she’s in exactly the same boat with most in her position including from Barack Obama to David Cameron and Francoise Hollande. Perhaps in one point – in their beginning - they had a touch with the people but power corrupted that leaving them with this second hand information.

Second hand information when it comes to the ones who hold the power has a long part in world’s history. Unbelievable mistakes have happened all during history because of this second hand information. Usually the court wanting to keep the ruler happy they give manipulated information according to their agendas or to what they think the ruler wants to hear. Excuses for that plenty, including the one that it is for the best of the …people. The rise and fall of thousands personas in history have happened due to this second-hand information. Angela Merkel is going to Athens full of this second –hand information some of it – as the German media and in extent the rest of the international media have shown – full of prejudice.

The German Chancellor is also carrying three packages with her. The pressure of the German electoral body that often manipulated from populists or certain media has become hostile to situation blaming Greece for everything and threatening her re-election, the pressure form the Euro that is divided between the majority that demands a more active role from the chancellor to support the common currency and a minority that supports isolation of an elitist group ignoring the fact that in a global economy isolation is not a solution. And finally the pressures she gets from outside Europe – mainly USA – for an immediate solution, again as a result of the domino effect in global economics.

Having these three issues pressuring her, the German chancellor is going to Greece first of all to show to her compatriots that she is a strong leader who can stick to her decisions under any pressure internal or external therefore she’s the only solution for an economic problem that is not only Greek and can influence economic realities in Germany and all around Europe. That she cares for the people and in this case for the Greek people – doesn’t matter how second-hand is her input – and she cares for the future of Europe and the common currency reinsuring allies and foes, minorities and majorities that she’s there following the problems and the solutions constantly trying to find solution from the common good. And this is very important stand since the division has expanded beyond Brussels even to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) where disagreements regarding on how the situation is handled have become hourly issue.

The third peruse, the one coming from USA is far stronger and more serious and oddly we often miss in Europe. The pressure has softened somehow the last couple of months but this is mainly due to the American elections. But the show is nearly finishing in a month and regardless who is going to be the new president to pressure will return and it will return far heavier than ever before. The global economy dream of the 1990s where America was the captain and the skipper has in a very twisted way succeeded but only with its negative side. Even though markets haven’t managed to merge yet, only periodically and often coincidentally, every single economic damage has led into small dominos. When the land market and the mortgages market nearly collapsed in USA it took a year or more to hit Europe and when Europe started recovering from the hit Euro became the next contagious danger that reaching the states fast. And the USA doesn’t want that especially now with the economy not in the strongest point. So when the pressure will really come it will be really heavy and Angela knows that.

Now the Greek side leading the Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras knows all that, they know that Angela Merkel is not just doing a trip to Athens. But they also know the reality of the Greek economy and the reality the Greek people live. In their case there is no room for second-hand information and if there is any it will be at least lethal. And instead of thinking that the anger of the people demonstrating in the centre of Athens might give the wrong impression to the reporters from all around the world, the German chancellor and the German delegation she should use it as one more chance to explain to the chancellor – who that moment doesn’t represent only Germany but the whole global economic status quo – the reality the people do and he can do that moving the pressure of one an a half million unemployed or the 25% of the Greek population from his shoulder to hers and increase her pressures for solution that for one time might help the Greek people.

In the few hours Angela Merkel will stay in Greece the Greek prime minister has the golden chance with the Greek people demonstrating their anger in the streets of Athens not to explain the Greek economic reality but show her the Greek people reality. Instead of showing her numbers and accountings to show her pictures of kids fainting at school because they are hungry and the desperation of the 50% of the Greek youth that is unemployed this minute. He can show her the cues in the public cuisine NGOs, municipalities and the church have establish in the neighbourhoods and the dramatic number of people who live in the streets.

And by the way it will be good to point to her how much the European allies in the name of the infamous solidarity have profited from Greece this moment and he has both the proves and the number to show her. And the first who profited was her very own country followed by other loyal allies like Finland which brassily profited even with the collateral measures ready to profit even from the death of a …partner.

It’s time for an answer and if the German chancellor is coming to Greece bearing gifts for her compatriots, allies and partners it is about time for the Greeks to return all those phony gifts back and keep their dignity. And for a change it is time to answer to all this first hand prejudice that has overwhelm hurting every single Greek this minute everywhere in this globe.


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