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Local elections with European colour Local elections with European colour
by Ergo te Lina
2006-10-19 10:14:46
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In the municipality of Vamos (Chania-Crete), the pre-elections speeches and pamphlets were also in English because many of the assembled voters of Vamos emanate from countries inside the European Union and have the right to vote in the elections on Sunday.

The fact that 200 of the voters in Vamos are permanent residents of the region and are non-Greek has imposed pre-election concentrations in two languages, such as the printing of pamphlets in Greek and English.

"We want to know what is going on in the place where we now live permanently," said Mr Tommy Lane, an English permanent resident of Vamos, "We read the programme of the candidate mayor in English and we are informed about his plans, so we can ask appropriate questions and know what is better for the municipality and for us.,"

In the Municipality of Vamos, the last year's rapid increase in population has been through the hundreds of English and German pensioners buying houses and moving to the region.

Beyond the vote, the candidate mayor is compelled to also hear the complaints from the non-Greeks, who face problems that could be resolved in their own countries. Additionally, one English, one German and one Austrian also appear in the lists of candidate mayors alongside Mr Michelakis.

Gûl Beyaz Karahasan from the Muslim minority stunned Greek society by receiving a dream 33% in the prefecture of Drama-Kavala-Xanthi, which is especially good considering she comes from the Socialist party. In my region, I voted for a Lebanese man named Fadi Boufahredin, who is a 43-year-old father of two. Fadi works in Plastika Kritis where he began as a worker and was then promoted at the head of Exports-Sector.

Greece is by no means the only EU country with a large foreign voter base. 129,989 non-Spanish European residents in Spain will vote in this month's European Elections, which is over double the 64,900 that voted in the last European elections almost five years ago. What's going on in your local elections? Are there many foreigners participants?

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