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The Nature of Trolls The Nature of Trolls
by Leah Sellers
2012-10-04 10:10:20
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A Group of Elitist Trolls take a lumbering Stand and bullish Charge for Money and Mega-Corporations Being a Single Entity called People ( the Supreme Citizen‘s United‘s Law, the Statewide Anti-Voting Rights Laws, the Statewide Anti-Women‘s Rights Laws, etc…), and give it, through the Money they pay-out to lobbyists, lawyers, in-the-pocket- legislators and the occasional ejudicator, the Roar of the Law-of-the-Land.
The Ripple Effects of these premeditated Actions Give those with More Money (ching !  ching !) and the Bosses who Own Mega-Corporations (who Own even more and other companies and corporations) a much louder Vocal (and Game Changing) Roar, and Power of the Voting Voice, throughout the Land.
Elitist Trolls propagandize and manipulatively thunp and whump, and huff and puff, their voracious Wills through the radio airwaves, boob-tube pixel-waves and internet surfing turf waves Their Self (not primarily Other-Centered) agendas, and Puppet Vocal Echoes of Their wishes and desires, because Money has been given a dis-proportional Gale of Wind behind Their Troll Roars.
A Single 99% Troll writes an Article or Story - or ‘Stirs the Pot’ of the Workings of the Elitist Trolls Intentions and Actions on the Internet, on various Blog Sites or Internet Magazines in order to Stimulate Awareness, Discourse, Intentions and Actions to Rise-Up and Protect the Voices and Empowerments of the Many, the 100%, in order to Nurture and Sustain some semblance of a Balance of Powers and Basic Human Rights for All, and They, too, Create a Roar, an Empowering Voice which strives against All Forms of Dis-Enfranchisement.
EveryOne, who Stands Up and gives Voice to their Opinion - their Belief - their Experience - their Idea is a Troll.
We, All of Us, have an Inner-Troll that will emerge from its Cave or from out of the very Ground we’re grounded upon to Roar, Thump and Whump, Stomp and Clomp, Huff and Puff, Wheeze and Glare at Folks or Actions/Non-Actions which Dis-Please our raw-boned Troll sensibilities.
Yep, there’s no way around it.  It’s inevitable.  Trolls will always be in the “Poke ‘em With A Stick” Behavioral Modification business of feeding other Trolls.  It’s the Nature of Oppositional Free Speech.  It’s the Nature of Trolls.

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