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We love Europe, project We love Europe, project
by Thanos Kalamidas
2012-10-01 10:56:49
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ovicover_30_09_12_400We don’t usually publish letters and requests in Ovi magazine. But there is always the exception that proves the rule and this time the exception had all the good spirit and cause. We all have to admit that the last three years - perhaps more - the financial situation in Europe has increased our cynicism about the European dream. In Ovi magazine we try to remind that Europe is far beyond the common currency but sometimes even I feel that we are fighting a lost battle.

And then a letter comes from a group of six-graders and their teacher with the title …we love Europe. And these 25 six-graders from Barcelona remind us that Europe is so many more things and instead of looking what separates us we should focus on what brings us together and that is common roots in a common continent with common history.

These 25 six-graders from Barcelona and their teacher also reminded me something from Greek history. When Greece was freed from the Ottoman Empire in 1820s the people eager to free more enslave parts of the country and still having the battle in their mind asked a very famous general where the future lies. And he – General Kolokotronis the name – instead of showing weapons and guns pointed to the people the place where the new Athens University was under contraction saying, “this is where our future lies!”

I sincerely hope and call you to help these 25 six-graders from Barcelona with their project sending them preferably as they ask postcards and information about cultures, customs and habits. Finally I like to congratulate an inspiring teacher, Mr. Toni Comajoan who obviously has put a lot of thought – especially during the hard times Spain is going through – and a lot of work to help and motivate his students.

The letter:

We are 25 sixth-grade students writing to you from the Quatre Vents Elementary School in Manlleu, a city located in Catalonia, Spain, about 70Km from Barcelona. Our class has students from Catalonia, other countries in Europe and Africa. Together with our teacher, we are working on a project titled: WE LOVE EUROPE. The goal of this project is to know as many cultures, countries, landscapes, and customs as possible from all over Europe. For our project we would like to receive as many postcards as possible from all over Europe to know what your city is like (or your landscape, your food, culture, etc.).

We promise to work really hard with the postcards and with the project. Please send the postcards with your information about where you live to the following address:

6th-grade class. Quatre Vents Elementary School.
Avinguda Pirineus, 19, 08560-Manlleu.
Barcelona. Catalonia, Spain.

Thank you for your cooperation. We Love Europe!

And Mr. Toni Comajoan has added to his letter that “We are very eager to know better other countries, cultures, landscapes, customs, and so on.”

So, just send a postcard!

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Emanuel Paparella2012-09-30 13:32:06
As a Europhile I will be sending a card, form one continent to another. After all they were geographically one many million years ago...

Congratulations to the students of Quatre Vents Elementary school who have more to teach us than our cynical politicians...

Alan2012-09-30 13:59:25

Leah Sellers2012-10-01 06:47:21
Dear Thanos and Ovi Crew,
Ya'll are wonderful !
As are the teachers and children involved with this worthy project of the Heart, Mind and Soul.
I am happily sending them a card this week.

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