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Democracy was Greek but also Greek was Ephialtes Democracy was Greek but also Greek was Ephialtes
by Thanos Kalamidas
2012-09-14 08:26:11
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Democracy is a Greek word but also is tyranny. Dictatorship and dictator are two more Greek words but my compatriots in a constant denial try to forget. Winston Churchill called Greeks heroes and the 300 Spartans have become symbol of bravery a courage but we also forget that Ephialtes, the one who betrayed his compatriots by showing the Persian forces a path around the allied Greek position at the pass of Thermopylae, was Greek as well. Greeks were also the collaborators of the Nazi occupation army responsible for hundreds, perhaps thousands deaths of compatriots. But we avoid mentioning them. Despite the fact that they were always there.

Even in modern times it was Greeks who raped democracy for aygh01_400seven years – its only forty years ago for my compatriots with short memory – killing hundreds, torturing thousands and raping unknown number; not to mention the thousands who lived in exile in Greece and abroad. They were all Greeks.

The following examples of contemporary Greeks and if they remind you other similar incidents from history it is NOT coincidental; what incidents …well, I leave it to you.

The last few weeks men in groups all wearing black, calling themselves “storm battalions”, led by parliamentarians of a certain party attack anybody that can even slightly remind them a non-Greek. The parliamentarians for a good reason, they use their parliamentarian immunity as an umbrella for those common crimes. They work in teams because for the obvious reasons as petit criminals they are also cowards. They also have always an excuse giving alibi to each other, they were there “coincidentally” just enjoying the sunset or the moon.

aygh02_400The last few weeks groups of those very same men in black with the usual parliamentarians on the lead, have attack outdoor markets breaking the movable kiosk and hitting anybody who is not Greek. The last few weeks the very same men in black with the usual parliamentarians on the lead have attacked any movement or anti-racist demonstration.

The last few weeks groups of those men in black have attacked individuals in the streets, threaten shop owners, families, women and kids just because they don’t look Greek enough to them.

The last few weeks citizens believing that the police will not react to their calls in front imaginary or real threats instead of calling the legal representatives of the state for policing and securing they call the men in black who take action threatening, hitting and torturing anybody who is against to what they consider “them”. You see this minute Greece is shared in us and them. And the problem does not stop to the men in black but expands to the people who call them.

Hard to believe it but the association of the outdoor markets’ retailers thank publicly the neo-Nazis for their help to kick out of their – their as they own it – markets the foreigners. Pay attention, they didn’t say, the illegal; they said the foreigners. And if somebody is illegal in these markets the law says that they are fined with a penalty and a warning. But been a foreigner is obviously a capital crime for them and the law doesn’t apply for them.

aygh03_400And you might ask what the police are doing. The police in Greece are the one of the two most corrupted institutions. The other is justice. And democracy will never work with those two institutions being the cancer of democracy. The majority of the policemen and their officers moonlight with the men in black. In the last elections the neo-Nazis took 85% in the electoral centre next to the police headquarters in Athens and it is common secret that to become policeman in Greece ideologically – important part of the CV – you must belong at least to the extreme right; been a neo-Nazi is a plus advantage. And because you might wander about the justice I mentioned the true is that the majority of the people who consist the judicial system in Greece used to be judges during the dictatorship sentencing thousands to exile, to prison, to torture, rape and death. Nowadays it is their sons, you see justice in Greece is family business and the title is hereditary.

So the corrupted police obeying orders from their ideological masters boycott everything until changing their uniforms to the ones of the “storm battalions”. Common criminals, conspirators and traitors of the Greek people, the contemporary Ephialtes we try to deny their existence.

I’m Greek and I’m very proud I’m Greek. I’m proud of Aristotle and I’m proud of Socrates. I miss Greece every minute I’m abroad, I miss the sun, and I miss the sunsets and the sea. But my compatriots keep me away, in exile. And lately they are doing it violently. Lately it came a survey that shown the Golden Dawn, – Χρυσή Αυγή – the neo-Nazi party, rising even more from the last elections to double digits. Despite all the excuses about the recession, the misery and the despair the situation has brought upon Greece, the truth is that these monsters, these traitors of democracy, these Ephialtes were always there. we were in denial. We didn't want to see them even though we all knew that they were hiding under the umbrella and shadow of others.

The truth is that there is a percent with double digits in Greece that are fascists, traitors, cowards, Ephialtes and common criminals. And we always knew it and we were hiding it under the denial that we discover democracy forgetting that we also discovered tyranny and dictatorship.


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Emanuel Paparella2012-09-14 09:49:11
Indeed Thanos. Much to think about in your comments. It seems to me that we ought never forget that Socrates was sentenced and executed “democratically,” even if, nobles oblige, he was given the option to go into exile…

Free speech has always been found frightening and disturbing by those who have an ideology to sell. Paradoxically, even the idea of “democracy” can be sold as an ideology but Socrates gives the most lucid example of when it is genuine and when it is fake. The test is simple: is one willing to die for one’s beliefs and ideas? After all, what was Socrates doing that corrupted so much the youth of Athens. That was the trumped up false charge at any rate. Nothing more than questioning basic assumptions, something that any citizen of any truly democratic polity has a right to do.

The villains who prosecuted and executed Socrates could have countered his free speech with their own free speech; instead they countered it with violence and injustice. That is the surest way to fascism and tyranny.

Leah Sellers2012-09-14 16:37:05
Brilliant, Thanos !
Indeed, dear Brother, democracy is the nemesis of tyranny. Tyranny is the dark side of the opposite bright side of the Moon.
Democracy demands Balance. When the leaders are no longer listening to the Voice of the People then We the People truly Become sheeple under the hook and rod of tyranny.
We do not have to march into the oblivion of chaos, war and annihilation. It truly is a Choice that each Nation must make to Walk Away from the Fear MOngers and War MOngers who are seeking to manipulate us all for their own needs, excesses and designs.

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