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Football terrorism? Football terrorism?
by Thanos Kalamidas
2006-10-18 10:11:33
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Here I was listening to the game in total concentration, the Serbians had the ball and I started to worry, the goalkeeper catches and I take a deep breath. Wednesday night and I am following my national team on the radio playing a qualifier game for the European Football Cup.

I was thrilled, I was excited and I wanted to relive the days of 2004 when Greece was on the way for their first European cup. I wanted to scream, "Let's do it all over again, another cup!" The first goal came just seven minutes from the beginning of the game and then I started praying, "Let's go for a second," make sure, make it an early victory, when suddenly the sound of the crowd disappeared and a very serious voice announced, "We apologise for the break, but something has happened in New York…an airplane seems to have hit a building."

That was it. Cold sweat crossed my forehead, I was numb and I could not move my arms. It had happened again! The woman continued, "We are getting pictures from the international news agency and we can see a building on fire…when we have more news we will inform you."

Suddenly there was a change in the voice of the man who was commenting on the game. It was and it wasn't the same man that had screamed a few minutes earlier at the top of his voice, "Goal!" I wasn't the same either. The game was not so important. I just sat waiting for the next news break. My mind had already started filling with the memories from five years ago. It was just a month ago that we saw everything again on our television screens at an international memorial. It was just weeks.

The woman's voice came back again, "The US police announced that it is not likely that it was a terrorist act, but planes from the US Air Force are in the air for any contingency." I tried to find something on the internet, while the game was back on. There were only breaking news headlines; no pictures and none of them were saying anything new only that they thought a helicopter had crashed into a building.

I didn't know if it was one, two or five minutes that I just sat there waiting with the same numb feeling that I had five years ago as I watched people die without understanding why. The man's voice on the radio was lower now, somehow more careful and you could guess what was going on in his mind because he said the very same thing I wanted to say, "Let's hope it is not the same again."

The woman's voice came again, "The FBI report that it was a private plane and it was an accident. There was not a terrorist act behind it, it was an accident and both the pilot and one passenger are dead, no other casualties." I know it sounds bad, but I was so happy it was only the passenger and the pilot that died and that it was just a bad accident. I'm really sorry for the two men and their families who have my sympathy, yet I was so happy when I heard it. I could even hear my breath again.

On that Wednesday night my team had one of her best games by winning with the highest score ever, 0-4. On the very same day, the captain of the team, the man that led this team to the finals of the European Football Championships and the one who first held the very same cup, said goodbye to football.

I bet inside the stadium it was fantastic with all the celebrations but…I was still numb and I could feel the commentator feeling the same numbness. He just wanted to finish and hear or see the news just to make sure, like me, that there were only two dead and bin Laden had nothing to do with it.

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Ergotelina2006-10-17 23:47:36
I think it was Bosnia- Hergegovina,not Serbia...

Anyway Croats beat England
That was also a terrorist action for Asa

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