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by Thanos Kalamidas
2006-10-16 10:17:55
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The UN Security Council votes unanimously in favor of a resolution imposing sanctions on North Korea.

What? Boom and then if that doesn't work …boooooooooooooom?


Thousands of people have been attending mass ceremonies in India at which hundreds of low-caste Hindus converted to Buddhism and Christianity.

Was that the war of civilizations then? Was all a case of …castes?


The founder of Peru's Shining Path Maoist guerrillas has been found guilty of terrorism at a retrial and been sentenced to life imprisonment.

He's going to find the light in the end!!!


Sweden's trade minister is to resign over allegations of tax evasion after just one week in office. Maria Borelius has admitted hiring nannies without paying taxes and employers' fees.

That was fast!!! She didn't have time to go out for one night, a weekend!!! BTW what about Mary Poppins? Did anybody think of calling her?


Where is Berlusconi? I have really missed the man!!!

He used to give me a lot of …material!


Banned Chinese director Lou Ye has criticized his country's censorship laws as he plans to show his film Summer Palace at another festival. Lou was banned for five years after he screened the epic love story at Cannes without government permission.

Sorry comrade, can I go for a piss? Do I need to fill in the right papers? How many copies?


The alliance of socialists in the EU has expelled Slovakia's ruling Social Democratic Party for forming a coalition with a far-right party.

How far right? As far right as Tony Blair is from the Labour Party? Sooooo far?


Key information was absent from a research file prior to a London drug trial that left six men seriously ill, investigators have concluded.

What information was missing? If it was really about drugs and not aspirins? Sherlock where are you? Scotland Yard needs you!


Actor and director George Clooney was joined by some of Hollywood's biggest names as he collected an award celebrating his career. The 45-year-old was presented with the 2006 American Cinematheque Award at a lavish Beverly Hills ceremony.

Blimey, what career? He's not even half the age of Clint Eastwood!!!


Mel Gibson has said his anti-Semitic outburst in July may have stemmed from resentment over the criticism leveled at The Passion of the Christ.

What? Anybody wants to crucify poor Mel?


Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk has won the 2006 Nobel Prize in Literature. Pamuk, 54, has gained a reputation for tackling controversial issues through his novels and has faced legal action in his homeland.

Who said anything about politics and Nobel prizes? Not me!!! I'm just trying to read a really boring book!!!


England you are going to miss Sven!!!

I love saying that!!!


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