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How bizarre! How bizarre!
by Thanos Kalamidas
2012-09-09 10:10:21
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Man accused of stealing $200K in merchandise caught on video

biz0001_01Detectives revealed Thursday that a Spokane man accused of stealing $200,000 in merchandise from several businesses was caught on video. It was quite the day for the Spokane County Sheriff's Office on Wednesday.  Investigators busted their biggest burglary case in the department’s history.

Mark Gatlin is credited with helping crack the case.  He caught Troy Baumgardner, on video, stealing merchandise from Discount Lumber.  A friend recognized the van from the video, which led Gatlin to a storage company in the Wandemere area.  Gatlin found the van and called authorities.

Investigators raided Baumgardner’s home Wednesday and recovered 2,000 items; including electronics, plants and shoes. Reporters found Troy Baumgardner’s Facebook page.  He lists one of his interests as “outsmarting the cops” and wrote that his drug of choice is the “rush of outsmarting them all.”


Two women who stole beer

biz0002_01Orono police are looking for two unidentified women who stole beer from the back storage cooler of the Thriftway store on Park Street Sunday night. The two women, who are shown clearly on store security camera footage, asked to use the employee restroom out back shortly after 10 p.m. Sunday night. While back there, one or both of them broke into a case of beer and removed three cans, according to Sgt. Scott Lajoie.

The images show two women, one with dark hair and wearing what appears to be a black shirt with the word “Diamonds” and a logo on it. The other woman has blonde hair and was wearing a gray Cleveland Browns football team sweatshirt.


Woman accused of teaching her cockatoo to swear at neighbour

biz0003_01A Rhode Island woman is being accused in court of teaching her pet cockatoo to swear at her ex-husband's new girlfriend. In court documents, the newspaper says, Kathleen Melker, of Warwick, R.I., claims she was within earshot of Willy, the neighbour’s cockatoo, when the pet repeatedly called her "whore."

Melker also alleges that the neighbour, Lynne Taylor, has thrown rocks over the fence and threatened to drown Melker's cat in what the Journal calls a year-long, acrimonious dispute.
Taylor -- and Willy -- are now being accused of violating the city's animal-noise ordinance. A judge has denied a bid by Taylor's lawyer to dismiss the case by arguing that ordinance is vague and unconstitutional.


Family's 'parked' car used as airport shuttle

A German family returning from holiday were amazed when their own car drew up beside them at the airport doors – and other people got in. The vehicle they had left safely in an airport car park was being used by a shuttle service firm. There was no mistaking their car – the registration plates proved it was theirs. But it was bearing magnetic signs for the shuttle service and being driven by a stranger to drive people to and from Düsseldorf airport.

The family called the police, who confirmed on Thursday that the car had been left with a parking service – which also operated a shuttle service. And, Die Welt newspaper reported on Friday, the 21-year-old driver had neither a driving nor a chauffeur’s license. The company initially said the incident was a one-off mistake by a temporary worker – but then the family checked the milometer in the car – which showed it had been driven 400 kilometres while they were away.


Golfer shot in Reno after golf ball breaks window of nearby residence

biz0005A man is custody, suspected of grazing a Reno golfer with a shotgun pellet fired after the golfer had accidentally hit a golf ball through a window of a residence on Wycliff Road on Thursday afternoon, Reno police confirmed. The golfer was playing at LakeRidge Golf Course in southwest Reno about 3:50 p.m.

“Up around the 16th hole, a stray golf ball went through the window,” Reno police Lt. Keith Brown said. A verbal confrontation followed, Brown said. The resident “shot the golfer one time with a shotgun,” Brown said, adding that the pellet struck the golfer twice in a leg and once in an arm.

The injuries were not considered life-threatening. No names have been released. The distance between the 16th hole and the residence where golf ball broke the window was not immediately known.

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