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Labelling illegal and trafficking to death Labelling illegal and trafficking to death
by Thanos Kalamidas
2012-09-07 10:00:57
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I suppose you will not find it in the news or you might see it somewhere hidden, but a few hours ago a boat sunk in the Turkish waters carrying over a hundred people to Greece. Over fifty dead, thirty of them kids of all ages. According to the latest reports they were Syrians, Iraqis and Palestinians looking for a better future …for their kids. All of them investing in the future of the illegal immigrant, half of them dead. According to the Turkish authorities fifteen of those bodies found were locked in one of the storage rooms of the boat.

The same time surveys in Greece show the neo-Nazis – ridiculously and pompously calling themselves Golden Down – becoming the third party, raising their power nearly to 10.9% with their main issue and flag the illegal immigration. And please don’t stop in Greece; their Finnish cohorts – another  ridiculously pompous name, the True Finns – also flagging illegal immigration and just like the Greeks connecting immigration with criminality.  So according to these “democratic” parties five and six years-olds with their mothers and dippers come to Europe to establish criminal gangs and demoralize our civilized way of life!

Of course I’m exaggerating but simplifying it this is not far from the truth. I never really understood the concept of illegal immigrant. I never understood the whole concept, and the way we deal with it reminds me how we dealt for decades with the drugs. Equally successfully. For decades authorities and states focused their battle against drugs with arresting and imprisoning users. And it was only when the number of dead increased dramatically, they started thinking that perhaps they were looking at the wrong end. Then they started helping the users and arresting the producers and the sellers. I’m not sure how much they succeeded because wherever there are money involved – and especially so much money – corruptions accompanies and solutions come very slow but at least they are heading the right way. Why can’t they see that in the case of immigration the solution directs to the same way. Follow the money trail.

To label a dispirit human being illegal immigrant you define them as criminals from the beginning and you neither help nor give a solution. The only thing you do is add fear and paranoia to the dispirit. And fear mixed with paranoia is a dangerous and uncontrollable cocktail. And even though dispirit immigration has been labelled illegal, the actual guilt for that the one who profits and uses humans in a slave trade ironically has the political correct name, trafficking.

Back in 1980s prisons where piled with young people victims of heroin and crack. Most of them cases that needed help and care, getting the fast way to the graveyard. Now we all know that most of them are just ill souls and with the right treatment they can recover. As I said before the states and the authorities turned their focus to the producers and sellers going as far as USA has gone bombing farms in foreign countries. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not suggesting to bomb countries what I’m saying that in this issue USA has shown a way the rest can follow. In the case of drugs first of all USA focused to the countries that were mainly exporting the raw materials. Started negotiating with the local governments and after helping first to eliminate corruption they targeted in cooperation with the local authorities the producers and the sellers. Returning to the immigration problem – because in Europe we have the illusion that we are the only ones with the problem – in cooperation with the Mexican authorities for example – the biggest entrance gate to USA – first they tried to eliminate corruption and then targeted the trafficking responsible because just like the drugs market we are talking about an organized industry and not independent incidents with a lot of money behind it.

How much money? Billions! These hundred people who tried to cross the sea between Turkey and Greece paid and they paid a lot. Possibly something between five to ten thousands Euros. Still making calculations? We are talking about anything between half a million and a million Euros. And they were one group among many. Many that cross the sea to Greece, to Italy, to Spain to Portugal to France and from the mainland to Poland or Germany and yes to Finland. And often not once or twice a week but probably once or twice a night. A lot of money! Billions!

And these people are doing that because the only thing left behind them is possible death and if not death definitely a miserable future in the daily fear of death. Just check the countries they are coming from and you understand. Syria, Iraq, Palestine. Just because in paper democracy has return to Iraq do you really believe that life is normal there? And what makes you believe that these people don’t want a better future, education and freedom of choice for their kids? Just the same things all of us want for our kids. And there are some who use these dreams, invest and profit with them. Most of those illegal immigrants will end up slaves just to make sure that their kids might take what we give to our kids and consider basic and normal. Food, education and freedom. So simple.

Do you know what the irony is? When we actually find out whose behind and profits from all this trafficking – just like it happened with the drugs’ lords – it will be Greeks and Finns and Germans and French and Spaniards. But at the moment neo-Nazis are on a rise in Greece flagging that illegal immigrants are responsible for the crime and instead of reducing illegal immigration they increase racism. Instead of catching the real criminals they label with the help of the states poor people who are looking for a chance and they turn their nationality and their colour part of this labels. And turning the words “illegal immigrant” as another racist label marching our civilized way of life!

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Emanuel Paparella2012-09-08 07:14:28
Indeed Thanos, not to distinguish between mere legality and morality is to have no idea what compassion and solidarity are all about. We have the same problem here in the US. A few months ago we had a presidential candidate suggest that we ought to build an electric fence between the US and Mexico. The man who made that statement, a Republican, is a direct descendant from former slaves in the US. Need one say more?

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