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Bulgarian report Bulgarian report
by Euro Reporter
2012-09-05 10:17:32
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Information about double payment by Russian tourists is speculation

“At the moment there are 150 tourists in Bulgaria, who are clients of the bankrupted tour operator Cherry Tour. The information spread in the media that the Russian tourists are asked to pay again for the hotel accommodation, as well as that the hotelkeepers are either not welcoming or not letting the tourists leave, are mere speculations,” said Bulgarian Minister of Economy, Energy and Tourism Delyan Dobrev.

Dobrev added that the deputy minister in charge of this field, Ivo Marinov, has talked to all hotelkeepers and the latter have assured Marinov that this information was not true.

Minister Dobrev expressed hopes that the problem would be solved soon. He added that in April the insurance of the Bulgarian tour operators, who are sending Bulgarian tourists abroad, has been increased ten times. The minister commented further that the Russian tour operators have insurances, too, which cover the stay of their tourists in Bulgaria.


Bulgarian official axed over suicide of German murder suspect

The head of the detention unit of the Bulgarian Black Sea city of Burgas has been dismissed over the suicide of a German murder suspect, local media inform. 34-year-old Rolf Gremmel, who was charged with murdering his comrade over a woman in Burgas, was found hanged on a TV cable in the police arrest facility in the city Friday overnight.

Rolf Gremmel was arrested on accusations of murdering fellow German Henry Stenberg, who had been founded dead with 15 stab wounds on the Burgas beach last week. Initial investigations had determined that Gremmel murdered his compatriot out of jealousy for a woman that both men lodged with in Burgas.

Bulgarian Justice Minister Diana Kovacheve ordered a probe in the aftermath of the suspect's suicide. The list of objects permitted in Bulgarian prison cells and detention units is to be revised.


Bulgarian leftist predicts collapse of Borisov Cabinet

The Bulgarian cabinet of PM Boyko Borisov and the ruling centre right party GERB will end up kicked out by street protests, Tatyana Doncheva, a former key member of the Bulgarian Socialist Party leadership, has predicted. Doncheva, who used to be a MP, and is still a member of the National Council of BSP, while currently heading a political movement called "Movement 21”.

"At the end, the street will chase them away with rocks. That's what happens whenever stupid decisions are made. This day will come," she predicted. "Bulgaria is being ruled by stupid and criminal people," the former senior Socialist added, criticizing the Borisov government for redistributing the assets in the country. "The redistribution of assets means that many people are likely to lose their jobs. The current uncertainty in which nobody knows if they will be thrown out of the public procurement deals will hardly attract foreign investors," Doncheva added.

"The true issues are being replaced with fake ones in order to manipulate the society," she stated, asking how long Bulgarian journalists will continue to be "mediators of media manipulations. This idiocy must be removed from power. We must attract the young generation to BSP. There is time to do that in the fall. GERB isn't doing anything at the moment. They are relying on the power control that they have established in the country," said Doncheva, defining the tasks before the opposition Bulgarian Socialist Party.

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