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Kodak Kodak
by Emma Farley
2006-10-16 10:18:05
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Our parents caught our firsts

In flickering images, that

were projected onto white walls.

We climb and play, walk unsteady steps,

and blow, faces lit by birthday candles.


Their parents caught them in silence,


still and black and white.


Shades of grey hide new red dresses.


Carefully they were placed in albums,


to be viewed with wistful smiles.




Now parents catch children in high definition.


Pixalised images on a TV screen.


We capture firsts, lasts, everything,


re-played instantly. Candles blown out,


relit, we rewind and fast forward their lives.

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Asa2006-10-15 10:11:02
But they all say the same thing:

Say 'cheese'!!!!

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