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Forever Autumn Forever Autumn
by Clint Wayne
2006-10-15 10:04:57
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Ageless rock band The Moody Blues took to the stage last night (October 11th) at a packed and vibrant Royal Albert Hall in London as part of their current World Tour.

The Moodies Orchestral Rock unique in its day and the Hayward/Lodge writing partnership producing their tempo changing Rock Songs have given the band a hugely loyal fan base who lap up the nostalgia at every given opportunity.

Debonair front man Justin Hayward took centre stage for the warmly received opener 'Lovely to see you again my friends' followed by the popular 'Tuesday Afternoon' got the show underway.

John Lodge wearing his traditional all black garb opened his account with the Keys of the Kingdom album track 'Lean on me Tonight' with the beautiful Hayward ballad 'Never Comes the Day' enchanting their adoring audience.

With Hayward explaining that the Moodies' first gig at the Albert Hall back in 1969 was an unusual venue for a Rock Band at the time, sadly only founder member drummer Graham Edge, Lodge and Himself plus his famous trusty old faithful cherry red Gibson guitar which he actually bought second-hand in '67 have made this return visit. Its first outing on another busy evening was the classic 'The Voice' typical of the Moodies' free-flowing melodies that seem to just wash over you.

Drawing from their immense hit albums of the late 60s, the popular 'I Know You're Out There Somewhere' and 'Story in your Eyes' sent both band and audience to a well-earned break.

With Jeff Waynes' 1978 War of the Worlds show now wowing audiences once again in the West End, it was apt that Justin Hayward's perfectly delivered 'Forever Autumn' should open the second half. With my own personal favourite 'In Your Wildest Dreams' this was now nostalgia personified.

The retirement of the popular founder member Flutist Ray Thomas was of concern on how the band would cover this unique quality in their songs. We need not have worried as the beautiful Norda Mullen stepped forward to take the lead in the 1972 hit 'Isn't Life Strange' - her performance quite remarkable.

Graham Edge now vacating his drums to take the lead in the thunderous 'Higher & Higher' the 64-year-old was to be seen 'jigging' like a two-year-old around the stage. For several years now, The Moodies have had two drummers to bang out the thumping beat and in Gordon Marshall they have a real gem. His and Edge's party piece of launching drumsticks to one another across the stage was part of the fun.

Justin Hayward's 'We're Only Singers in a Rock 'n Roll Band' - clearly they are not - took us to the climax of the evening. Firstly, the pop classic 'Nights in White Satin', with Hayward encapsulating his fans resulting in a worshipping five-minute standing ovation, and no Moody Blues concert would be complete without the 1972 hit 'Question'. There was still time for a final bow and an encore of 'Ride My Seesaw' to send us warmly into the night air hoping and praying that The Moody Blues will always remain Forever Autumn.

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Asa2006-10-14 15:28:52
The Moodies come to Finland in December, but I don't know if I should splash out all that cash for tickets...tough decision.

Judy2006-10-15 22:23:39
Asa, buy the tickets! You will LOVE the show! I wish the Moodies were playing in the US this year, where I see them every chance I get. You will NOT be disappointed, I promise! They ROCK!!

Gary2006-10-15 22:34:06
Great review! Yes, the Moodies are ageless and their music is timeless...hence, the ever-increasing fan base comprising all ages. THAT SOUND has never been duplicated, and never will be. Forever Autumn, indeed...Forever Moody!

Julie2006-10-17 04:40:13
I saw them here in Missouri USA two years ago. The show was fantastic!! Well worth the money.

Aireathiel2006-10-17 12:30:20
Asa, consider it an investment..in something rare and beautiful Cos though the Moodies may not be with us forever..the memory of hearing and feeling their magical music Live, that memory you take home with you will be something lasting you'll never forget.

Paul2006-10-20 11:59:44
Asa do it and go,after 5 of this last UK tour i would be happy to do the same again. My wife is not the fan but feels they are currently at their best ever.

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